How to Create YouTube Videos Using AI

04 November 2023

Out of all social media platforms, creating, editing, and posting a video on YouTube can be one of the most time-consuming pieces of content to create. The alternative to this is outsourcing, but this could also involve multiple steps and can be expensive.  

Have you ever thought about using some AI tools to help make this process smoother? In this blog, we will discuss some AI tools that will be a game changer to your YouTube needs. You can use AI completely from script to video footage to captions, or you can use AI to help with some of these steps separately. 

What is Artificial intelligence? 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful tool in our rapidly evolving world, especially when it comes to social media. It has revolutionized industries, enhanced efficiency, and opened new frontiers for innovation. But what is it actually and what if we could tap into the creative power of AI to help us create YouTube Videos? 

AI systems are designed to analyze and interpret data, recognize patterns, and adapt their behavior based on the information they receive. They can process large amounts of data at high speeds, enabling them to perform complex tasks efficiently and accurately. In the YouTube world, these tools can make video creation, editing, and captioning much easier and very effective. 

How To Use AI for YouTube? 

Using AI for your YouTube videos can tap into some creativity you did not know was possible while including SEO keywords so that your video is easy to find when someone searches your topics. You can use tools here and there for each step of your YouTube process. Whether it be for the actual YouTube video itself, or for ideas, and captions. AI can help take your videos to a new level. 

AI Tools for YouTube Videos

There are several tools out there that offer all kinds of AI features that can make YouTube video processes easy. From idea and title generators to a whole video and audio production, these tools can provide you with it all. Some tools specialize in different steps so we have broken them down into different categories for you: 

Video Creation Tools 

Sythesia– This tool will create an entire YouTube video, head-to-toe. You can select a video Template, script, and video style and it will come up with an AI character who will star in your video. 

Gravity Write– This tool offers all kinds of AI writing and creation features for blogs, posts, videos, etc. To create a video with this tool, you will click on their YouTube section and you will go through each step to generate a video. See photo below: 

Script Generating Tools

Pictory– This tool also offers many of the same features mentioned above, but from our research, it seems it is best known for the script portion of the video process. They have a script editor feature that you can copy and paste your script to this text box to make sure you have the best possible script. 

Idea Generation Tools 

Write Sonic– This tool focuses on the brainstorming process of your YouTube video planning. Say goodbye to creative blocks by using this tool. Just enter the information asked of you and click generate! 

Tools A Day – This tool is similar to Write Sonic in that you just enter similar information to generate several ideas. As you can see in the screenshot, you can narrow down the target audience and tone, to adapt to your ideal client.

Metricool AI Filter

If you do not want to use AI for the whole process, and just need some help with an idea to run with, we recommend trying out the Metricool AI Feature. This feature breaks down your creative block and gives you all kinds of ideas for every platform. 

As you can see in the photos above, you can enter what you want to talk about and choose a headline, medium length, or long length and our AI feature will come up with several text ideas for you!Ā 

There are plenty more tools out there that all do very similar things. So be sure to let us know your favorites!Ā 

How to Create a Faceless YouTube Video Using AI 

Posting a Faceless YouTube Video uses only AI for each step of the video process. If you stumble across a channel and notice that this page is posting long-form videos minutes apart from one another, it is likely that this channel is using AI. 

These kinds of videos are faceless, they do not require original footage, and they take minutes to create. If this sounds useful for you or your company and want to give these videos a try, follow these steps: 

Get Ideas for Your Topic

If you already have the basic idea you’d like to start with you can skip this step. But if you are starting from ground 0, there are some AI pages that can help you come up with a starting point. Try using the ones we mentioned above. Pick an AI tool and create an account. Utilize their idea generators to begin. All you have to do is provide the AI generator with a simple text. This could be what your channel is about, what is going on in your industry, etc, and AI will come up with a plethora of ideas to begin with. 

Choose an Attention-Grabbing Title

Many of the AI tools listed above also have a feature that will come up with a title that is relevant to your chosen idea, SEO keyword-friendly, and grabs the attention of your audience. Just paste your idea that AI came up with into the title portion and watch as many fantastic titles populate. 

Generate a Script for Your Video 

The AI tools listed above will also generate a script for you. To generate your script you will take the title that AI came up with that is relevant to the idea and paste it into the script generator. AI will then take the title and come up with a whole script having to do with that original idea. You can always edit the script here and there if needed. 

Create a Video 

Now it is time to make the script come to life with video content. To do this, you will need to use a website that offers this feature. Pictory, Sythesia, and a handful of others offer this feature. You will need to enter your script to generate video and audio content. There will be a plethora of colors and styles for you to choose from. After you choose a style your video will be produced! Just like that.Ā 

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