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08 March 2023

We have all suffered writer’s block, the worst enemy of social media where a day without creativity can really cost you. However, we are here to help. Thanks to Metricool’s newest feature inside of our planner, you can now create text with help of Artificial Intelligence. 

We will show you step by step how it works and I think you’re going to enjoy it… 

Benefits of Using an AI Text Generator

Inside Metricool’s Planner, you will find an AI assistant that helps you create texts for your social media copy. Our assistant is ready to put itself in the shoes of a social media manager and adapt your instructions to text.

The goal is that you avoid facing writer’s block and save time, while the assistant creates the copy you need for each social media network. 

💡 Working with Metricool’s text creation wizard = saving hours in a day and get ahead quicker. 

  • Save time creating copy for your posts. 
  • Avoid running into writer’s block. 
  • Get inspired by Metricool’s brainstorming. 
  • Write copy faster and schedule content quickly. 
  • Ask AI to adapt your copy by platform.

How does it work? Keep reading to figure it out! 

How the AI tool works 

The steps are simple. You only need to have a Metricool account (you can register here) and have connected a social media account. 

Once you’re ready, it’s time to get down to work: 

  • Head to the Metricool planner and click on “Create new post”. 
  • Choose the social networks where you want to schedule content. 
  • Within the scheduler, click on the robot icon on the right (🤖).
  • Metricool will open the “AI text generator” window: in the box, explain to the AI what you want to talk about, being as specific as possible, as if you were explaining to a real assistant. 
  • Choose from 12 options of tones you want to add to the created text: formal, informal, funny, etc. 
  • Choose the length of the text you want to generate ( short, media, or long) and click “Generate Copy”. 
  • Metricool will offer you 5 generated copies that you can choose from as the one that best suits your needs. 

All done! 

Finally, you can adapt the generated copy to align with the tone of your brand or the social network. 

The AI assistant is available on all plans, including the FREE plan: 

  • Free: 3 uses per month 
  • Starter: 3 uses per brand per month 
  • Advanced: 50 uses per brand per month
  • Enterprise: 50 uses per brand per month 

→ For each plan, you still have 5 options of generated copy to choose from. 

Now, how can you use AI social media content generator feature and at what times can it come in handy? 

Autolists with AI

One of our favorite features in Metricool is the creation of Autolists. Thanks to them, you will never miss content on your social networks, since it’s a constant “wheel” of posts that continue to cycle through content.

And now our AI text generator is available inside these. The idea of AI in Autolists is to have the generator different text ideas, in which you can create a new Autolist from these suggestions.

There are two ways to use it:

  • From the traditional way, where you can make a request or prompt to the AI.
  • From “Add posts with AI”, where you can add a prompt and ask the AI to generate a certain number of posts.

Examples to create text with Metricool’s AI social media content generator 

As we have told you, on days when creativity is low (or non-existent), using AI is a super helpful tool for social media. 

Therefore, we have prepared a series of examples for you to take into account with using the AI assistant: 

➡️ Creating a text 

Here, you just have to write about what you want to generate and explain the message you want to convey, in the most specific way possible. So just typing “animals” and “three” is not enough. 

We advise you to say something along the lines of: “I need a text on three characteristics of omnivore animals for Twitter”. 

This type of post is very common: you find an interesting link but you don’t have time to think about copy for the content. 

It’s time to take advantage of Metricool’s AI social media content generator, to create the perfect texts for your links. In this case, leave you summarized ideas (as specific, of course) for the AI to develop your copy. 

Imagine you want to share Metricool’s new post about Instagram Meta Verified: 

“Write a text for Instagram about this link on how to do SEO on TikTok” and then add the link. IMPORTANT: this link can only be text, not a video or a PDF. Remember to add the tone from the drop-down menu. 

➡️ Create a Twitter thread 

Twitter threads can be a headache for many on social media. They are very useful for sharing content, but sometimes it is difficult to make up these threads 100% on your own. 

But now you can use Mettricool’s AI social media content generator to fill in the gaps where you need assistance. 

Here’s an example: you want to create a thread with steps to prepare a pizza. You don’t have time to write it quickly or to look for the information step by step, exhaustively. 

Then, to the Metricool AI assistant, you can say: “Write a text on how to prepare a pizza for newbies in the kitchen, and divide it into 7 parts”. 

Remember to choose the length and the tone, and then each of those 7 parts will be the tweets that make up your thread.

➡️ Recycle content from other social networks

What do you do with content that has triumphed on a social network? Our advice is to reuse it for another network but adapt the tone of the post. 

By using AI, you can find other options for similar content, but worded differently and adapted to another network, in seconds. 

For example, say you have a Tweet that you want to take to LinkedIn, but you are aware that in this social network you need to use another tone and the length differs. 

AI makes it easy for you: Simply type in “Adapt this text for LinkedIn”, choose the tone and the length size… and let the ai social media text generator go to work! The text generator will then provide you with several ideas, from which you can directly schedule within Metricool. 

➡️ Remember the important dates

For social media, it is vital to have content prepared for the most important dates of the year. With that being said, AI is of great help. You can add something such as: “Write a social media post for Instagram with the most important dates in March”

In addition to collecting the important dates for social media, you will also have the caption already written and you just have to adapt it to your style. 

➡️ For a LinkedIn Newsletter

Using AI for the LinkedIn newsletter is another option and can help you create the ideal text. It’s the perfect dose of creativity when you feel you could use some. 

How can you use AI for this then?

Here’s an example: In the generator, type “Write a text on how to create a newsletter on LinkedIn”. 

The text generator will offer you the ideas you need to complete your newsletter and the informal tone you are looking for to be successful on this social platform. 

➡️ Ideas for your posts 

Sometimes you don’t necessarily need the copy generated for you, but rather need to clear your mind or view ideas for your content. 

Use Metricool’s AI to generate ideas that you can then adapt to the planner. Type in certain keywords about what you want to write and the ideas you are looking for in your post may just be in the AI’s responses. 

Does AI affect reach on social networks like Instagram? In the words of Adam Mosseri, the use of GPI chat or other text generation platforms will not affect reach.

Now you know all about Metricool’s new AI social media content generator and how it works. 

Want to know more about Metricool’s features? We will leave you this Mega Tutorial of Metricool and all its features. 

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 08 March 2023


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