How Metricool Notes Work 

26 July 2023

If you’re a social media user with post-its all over the place, we have just the feature you need: Metricool Notes. 

What are they and how do they work? Let me tell you! 

What are Metricool Notes? 

Let’s put ourselves in a hypothetical situation; the typical shopping list, the billboard that is filled with content ideas, a script for a YouTube video… all the notes that you write down in your day-to-day. 

Well, imagine all the notes you jot down about your social media work being lost because you forget where you wrote them down… 

Notes in the Metricool Planner

Metricool notes will be your lifesaver when you need to write down any ideas for social media content, any last-minute changes, or to leave a useful reminder for you or someone else on your team. 

These small notes help you manage your social media accounts, organize your clients’ networks, and of course, communicate with your team members or clients from within Metricool. 

Notes in the Metricool Planner
Metricool Planner with included note

Notes in the Metricool Inbox

The Inbox feature in Metricool allows you to manage all your social media messages, replies, and comments from your connected accounts. This includes comments from Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and private messages from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

To further help you manage your messages, you can add notes inside the inbox: a space to include notes for future clarification, or to add context to a conversation. This allows you and other team members to understand conversations, especially if someone else is in charge of responding to messages.

These notes can be assigned to a specific user, so when you reply to a comment, send a direct message, or in the case of Google Business Profile reviews, added notes that have been assigned to a user will appear.

Once you add the note, you can review, edit, or delete this at any time.

Examples of using Metricool notes 

Okay, so now you understand that Metricool notes are going to be your best companion when planning your content… 

But, how can you use it, and when? You can try it for yourself and test out leaving notes inside the planner, or, we can share an example in case you aren’t 100% clear on how to use these: 

It’s time to schedule a month’s worth of content in Metricool, when you realize this month a new YouTube video will be published to your channel, and a new blog post will go out. As they are not published yet, you can’t add them to the content.

But, without leaving Metricool you have the option to leave a note as a reminder that these posts are incomplete and you have some missing elements: “missing YouTube link”, or “missing blog post”. 

Just like a post-it note, you can add a note with any changes you want to make in your content, ideas that spring on you, or any other reminders you want to leave. 

Also, as we mentioned before, if you work in a team or with clients, the notes work as a way to communicate new updates. 

How to Write a Note in Metricool 

Now that you know all about Metricool notes, it’s time to get down to work and create your first note in the tool. 

Add a Note in the Planner

Follow these steps to do it: 

  1. Log in to Metricool.
  2. Click on the Planning tab in the top menu. 
  3. Choose “Create new post” or click on an already scheduled post. 
  4. At the bottom, find the post-it note icon. 
  5. Click on it and write the note in the text box.
  6. Click on “Save” and voila! You have created your note. 

Those posts that have notes included will have a notes icon included in the scheduled post. 

You can also filter posts that have notes included, by choosing the “With Notes” filter. 

What if you want to see if there are any note comments left from another team member? When filtering, check the “Unread Notes” filter, and those posts with notes that other users have written will appear in the calendar. 

Notes in the Metricool Planner
Notes in the Metricool planner

Write a Note in the Inbox

To write a note in the Metricool inbox, you need to head to the messages and comments section, which you will find at the top menu.

Once you are inside, select the conversation, comment or review you want, and in the right column you can leave any notes, including emojis, and then hit Save.

Inbox of Metricool on LinkedIn and YouTube
Notes in the Metricool Inbox

These are Metricool notes and how they work. Remember to use them whenever you want to leave a note for another team member or client, jot down any ideas you have… or whatever you need to facilitate the management of your work.

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 26 July 2023


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