How to use the hashtag search engine for TikTok with Metricool

01 February 2022

Feel like you’re using hashtags on TikTok that don’t serve a purpose? Uncertain about which hashtags are best for your content? Well don’t worry, you’re in the right place. I’ll share a secret with you: Metricool’s TikTok Hashtag Search Engine.

What’s that? Read on and discover everything about it!

Metricool TikTok Hashtag Search Engine

If you feel overwhelmed with hashtags every time you post a TikTok video, the Metricool hashtag search engine will come in handy. Instead of not having a rhyme or reason, this feature will find hashtags related to your keywords.

You will be able to schedule your TikToks and see which hashtags will work best for your content with Metricool. Everything from the same place. 

Take note of the steps:

▶️ Open the Metricool Planner from your dashboard.

▶️ Click on ‘Create New Posts’ and select the TikTok icon. 

▶️ Upload the video to Metricool, add the caption and select the date and time.

▶️ It’s time to find the perfect hashtags for your content

Click on the ‘🔍 Hashtags’ button and type a keyword related to your content. 

metricool tiktok hashtag search engine

Metricool will suggest hashtags related to your keyword as you start typing. Next to each tag, you will see the number of views each one has.

Finally, click on the tags you want to add to your text.

And done!

▶️ Now click on ‘Save’. Congrats! Your TikTok video has been successfully scheduled and is ready to go with the best hashtags to thrive on this platform.

Now your TikTok stresses can be solved and your hashtags will be found, just like that, with the Metricool hashtag search engine! You will have access to this feature and many others with a Metricool account. 

To create your own account, click on the button below and follow the steps. In less than 1 minute, you will be scheduling TikTok videos with the best hashtags.

And if you want to know all the features and what Metricool can do for you… 👇🏻

▶️ Check out Metricool’s Mega Tutorial ◀️

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 01 February 2022


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