How to Use Metricool’s TikTok Hashtag Generator

04 April 2024

Struggling to find the right hashtags to boost your TikTok content? You’re not alone. With over 1 billion active users on the platform, the competition for views is fierce. That’s where Metricool’s TikTok hashtag generator comes in to save the day. This powerful tool takes the guesswork out of hashtag research, giving you a curated list of relevant, high-performing tags based on keywords to help your videos get discovered by your target audience. Ready to take your TikTok strategy to new heights? Discover how to use Metricool’s TikTok hashtag generator.

How to Use Metricool’s Hashtag Generator for TikTok

Instead of randomly selecting hashtags, Metricool helps you discover relevant, high-performing tags based on your content. Metricool’s TikTok hashtag generator is available to all users. Once you register for Metricool, you can access it through your brand’s dashboard. 

Discover hashtags for TikTok with Metricool: 

  1. Open the Metricool Planner at the top of your dashboard.
  2. Click on ‘+Create Post’ and select the TikTok icon.
  3. Upload your video to Metricool and add a descriptive caption.
  4. Click on the ‘# Search for popular hashtags‘ button at the bottom and type a keyword related to your content.
  5. Metricool will suggest hashtags related to your keyword as you start typing. Next to each tag, you will see the number of views each one has.
  6. Click on the relevant hashtags you want to add to your text.
  7. Once you’ve selected your desired hashtags, either save, publish, or schedule your TikTok video.
Metricool TikTok Hashtag Generator

▶️ Tip: Use Metricool’s Hashtag Generator for Instagram too!

How to Choose the Right Hashtags for TikTok

Choosing the right hashtags for TikTok is key to growing your brand’s audience. The key is to strategically select a mix of hashtags that will help your content get discovered by your target audience, as well as increase views and engagement. 

Here are some tips for choosing the right TikTok hashtags: 

  • Popular & trending hashtags like #fyp can help your brand reach a broad audience.
  • Niche hashtags related to your industry or content can attract a more targeted following.
  • Create a consistent branded hashtag that you use across all your TikTok content to build brand recognition and track user-generated content.
  • Research your competitors and see what hashtags they are using successfully. This can give you ideas for relevant hashtags to try.
  • Utilize Metricool’s hashtag generator to find popular and relevant hashtags for your content.
  • Limit the number of hashtags per post to 3-5 to avoid overwhelming viewers.
  • Experiment with different hashtag combinations and track which ones perform best in terms of views, engagement, and relevance to your audience.
  • Consider using location-specific hashtags if your content is relevant to a particular event or region.

Track Your TikTok Analytics with Metricool 

Metricool is more than just a hashtag generator – it’s a powerful social media management tool that can help you take your TikTok presence to the next level. With Metricool’s robust analytics, you can gain valuable insights into your brand’s TikTok performance and audience.

Metricool’s TikTok analytics allow you to track key metrics such as:

  • Community growth and follower count
  • Audience demographics
  • Profile engagement
  • Post interactions
Metricool’s TikTok Analytics Dashboard

But Metricool doesn’t stop at TikTok – it’s an all-in-one Swiss army knife for managing your brand’s entire social media presence. You can track analytics, create and schedule content, run ad campaigns, and engage with your audience across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch, all from a single dashboard.

Gretchen Oestreicher Gretchen Oestreicher , 04 April 2024

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