How to Find Trending Hashtags For Instagram

24 October 2023

Hashtags on Instagram are an essential part of your post to reach as many users as possible. How to find the perfect hashtag for each post? You will find the answer in a hashtag generator for Instagram.

Sometimes you come across posts full of useless hashtags. Therefore, taking care of your profile style is as important as choosing the right hashtag for your publications.  

What is an Instagram Hashtag Generator?

Let’s start from the beginning. What is a hashtag generator?:

A hashtag generator for Instagram is a tool external to the social network to provide you with the most popular tags that you can use for your content. 

Although you can search for hashtags from the app itself by clicking on the magnifying glass, having all the content planning possibilities on a single platform makes it easier for you to tackle all your tasks as a social media manager.

You can do all this from Metricool, where you can schedule your content, tag other users, locate your posts, and generate the appropriate hashtag for the post.

How to search for a hashtag with Metricool

In this post, we will tell you how our Metricool hashtag generator works.

With it, you will find the ideal hashtag for each post, according to the keyword for which you want to position it.

We guide you step by step on how to find these hashtags from Metricool.

First, you need to log in with your Metricool account to get started. Let’s go!

1 Click Create a new post

Inside the Planner section, tap on Create new post. 

2 Upload your content

Add the image or video that you are going to schedule, add the caption that you want to appear in the post, and remember to check your feed to see if everything is to your liking.

3 Edit the post

You have to add those “extras” that make your post different: add the post to your link in the bio, tag other users, and so on.

4 Search for the perfect hashtag

And now, how to find the perfect hashtag for your post?

Click on the ‘Hashtag’ button accompanied by a magnifying glass, just below where you write the text for your post. When you click on this option, a new window will display with the most popular hashtags of the moment.

These hashtags may not be related to your post, so you have to type a keyword to find the hashtags for your post.

In this example, we have used the term ‘socialmedia’. Metricool shows you the most important ones related to that term.

Review the number of hashtags you’ve included with Metricool’s tag counter. Just below to the right of your Instagram options (location, gifs, emojis, etc), the tool counts the hashtags you’ve added to the post.

⚠️ Remember that the maximum on Instagram is 30.

metricool hashtag generator for Instagram

To choose the hashtags that you will add to your post, you just have to click on them, and they will be added directly to your planning.

Is this function available for all users?

The hashtag search engine is only available for Premium users. As a free-plan user, you will also see the button in the planner, but you cannot search for related hashtags. You only can see the most popular hashtags in general.

5 Tap save

Once you have created your post, check that everything is correct and click save.

You already have your post scheduled on Instagram with the hashtags you have chosen, all set to succeed!

What is the Purpose of a Hashtag?

Many thing that hashtags are out, but they are definitely still a useful tactic. Hashtags are a very important part of Instagram so that your content is shown to the right people.

For example, using a hashtag makes your post searchable to those who search for that certain hashtag. Hashtags help drive traffic to your content so that you can boost views, likes, and shares which is our ultimate goal right?

How To Search Hashtags on Instagram

On the Instagram app, you can easily filter your search to show you hashtags. All you have to do is search your chosen hashtag and you can toggle through tabs including: For You, Accounts, Reels, Audio, and Tags. Tags are where you will find all the popular hashtags that exist for the keyword you searched.

How to Search Hashtags By Date?

Go to the search bar and type in the hashtag you want to search. Next to the ‘Top’ section, click on the ‘Recent’ tab. This is where you can locate all the posts that have used this hashtag recently.

Why Use a Hashtag Search Engine

Still don’t know why to use a hashtag generator for your content on Instagram?

Here we tell you some advantages of using this Metricool feature.

  • Offer related hashtags.

The quantity of hashtags you use in your post is as important as their quality: it is useless to add the tags ‘# football’ or ‘#t-shirt’ to your social media post if they are not related to your content. 

With the hashtag search engine, you can find the tags related to a specific keyword, the most popular hashtags, and thus improve the quality of your post.

  • Improve the visibility of your content.

Hashtags serve to increase the positioning of your posts. Therefore, if you choose the right ones for the content you share, you will be rewarded. 

Users who search for a specific or related hashtag have a better chance of finding your post and profile, thus improving interactions.

  • Increase your community

If users see interesting content, which they find through the hashtag you have added, you will get new followers and increase your community.

In turn, if you increase the visibility of your content and increase your community, you have a better chance of growing on Instagram.

What are you waiting for to improve the quality of your hashtags? Schedule your Instagram content from Metricool and look for the most popular hashtags to reach new users.

And if you want to start with your content on social networks …

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 24 October 2023

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