TikTok Academy 

02 March 2023

With the ever-changing platform and new opportunities emerging at every turn, TikTok has created a program to educate marketers of all backgrounds on the app. 

In this program, users can go behind the scenes of TikTok and learn what actually works, to help users grow their accounts. 

What is TikTok Academy? 

TikTok Academy is an online training platform that TikTok has designed for professionals to learn and improve their performance on the app.

The objective of this initiative is for all “TikTokers” to have access to this training so they can get the most out of the social network. 

Also, it allows content creators to interact with and learn from the most well-known brands.

TikTok Academy represents a great initiative for any user to have access to the best tools of the social network. 

How TikTok Academy works

Thankfully, it’s simple to access. The user who is interested in participating in the course can register on the website. 

The program is conducted through a series of interactive experiences, quizzes, tokens, and badges. 

These badges will be awarded to the student after completing the course, and can also be shared on social media. 

Lastly, it should be noted that only individual badges will be delivered and not the entire company or company that has hired you. 

Who is TikTok Academy for? 

As mentioned earlier, the goal of TikTok Academy is to reach as many users as possible, without distinguishing between the expertise or account size of creators.

The social network itself said that this training is intended for the most beginner all the way to the most advanced levels, regardless of the field or job title. 

Therefore, this is ideal for brands and creators that want to take their first steps on the social network, want to develop a strategy, or succeed on TikTok. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of big brands, these creators can do all three. 

To enroll, all you need to do is head to the website, click on Enroll now, enter your credentials, and follow the steps to get started. 

TikTok Academy Courses

Within the TikTok Academy, there are two courses available, 101 and Small Business

Each one has been adapted accordingly, but always with the objective of educating without dependence on the size of the brand, or specialization of the company.

101 Course

This first training, called Course 101 or TikTok 101, is an overview of how TikTok works. In this course, the platform explains how it keeps the app safe for users, creative best practices, and why TikTok is a unique social network. 

According to the Academy website, this course usually takes 2-4 hours to complete. 

Small Business Course

The second course is prepared for small businesses, who want to learn how to grow their brands through the app. This is divided into four 15-minute informative lessons, allowing for quick learning and the ability to jump right on your strategies. 

The goal is for these companies to start their journey on TikTok from scratch. This will cover questions such as how to create a business account, how to make engaging content, the best ways to connect with your audience and understand how to drive sales through different tools and features. 

TikTok Academy is a great option for creators of all shapes and sizes, whether they are starting from scratch or want to learn the best ways to grow their business. 

If you’re just getting started on TikTok, use this TikTok Marketing Guide from Metricool to assist your endeavors. 

Have you started the course? Let us know in the comments! 

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 02 March 2023

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