How to Use TikTok Analytics to Measure Your Strategy

06 March 2024

If you are developing a strategy on TikTok, analytics are the way to lead you to success. This will show you what content is working best, so you can optimize these tactics and content ideas for your strategy to thrive on TikTok.

As each social media platform differs, analyzing your metrics individually is crucial, rather than following trends and memes hoping a video will take off.

In this article, we will dive into what metrics you should analyze to see how your TikTok content is performing. While you can view this content inside the app, you can also use a TikTok analytics tool like Metricool to view all of the essential metrics in one place.

How to See TikTok Analytics

To have these analytics in your TikTok app, you need to have a TikTok Business or Creator account.

The main difference between a Business/Creator account and a Personal TikTok account is access to analytics, so it is important that if you want to know the performance of your content, you switch your account.

If you haven’t switched your account, don’t worry, it’s super easy!

How to convert to a TikTok Business account

To configure your Business account, head to Settings and privacy in your TikTok profile by pressing the three lines in the upper right corner.

▶️ Then, follow these steps:

Account > Switch to Business Account

Follow the prompts, and select the category of your account, brand, or business. Then boom! You will access to TikTok Business suite, a tool to help manage and grow your business through TikTok.

How to See TikTok Analytics

Now that you have your TikTok Business account, it’s time to go on to see the analytics of your profile and your videos. Click on the Business suite option and then on Analytics. Here you will be able to find all your content performance and audience metrics.

Overview Analytics

The first tab available is a summary in which you can choose whether to view the information for the last 7 days, up to 12 weeks. In this tab you will see four different analytics sections:

  • Performance: See your overall content performance metrics in terms of reach, engagement, and conversions.
  • Product links: If you have promoted a physical product via a link, here you will find your product link clicks, product link complete payments, and product link GMV.
  • Your most popular videos: View which posts have performed the best in the analyzed period with their total view count at the bottom.
  • Followers: Measure your follower growth broken into three metrics: net growth, new followers, and lost followers. If you click “See more” you can view your audience’s activity and demographics.

Video Analytics

In the second tab of the top menu, you will have a list of all your published videos. By default this will organize your videos by “Most recent” but you can change this to order by “Most number of video views”.

In this list, you will see the total video views, number of likes, and comments for each video. When clicking on each video, you have metrics for its performance, conversions, audience retention, traffic source, and viewer insights.

Audience Analytics

In this section, you will find all of your audience’s metrics, broken into Reached audience and Engaged audience. What’s the difference between these two? Reached audience refers to those who have watched your content at least once, whereas the engaged audience is those who have engaged with at least one of your posts (liked, commented, or shared).

These aggregate numbers of reached vs. engaged audience will show how many total users have visited or engaged with your content and at what percentage this has grown over the period.

By pressing on “See more” for either of these sections, you can view when your audience is active, your audience’s age and gender distribution, and the top 10 countries and cities your audience comes from.

LIVE Analytics

If you have uploaded any LIVE videos to the platform, you can view your LIVE analytics here.

These metrics include your total LIVE views, total LIVE time, new viewer count, new followers, unique viewers, and the amount of diamonds received.

Metricool: A TikTok Analytics Tool

If you have a personal or professional TikTok account and a Metricool account, you’re in luck.

You can analyze in detail how your videos are working and group them according to the data that interests you the most: views, interactions, and shares. 

Data that helps you improve the strategy you have implemented.

What data does Metricool offer?


In this section, you can see your TikTok account’s growth evolution and balance of followers, broken down by day. You can also see the exact number of new followers you have gained in the period.

✅ Demographics

What is the demographic profile of your audience? In this section, you can your audience’s gender distribution and in which countries your followers are coming from, either in chart or table view.


Analyze how many profile visits you have had in the period, and how many posts you have published. You will also see an overview of your posts including total post views, likes, comments, and shares.

✅ Content Summary

Here you can view a summary of how your content has performed in terms of engagement, interactions, average reach per post, and post views. You can see on which days your metrics peaked by dragging your cursor over the graph.

✅ Interactions

Below, you can see a deeper breakdown of your interactions in terms of likes, comments, shares, and likes. Once again, view metrics per day by wavering your cursor over the graph.

✅ Impression Sources

Another important metric is where the source of your traffic is coming from. With impression sources, you can see where users are finding your videos.

These are divided by the TikTok section viewers found your videos, including the following sections:

  • For You – View originated from a user’s For You feed
  • Follow – View originated from a user’s Follow feed
  • Hashtag – View originated from a specific hashtag
  • Sound – View originated from the video sound
  • Personal Profile – View originated from the business account profile page
  • Search – View originated from a search on the Discover page

✅ Average video views

Next to impression sources, see your average time watched and average video duration in seconds.

✅ List of Videos

See which videos have performed best in the list of videos. This table is organized by the date posted by default, however, the list can be sorted by views, likes, comments, shares, reach, duration, and engagement.

So, are you ready to analyze your TikTok videos and create your winning marketing strategy? Using Metricool to schedule, manage, and analyze your content is a game-changer when it comes to smart social media marketing. With this tool, you can keep all of your social media accounts under control in one centralized place.

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 06 March 2024

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