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19 December 2022

If you are developing a strategy on TikTok, analytics can lead you to success in a very simple way.

Find out what type of content works best for you, so you can optimize your strategy until you succeed on TikTok.

TikTok has had enormous growth in its first months of life, and growing on this social network can be very simple if you follow trends and discover what type of content works best.

That’s why tracking analytics is a very important step in your TikTok strategy to get the most out of your account.

Before we start, if you are new and want to know more information about TikTok, like…how to create an account? How is TikTok used? I recommend this article:

So now let’s get into the matter

In order to get the most out of your TikTok analytics, you need a Pro account. So let’s start from there …

What is a TikTok Pro account

A TikTok Pro account is similar to Instagram content creator accounts, that is, it is a type of profile designed for those who are dedicated to creating content on social networks.

The main difference between Pro accounts and a normal TikTok account is access to analytics, so it is important that if you want to know the performance of your content, you switch your account to Pro.

How to convert to a Pro account

To configure your account as a Pro, you have to go to settings in your TikTok profile by pressing the three dots that appear in the upper right corner.

▶️ Then, follow these steps:

Manage my Account > Switch to Pro Account

There you choose what type of content creator you are and you are all set.

TikTok analytics: how to view them

Now that you have your TikTok Pro account, it’s time to go on to see the analytics of your profile and your videos.

Click on the three dots again and now click on the stats, there you can discover everything about your account and publications.

Profile Analytics

The first tab available is a summary in which you can choose whether to view the information for the last 7 days or the last 28.

First you will have information about the views of your videos in the selected period of time and then you will have a graph with the evolution of your community in the period you want to analyze.

Finally you can analyze the views of your profile by days

Content analytics

In the second tab of the top menu you can see that you have the option to analyze your content.

TikTok informs you if your posting frequency has changed and provides you with insightful information on the most popular videos and their main metrics.

If you click on each video individually you can see the analytics of the specific video.

In fact, you can also access this type of analytics from the profile by clicking on each video and selecting the stats option.

Follower analytics

If you still do not reach 100 followers in this tab you will have little information. But if you exceed that number, you will be able to further analyze your audience.

Know the demographics of your followers and find out what types of videos they are most interested in, this will greatly facilitate the process of new ideas for videos.

TikTok analytics with Metricool

If you have a personal or professional TikTok account and a Metricool account, you’re in luck: You can analyze in detail how your videos are working and group them according to the data that interests you the most: views, interactions, shares. 

Data that helps you improve the strategy you have implemented.

What data does Metricool offer you?


The metric to measure the growth of your profile to know how many followers you accumulate. In addition, you have the option to see the balance of followers gained each day.

✅ Demographics

What is the demographic profile of your audience? In this section you can analyze whether they are male, female or of unknown gender, but also the origin by country of your followers.


Analyze the visits to your profile and compare the data with the number of videos you have shared in that period of time.

✅ Views

An overview of how your videos are performing: the number of total views posted in the selected period and the number of TikTok videos you have uploaded.

✅ Interactions

A fundamental part of your growth on TikTok. The contact with your followers through interactions.

Here you have information on the number of total interactions divided into likes, comments, and shares.

✅ Impression Sources

Another important metric is where the source of your traffic is coming from. With impression sources, you can see where users are finding your videos.

These are divided by the TikTok section viewers found your videos, including the following sections:

  • For You – View originated from a user For You feed
  • Follow – View originated from a user Follow feed
  • Hashtag – View originated from a hashtag
  • Sound – View originated from the videos sound
  • Personal Profile – View originated from the business account profile page
  • Search – View originated from a search on the Discover page

✅ List of Videos

A complete table with all the information of your TikTok videos so that you can compare them. 

By default, the table is organized by post date, but you can sort it based on views, likes, comments, shares, and duration.

Do you want to know if your long videos work better than the short ones? In this section, you will discover. 

tiktok analytics metricool

Other TikTok analytics

In TikTok we can see other types of analytics like

The visualizations of the hashtags: every time you search for hashtags, you can see on the right the number of visualizations that the videos in which those hashtags have been used add up.

Total number of likes: in the profile of each account you can see the total number of likes that the account has, a summary of likes for all videos.

And up until here, everything you need to know about your TikTok analytics … Now you can get down to work to find out what type of content your audience likes the most and how you can optimize your strategy and keep uploading successful videos.

Until next time!

Sara Martín Sara Martín , 19 December 2022


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