TikTok Business Suite Guide

For those with TikTok Business accounts, you know the special features that come along with it, including creator tools, analytics, TikTok shop access, artist hub, creator academy, and creator inspirations. The network continues to launch features that support creators and businesses looking to leverage their TikTok accounts. They have done it yet again with the TikTok Business Suite. 

This article will explain the TikTok Business Suite, a unified platform for marketers and creators to access all advertising, collaboration, and revenue features in one place. 

What is TikTok Business Suite?

Just when you thought TikTok couldn’t create any more novelties, they launched the Business Center, which centralizes all TikTok actions in one place. Access TikTok Ads Manager, Creator Marketplace, Business Account, and TikTok Shop on this platform. Like Meta’s Business Suite, TikTok’s version aims to unify all creator and business tools in one place. 

Beyond managing your account, viewing your analytics, and accessing creator tools, you can invite multiple people to collaborate on campaigns, be the first to know about TikTok’s latest features, and secure all your assets in one place. 

Users can assign roles to team members to manage assets and collaborate on campaigns, creating a team-friendly environment. 

How to Join TikTok Business Suite 

To join TikTok Business Suite, you first must have a TikTok for Business account. If you don’t have this already, don’t worry, it’s super simple to change. Head to your TikTok profile and find the Settings and privacy section by clicking on the three lines in the top right corner. Underneath the Account tab, you will see an option to “Switch to Business Account”. 

Once you have set up your TikTok Business account, navigate to business.tiktok.com to sign up. Then, the site will guide you through a series of steps:

After entering your business details such as name, location, contact, billing, and team members, you will enter into your Business Center dashboard which will be like this, of course, with more business information:

On the left-hand side, you will see the menu with all the features and options. These sections include:

  • Overview: An overview of your account including your account balance, goals, notifications, and Ads Manager data.
  • Analytics: Here you will find all the analytics for your TikTok ads campaigns including impressions, CPC, CPM, Clicks, CTR, Conversions, CPA, and CVR. You will also find real-time data for each of your campaigns.
  • Users: This is where you can invite and manage members and partners. You can assign members to be an admin, analyst, or operator. A partner is another organization that decides to collaborate with your brand.
  • Assets: Store all your TikTok assets in one place including advertiser accounts, audiences, catalogs, shops, pixels, and TikTok accounts.
  • Finance: View and manage all your TikTok finances here.

How to Create Ads in TikTok Business Center

You can create ads directly from the Business Center by navigating to the Assets section. First, you need to connect an advertiser account to create ads and catalogs. If you don’t have an advertiser account yet, you can create one or request access here:

Creating a new account will allow you to manage all users, transactions, and ads. You will follow the steps and enter your contact information to verify your account. Once you have completed this step, you will be sent to TikTok Ads Manager to start creating your campaigns.

TikTok Management with Metricool

While the TikTok Business Suite is an indispensable tool for businesses and creators creating TikTok ads and content, managing all your social media channels in one place will save you ample time and energy. With Metricool you can manage not just your TikTok account, but all other social channels in one dashboard. View content analytics, manage your social media messages, schedule and auto-publish content, and create link-in-bio pages.

You can also view TikTok ads analytics inside Metricool and automate custom reports to send to clients or team members. The power of TikTok Business Suite along with Metricool will set your business up for success and growth. Plus, Metricool is completely free allowing anyone to access our tool.

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 21 March 2024

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