Share videos on Twitter without retweeting

Isabel Romero
15 April, 2021

When checking your Twitter account timeline, you have probably seen two different ways of sharing a tweet that contains a video.

Sometimes you have seen it as in the example below. The tweet has been shared by quoting the tweet from the video and adding the text you want.

how to share a video on Twitter

Another alternative is to share a tweet as if you had uploaded the video directly, but you can see the original tweet’s author at the bottom. You can check how it would look in the following image:

how to share a video on Twitter

If you look closely, at the bottom, it says ‘From’ and the video’s author profile, which you can access with a simple click.

How to Share a Twitter Video Without Retweeting

As you will see below, Twitter does not make it easy to share a video without retweeting.

Twitter does not have a download button in its efforts to protect the content and its creator, so you can only do it by quoting the tweet, or as we will explain next.

Before we get to the process, why is it important to share the video embedded in your tweet?

  • You create content for your Twitter account, and all the tweet interactions generated will be included in your stats. 
  • You continue to respect the authorship of the video and the tweet since the author’s name will appear at the bottom of the multimedia content.
  • You can add the text you want to the tweet and adapt it to the publication style you usually do without sticking to the original tweet.

Let’s see how to do it!

Copy the link of the tweet with the video you want to share. To do this, click on the arrow at the bottom right and tap ‘Copy link’.


Once the original tweet is in your clipboard, click on ‘Tweet’ and write the text you want to add to the tweet. When pasting the link, you should see something like this.

If you were planning to tweet as shown in the image, it would show a quoted tweet because it’s the original link of the tweet.


Now it’s time to edit the link so that the embedded video appears. Eliminate the characters of the link from the interrogation mark to the end, which are the parameters. 

Replace this part of the link: ‘?s=20’ for ‘/video/1’. Then, the tweet is ready to be posted.

how to share a video on Twitte

If you have done it correctly, the tweet should appear like this.

Remember that by sharing videos this way, you continue to respect the content creator on Twitter.

If you want to advance further with your strategy on Twitter

If you prefer to download the video from an external application and upload it to your Twitter account, always remember to quote the original profile that created it.

Do you have any questions? We’ll read your comments. 🙂

Isabel Romero


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