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Carlos Bravo
11 November, 2021

Are you a social media manager? Having a social media template for your work is key to organizing yourself and planning content.

Here we will tell you what a template is, what advantages it brings to your content strategy, and a bonus: the social media template that we use to plan our content.

What is a social media template?

A template for social media is an essential document in the daily life of a community or social media manager. 

The objective is to design a content plan with everything you will share on each social network to make sense, be coherent, and not publish without rhyme and reason. 

Remember that social networks are the showcase of your business to the online world. You have to take care of the content and keep active your social platforms.

Free Metricool Social Media Template

You have come to the right place if you want to have your own template for managing your social networks.

We provide you with the template that we use at Metricool with all the functionalities so that you can plan your content and your strategy in the best possible way.

What does this template include?


In this tab, you will find brief instructions on how to use this template.

Also, a small guide to schedule with Metricool. This function is helpful to leave the content programmed and focus on other tasks of your day-to-day.

Don’t forget to take a look at our YouTube channel and our Instagram profile.


On the ‘Strategy’ tab, you will set the objectives that you will pursue for the specified period.

You will establish your primary goals, and then you will find a specific section to develop these objectives.

The periodicity will determine how many times to publish per week on each social network. The posting frequency may vary depending on the moment. You can combine a  period with more posts (special campaign, new functionalities, news about your product) with periods with a lower posting frequency.

Finally, the type of content, where you can use your creativity and decide the type of content you will publish. After determining the type of content, you should be clear about the clients you will target to meet your goals. 

Weekly Editorial Plan

In this section, you have the option to fill in the weekly posting calendar and detail which content idea you are going to share each day.

Use the cells on the left to add the channels where you will publish. 

Weekly content

If you have already established the content ideas to share on your platforms, this is where you will give shape to that idea following three parameters:

Social network: add here the social network where you will post.

Idea / Objective: the purpose for which you publish the post. It can be an idea such as a survey or an objective, such as educational content.

Copy: develop the text that will appear on your post or tweet, so when you schedule it on Metricool, you just have to copy and paste it.

Notes: any detail that you can think of to add to your weekly content planning.

Do you want to schedule your weekly content on social networks?

Weekly Instagram Content

Organize the Instagram content per week according to the type of post you will publish: carousel, story, etc.

In other words,  it is the content that you will share on Instagram in a detailed way.

Highlight Stories

Instagram stories highlight is a type of content that allows you to keep the stories available after 24 hours. You can edit the cover, name the highlight, etc.

On this tab of the social media template, you organize your profile’s highlighted stories. First, you add the category of each highlighted story, the purpose of publishing it, the design of the stories, and notes that you want to add.

Now you know the basics to create social media templates and use our template as a starting point.

Advantages of using a template for social networks

Perhaps you hadn’t considered until now to keep a template for your social media content planning.

Now you have realized how necessary it is … but what advantages does it bring to your day-to-day?

Define your goals

This template will help you set your objectives. Which goals do you pursue with your strategy?

Give more visibility to your brand, sell a specific product, and so on. It also helps you organize your objectives according to the importance you give to each one, focusing and dividing efforts to achieve them.


Nothing as beautiful as a template full of colors, ordered by dates…

This type of social media template allows you to organize your work to have the content planned by dates, special days, among others.

The main advantage of this organization is twofold:

  • Working with important dates marked in your calendar: a new feature launch, for example.
  • Remember a specific or commercial date that helps you generate content and interactions: Valentine’s Day.


In the same way that you set objectives to meet, it also allows you to analyze if you have achieved them.

This type of template allows you to accompany each action carried out with data that helps to confirm this result.

Team control

If you work as part of a team, in the template, you can add a column to divide the tasks of each team member, so everything is under control.

On each task, you can see how the work is progressing. You can add certain statuses such as “starting”, “goal achieved”, “in progress”, etc. This will help your team know what they have to do at all times and follow the objectives to comply with the strategy.

social media templates

As you can see, the main objective is to have everything planned, including the goals, so that nothing escapes your control.

Indeed you have already convinced yourself to use a social media template.

Get ready and start preparing your social media marketing strategy with the Metricool template.

Carlos Bravo


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