How to Use Instagram Stories Templates

22 January 2024

Templates for Instagram Stories are customizable designs to create and produce content to share on the image and video- sharing social media platform.

You can find these templates on various sites, and we assure you, they will become your best ally if you are an entrepreneur, have a business, or a personal brand.

Having a designer by your side is always a plus, but having these templates is an excellent resource if you can’t afford to hire one. 

How to Use Instagram Templates For Stories

Using Instagram templates for your Stories is a great way to add a professional and cohesive look to your content. These templates are pre-designed graphics that you can easily customize with your own content. They come in a variety of styles and themes, making it easier for you to find one that suits your personal brand or aesthetic.

So, how can you use these templates for your stories? First, you can start by searching for templates on Instagram or by using design websites such as Canva.

Once you have found a template that you like, simply download it and open it in your preferred editing app. Next, you can customize the template by adding your photos, text, and stickers. You can also change the colors and fonts to match your branding. This is a great opportunity to showcase your creativity and personality.

After you have finished editing the template, you can save it and schedule it to Metricool, or post it right away.

Why Use Templates for Instagram Stories?

There are several benefits when it comes to customizing templates for your Instagram stories. Some key benefits include:


You can customize these templates to your liking. You can find multiple templates on the market, but you can give them your special touch and make them unique with the customization options. 

If you maintain a style in your templates and stories, you will help Instagram users to recognize you instantly and thus you will create a brand identity.

Saves time

One of the best benefits is that you will save time. With Instagram story templates, you don’t have to start from scratch. Add new elements and make minor tweaks to have your own design. 

Starting on a blank sheet of paper would take you several hours, while with the template, you can make a quick design and dedicate yourself to other tasks.

Unleashes your creativity

The best thing about these templates for Instagram Stories is playing with all the elements and discovering that perhaps the creativity you have is not as hidden as you think.

Choose a template that you like, modify it to your liking, move the elements you want, and FEEL FREE!

Simple to use

These templates for Instagram Stories allow you to customize them to your liking and touch up everything that interests you without reading many tutorials.

The tools offered by these templates are intuitive and easy to use. You will have done with it in just five minutes and have your design ready.

Encourages more engagement

The newer templates on Instagram encourage your followers to interact with the story. For example, the ‘add yours’ template, favorite music template, ‘This or That’ template, and more urges a response from followers. We will explain these templates more in detail below.

Tools for Instagram Story Templates

If you want to learn more and start creating your stories with these customizable templates, check out this list of tools to edit those templates to make them your own. 


The online designing tool is par excellence. Canva allows you to create from scratch or with templates for almost any type of content for social media: posters, banners, feed posts, etc.

It has more than 200K templates for Instagram Stories, between free and premium. Within the editor, you have a powerful template search engine to find the one that best suits your needs.

You also have features to add text, photos, videos from your library or Canva itself, and graphic elements.

Motion Box

If you want to use videos in Motion Box, you will find this is an excellent tool for your Instagram stories.

With an intuitive and straightforward interface, you can create your own video stories from scratch or use one of the templates offered.

Choose between multiple fonts for text, and add other videos, pictures, and elements to decorate your video. Let’s get started, Spielberg!

Edit.Org is a tool similar to Canva that allows you to create your own publications to share on social media through a simple design application.

When you enter your work area, you can change the size to work directly on an Instagram Stories template, search by category or format, and start creating.

You have original logos and graphic shapes, colors, and the possibility of adding photos and text.


With VistaCreate, you have a tool that invites you to create from the moment you set foot on it. Here you’ll find templates for almost all types of posts and formats that you can quickly identify. 

When you choose a template for Instagram Stories or one to upload videos to stories, the tool takes you to the editing page, where it guides you through the first steps of your creations.

You’ll love it because, in two clicks, you’ll be working on your designs. Find your ideal template, upload photos, and videos, add animations from the library, and enjoy the endless editing possibilities.


As the last option for Instagram Stories, we offer you something different: FreePik.

This page is an image bank where you can find photographs, PSDs, illustrations, and vectors. In FreePik, you also have a variety of templates to download and edit in more powerful programs such as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

If you handle these tools, you can create fully personalized content through more developed templates, thanks to the editing opportunities they offer.

With these five tools to create content through templates for Instagram Stories, you will have your profile ready to succeed.

💡 If you want to start changing your Instagram design, before taking your first steps, we recommend that you look at the Instagram Design Guide from Metricool.

Instagram Story Templates on the App

Instagram now offers templates to choose from that you can find directly from the app. To do this all you have to do is:

  • Create an Instagram story by uploading a photo or choosing a color background.
  • Click on the sticker icon.
  • Choose ‘Add yours‘ ‘Templates‘.
  • Click the ‘Dice‘ icon.
  • Choose from the templates offered by Instagram.

Metricool Story Templates

Metricool offers a variety of FREE Story Templates for your convenience. All you have to do is:

  • Save our Template Spreadsheet
  • Save it to your favorites
  • Make a copy of the template you would like to edit
  • Edit it to make it your own and either schedule it or post it right away

You must have a Canva account to be able to access our templates and with our Canva and Metricool integration, you can schedule or post directly through Canva.

To learn more about all the templates on Instagram, be sure to click the button below:

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