How to Download Instagram Reels on Your Computer or Smartphone

Carlos Bravo
10 November, 2021

Do you want to download Instagram Reels and keep them saved forever on your computer or smartphone?

If that’s the case, don’t worry. Instagram does not let you save them directly to your device, but here you’ll find out how to get Instagram Reels in a second.

Download Instagram Reels

There is a range of websites that you can use to download Reels, each one with its own process.

In this post, you’ll learn how to do so by using InstaDP, just one of Instagram Reels downloader for downloading content from Instagram.

But, how can you do this? Follow these steps.

1. Go to InstaDP website

Out of all the options to download content from the social network, you have to choose ‘Instagram Reels Downloader’

Go to Instagram, choose the Reel that you want to download, and copy the content link.

To accomplish this, click on the three dots that each post has, both on your computer and on your smartphone.

Add the link in the download box in the middle of the webpage and click on the search button on the right.

4. Click on Download

InstaDP website takes a couple of seconds to get the video ready for download. 

Once it’s done, you can preview the Reel and click the download button.

A page pops up where you can download the video directly or frame by frame.

5. Done

Now you have the Instagram Reels video downloaded on your smartphone or PC.

Why Would you Download Instagram Reels?

Thanks to this software, you can download content from other accounts so that you can assemble them together: reacting to these Reels, doing duos with the same content, etc.

Get your creative juices flowing and make the most out of Instagram Reels. Remember to always mention the original user who posted the Reel. Being respectful with your content will help you reach a wider audience.

Instagram Reels download features on InstaDP

If you have decided to download Reels using this platform, remember these features and how it works.

▶️ Content from private accounts

On InstaDP, you cannot access Reels published on private accounts.

Even though you have access because you follow these accounts, you cannot download the content.

▶️ Notification to the creator

The owner of the content doesn’t ever receive any notifications that you have downloaded their content.

▶️ Signing up on the website

To use this tool for downloading Instagram Reels, you just need to open it and start using it: no need to sign up or pay, it’s completely free.

Now you have the option to get Instagram Reels and save them on your PC or smartphone.

To get the most out of them, you’ll need the Metricool Instagram Marketing guide.

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Carlos Bravo


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