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Little or nothing is left of the original  Instagram from when it first appeared in our lives. 

It was created in 2010 like so many other social networks, but more like a simple photo gallery, with the sole objective of showcasing images.

By taking a step forward and being fully integrated today, digital marketing cannot be understood without the presence in Instagram. Instagram is a mobile application, although it also has the Instagram web option (with fewer usage options than the app), which allows you to upload images and videos with effects and filters.

Having a presence in this social network has many different purposes: to increase the visibility of companies, advertising, branding, awareness…

However, nowadays, you can’t conceive of digital marketing and Instagram as separate entities.Z

As of today , there are over 1 billion Instagram users according to an study carried out by ‘Marketing4Ecoommerce’.

The question is:

“ How can you get the most out of your business through Instagram Marketing? “

Why you should design an Instagram Marketing strategy for your business

It is a must to have an Instagram account for your business to include it in your marketing planning.

  • It allows you to share your products through multimedia posts.
  • You can reach a broader audience thanks to a large amount of active users on Instagram that keeps growing each day.

A study by ‘ImpactBND’,  72% of the people interviewed confirmed that after viewing an Instagram publication, they ended up buying a product.

So if I’ve convinced you and you’re ready to launch your marketing strategy on this social network… Let’s get started!

Instagram marketing: previous steps to your strategy

You can’t start an Instagram Marketing strategy without having an account, right?

So first things first… If you still don’t have an account on the queen of social networks I leave you here a guide that explains how to open an Instagram profile step by step.

Once you have already created your Instagram account the next thing is:

There are times when we already have an Instagram account but we face some little problems… If this is your case, here I tell you:

  1. You don’t remember your Instagram login details: you will then have to get your details again to log in to your account.

➡️ Here I leave you the guide to reactivate your Instagram profile.

2. You have a profile that does not convince you of anything and has nothing to do with your current brand may be the first step: close your Instagram account to start again following a winning Marketing strategy from scratch.

If you have problems accessing your old account or creating a new Instagram profile, the best option is to contact them directly: contact Instagram without dying in the attempt.

Account Settings

Okay, you’ve created your Instagram account. But let’s take it one step at a time… Before you start posting content like crazy, it’s important that you focus on the configuration and appearance of your Instagram profile.

At first you may think it’s not important, but you’ll see how it’s a part that can help a lot in your marketing strategy.


The Instagram business account will bring you benefits:

  • You can access metrics about the performance of your Instagram profile.
  • You can add contact information to your profile.
  • It will give a professional stamp to your profile and you will transmit confidence.

To create your business account on Instagram you have to create a Facebook fan page for your business. Without this Facebook fan page you will not be able to have your business profile.

Now switch your Instagram profile to a professional account: go to settings, select Account and click on Switch to professional account.

Finally, connect to your already created fan page, and you’re done! You are now officially a company on Instagram and it’s time to start your marketing strategy.

Even if you’re a business account on Instagram…
You have the right to block troll accounts or people who slow down your strategy.


Before launching into creating a strategy and planning the type of content you want to publish on your new Instagram profile you need to take into account several aspects so that your profile is optimized and catches the attention of your new potential customers:

#1. The bio

It is one of the most important parts of your Instagram profile, as it is one of the first things your followers are going to see when they first land on your account.

It’s a fact, an interesting bio enters through the eyes and sometimes it’s determinant to stay or not.

You can be original, more informal, introduce yourself in a direct way or make a ‘call to action’ to incite the purchase.

Make sure of several things:

  • Fill in the category of your business well.
  • Take the opportunity to make a short description of your business.
  • Add the physical address of your business, if you have one.
  • Don’t forget to put the link to your website.

If you want to know more about how to write a successful biography I leave you an article:

#2. Your profile name and username

The profile name you have on Instagram is more important than it seems at first.

First of all, it has to be a name that is easy to read and remember so that users who find you can come back to look for you or recommend you to their friends or acquaintances.

Also, if you want to position yourself for your business it’s important that you add keywords to make it easier to find you on Instagram.

It’s more important than it seemed… isn’t it? Also, here I leave you a video that will help you with this step:

#3. Your profile picture

The photo is one of the elements that users see first. That is why it is important that if you are a company you have the logo of your brand, and if on the contrary, you are a personal brand, add an image in which you are clearly recognizable and if possible that you use in other public sites such as your website or your LinkedIn profile.

This way you will transmit confidence to the people who land on your profile.

#4. Verification of your account

Being Instagram a social network with so many millions of users, it is important that you get the blue check that verifies that your account is the real and original one.

This will give you more credibility with your potential customers. An extra point in your Instagram marketing strategy.

Why should you get the blue check?

  • You will avoid plagiarism from other accounts.
  • You will improve the search for your users, they will find you easily and quickly in the search engine.
  • You will help to avoid scamming your buyers, because everything will be done on your official and verified Instagram account.


You already know what types of content you can create to kick your Instagram marketing strategy into high gear. But content isn’t everything. Pay attention, because this is something you can’t overlook if you want to succeed.

The algorithm is in charge of prioritizing what content the user will see according to their preferences.

Although it is difficult to know exactly how it works, there are several ways to combat it and be the first on the wall of your followers.

The first step is to get to know it personally and know what things it rewards or penalizes.

Get familiar with it… All about Instagram’s algorithm.


Shadowban is the action that Instagram performs by blocking content to a user of its online community, so that they do not realize that they have been banned.

In the case of Instagram’s social network, shadowbanning means that person’s content is shown to users who follow them, but it slows down and stalls the growth of their Instagram account.

Instagram has certain rules that are important to follow so that you don’t get blocked or suffer from shadowban:

  • Don’t use banned hashtags.
  • Don’t spam, post content infrequently.
  • Be careful with massive actions: give a lot of likes, unfollows…
  • Don’t buy followers, it’s never a good option. But I can leave you an article on how to get followers organically.

Set objectives for your strategy

You’ve already created your Instagram business account and optimized your profile.

The next step is to know where to direct your marketing goals. In other words, what do you want to achieve with your Instagram strategy?

These are some of the goals that companies or brands have when it comes to making a marketing strategy through Instagram:

Keep in mind the following:

✅ Your brand image is vital, how you are going to show yourself to your audience, generate trust through your publications.

✅ Your products are the essence of your business, give them visibility and reach the maximum reach. You can start using Instagram Shopping.

Once you have decided what your goals are, you have to choose how you want to achieve them, so you can develop your strategy and think about what kind of content you want to publish on Instagram.

Create your content plan

Social media is nothing if you don’t make a good content plan to publish content that will help you achieve your goals and that your audience will like at the same time.

If there’s one good thing about Instagram, it’s that you can publish your content in many different formats. And to have a successful strategy it is important that you know how to take advantage of all these types of content to get the most out of the social network.

That’s why, before you get started with your planning, I’m going to tell you about all the formats that Instagram has and how you can use them.


You already know what goals you want to achieve with your Instagram presence, so let’s get to the important part of Instagram: the content and its planning.

The possibilities that Instagram offers you to bring content to your business and give it that marketing touch you are looking for are wide.

Knowing what each type of publication offers you can organize your strategy and planning according to them.

➡️ Photos and videos:

Instagram is the social network of audiovisual content par excellence. It started out as the platform for photos but video is gaining more and more ground with new features.

So to reach your audience and achieve your goals you have to think about content in video and photo format.

Keep in mind that in addition to uploading this content you can:

  • Use filters that help you improve the visibility of the image.
  • Generate interaction by tagging other accounts
  • Even tag products in your own posts
  • Post comments from your audience to promote engagement

➡️ Carousel or photo gallery:

Sometimes it’s tricky to choose a single photo. In those moments the option to share up to 10 images in one post is a good idea, isn’t it?

Sometimes it is useful to show more than one product or more than one image with the same copy.

Do you want ideas for your posts in your Instagram marketing strategy?

➡️ Instagram Stories:

Instagram’s crown jewel 👑

Posts that last 24 hours in video, single image, rewind or boomerang format. You can also add GIFs, all kinds of interactive stickers and even special filters for Instagram Stories. The combinations are multiple but, beware, always in vertical format.

TIP! Learn how to create stickers for your Instagram Stories

If you are a personal brand or you have a business, creating your stickers is in your best interest for your strategy:

  • You expose your brand to Instagram users by sharing your own creatives and that they themselves can use on their respective profiles.
  • You give a unique touch to your account, since you will have your own stickers made by you.
  • You share content in a fun way in stories.

Instagram stories are perfect for announcing news, one-day deals or interacting with your audience through questions.

By the way! If you are interested in learning how to create your own GIFs for your Instagram stories I leave you the definitive and updated guide:

Although its duration is 24 hours, you can highlight them in your profile. This way it is content that was published for a day but that you have highlighted so that users who visit your account can see it again as many times as they want. They are perfect for highlighting content such as frequently asked questions or stories about your company.

There is no marketing strategy on Instagram without a good dose of stories, so here are two articles that will help you in planning this content:

Once you have launched with the stories on Instagram you have to make sure that the content you publish is working properly. If you do not know very well how to do it I advise you to pay attention to this article:

➡️ Instagram TV

Do you specialize in creating dynamic, longer-form content?

Instagram TV is your perfect choice. Your videos should be at least 1 minute long and up to 15 minutes when uploaded from a mobile device (60 minutes if uploaded from the web). Below you can see an example.

In these videos, you can introduce your team and have your audience put a face to you, do interviews, show a new product line, etc.

➡️ Direct on Instagram

Live on Instagram has become a popular option for companies to create a relationship with their viewers.

As if it were a live story, it stays in your bio for 24 hours and viewers who are watching it can chat with you. It’s a great alternative to talk to them, answer questions about products, etc.

➡️ Instagram Reels

Instagram never ceases to amaze us and every time it allows you to upload more and more content in different formats and in different ways.

Try Instagram Reels and create a strategy to gain visibility with these small videos that can bring you many visits.

If you want to know more about this type of format on Instagram I leave here the information Instagram Reels.

And if you want a complete guide with all the content I leave you the Guide to Reels on Instagram.

➡️ Create surveys

Polls in your Instagram stories are a great way to know the opinion of your audience and make them participate in some decisions.

So create polls on Instagram to shake up your followers.

↝ All about polls on Instagram here

➡️ Use Instagram guides

Content that offers the option to share in a simple and visual way recommendations, tips or guides based on the union of different Instagram posts.

I leave you this link to learn all about Instagram guides.

Do you want to delete your search history on Instagram?
We explain how to do it in four easy steps


Now that you know what kind of formats exist on Instagram, the most awaited moment comes… creating your content strategy and planning it.

The first thing to do is to select the types of content you are going to publish and the formats you are most comfortable with or that best fit your business. Here is an example:

First think about what type of content you want to publish:

  • Content about your products or services
  • Tips about your industry
  • Images of the team behind the company
  • Relevant information for your followers

And you can decide to start using posts, stories and IGTVs to begin with.

Once you have everything figured out, it’s time to write it down (you can write it down in an excel sheet or in some organizational tool you use, such as Asana or Trello).

And I’m going to give you a super tip… Schedule your content on Instagram to save time and gain organization.

With content scheduling on Instagram you will be able to improve your strategy and dedicate more time to other daily tasks, especially if you manage more than one Instagram account.


Alright, we’ve already seen how you can optimize your Instagram profile and how you can upload your content and interact with your audience.

But I’m going to give you some more ideas that can help you make your strategy a winner.

Give color to your Instagram, personalize it, make it different from the rest. This is a ‘tip’ for your Instagram marketing.

Here are a series of tips or advice for it:


On Instagram it is very important the quality of the content you share, so spend as much time as it takes to make the images and edit them. To do this it is also very important that you publish the photos with the right size, and if you do not know what it is I leave you this updated guide:

Also, add color to your publications to give your business or personal brand an identity.


When writing your captions you need to think about copywriting and formatting.

The text should be eye-catching and complement the image, so you’ll generate conversation. The image attracts and the text retains. If you need a little help on this we have a guide with tips to be creative: Tips for captions on Instagram.

The format also plays a key role… Avoid using periods to create spaces and use emojis, this way you will make it much easier for your followers to read and they won’t get bored of scrolling down and reading long paragraphs.


These are very attractive contents for users, since they have the opportunity to win a prize.

In addition to helping you give visibility to your Instagram profile, you will get your followers to have more engagement with your account.


If you are social media or have a personal brand account you will know that Instagram only has one font to add to your posts or profile and a few more for your stories.

Luckily, there are different apps or external pages that allow you to add another font to both your bio and the posts you publish.


Sometimes we draw a blank and don’t know what to post or what content to prepare for our strategy.

Instagram is full of creativity everywhere, so don’t miss this opportunity and get inspired by accounts that you like or that are similar to your business.


Instagram stories are a very important part within a marketing strategy.

Unleash your creativity and use all kinds of resources to make collages, use filters or more worked edits on these little content pills.

There are some apps for Instagram Stories that can help you improve your design with templates or filters.

It is very important that you use all possible resources that Instagram puts in your hand to achieve growth on the platform and thus better results.

Do you want more information about how to grow on Instagram?

Ads on Instagram: create advertising

As in all digital platforms today, to reach more audience and take advantage of marketing opportunities on Instagram you can create ads on the platform itself.

To do this you have to access the Facebook Ads Manager tool and you will achieve:

  • Improve the visibility of your posts
  • Sell products
  • Increase your community and followers
  • Improve your reach

Instagram ads are made in a similar way to Facebook Ads: from our Business Manager studio.

As in the first steps of your strategy you have already created your Facebook business account, you only have to enter the Facebook Ads Manager and create your ad campaign.

✨ When it’s time to start your ad, follow the usual steps as if you were going to do it for Facebook.

✨ In ‘Placements’ hit edit and select Instagram: wall or stories.

✨ Now choose how you want your ad to appear: Carousel, single image or video.

You’re all set to start your Instagram ad!


The ads you make on Instagram will appear to your followers with the word ‘Advertising’ below the account name, where the location sometimes appears.

Within them, you will find:

️↪️ Wall ads:

These are normal posts but with the advertising tag. You have several buttons or ‘CTA’ to take your user to your profile, a shopping page or, in a simple way, that the photo has more likes.

️↪️ Ads in stories:

They meet the same requirements as a story publication, that is, in vertical format and are indicated as ‘promotions’ through which your audience can access by swiping upwards.

In visual aspect they are more striking than posts, as they occupy the entire screen of the mobile or device on which you are viewing it.


There are 4 types of formats you can use for your Instagram ads:

  • Images: If you decide to use a single image in your Instagram ad, it can be displayed in square, horizontal and vertical format.
  • Videos: In square or horizontal format.
  • Carousel (Image gallery): Square or vertical format in the feed or stories.
  • Instagram stories: Instagram stories support all image and video formats in the feed.

They are normal posts, but with the advertising tag. You have several buttons or ‘CTA’ to take your user to your profile, a shopping page or, simply, that the photo has more likes.


Now that you know where the ads you make on Instagram will appear and the format depending on what you choose, what type of campaign suits you?

You’ve seen almost everything related to Instagram, you’re in PRO mode, relax, take it easy!

This is not the time to stand still…
It is key that you understand the objective of each campaign to achieve maximum results.

️️↪️ Recognition campaigns: the type of ad you are looking for if your goal is to publicize your company, business or online store, among others.

️️↪️ Consideration campaigns: a way to give visibility and information to your users about what you offer or the products you sell.

️️↪️ Conversion campaigns: if your goal is to get sales or your audience to download your application.

Analyze your Instagram Marketing strategy

It seems that this post is coming to an end, but don’t think that an Instagram strategy ends here.

After publishing the content you have planned and programmed on Instagram or after having carried out your ad campaigns, it is very important that you spend time to know what has happened with that content and if it has helped to meet your goals.

Measure your statistics on Instagram, it’s time to take out your ‘big data’ glasses and get down to work.


Each master has his own way and each social media has its own way of measuring the results of your Instagram marketing strategy.

But one thing is clear, the social network itself allows you to see how each of your posts and stories you have published have performed.

First of all, although I’m sure you already know, to be able to see any Instagram statistics you must have your business account activated.

If you haven’t, go back to step one. Already?

Read on…

✅ Post stats:

To see how your posts have performed you’ll need to follow these quick and easy instructions:

  1. Log in to your profile.
  2. Click on the ‘Statistics’ button.
  3. Now select the publication, story and promotion you want to analyze and know its impact.

If you want to see a previous expired story, you will have to go to your profile, click on the three horizontal stripes in the upper right corner and click on ‘Archive’.

Inside this ‘new window’ you will be able to see the metrics of your publications divided by:

  • Activity: In this section you can see relevant information about your profile:
  • Interactions: For example, number of profile visits and clicks to the website.
  • Discoverability: Shows the reach (the actual number of users who have viewed your content) and impressions (how many times your content has been viewed).
  • Content: Allows you to check the performance of your posts, stories and promotions.
  • Audience: More information about your followers and audience.


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