What’s a Macro-Influencer?

16 August 2023

The group of macro-influencers comprehend individuals with between 100K and 1M followers.


Macro-Influencers? Micro-Influencers? 

If you own a company, business or online store you probably have thought about working with influencers.

Don’t you believe in the power of influencers?
A study of Brandmanic states that more than 70% of customers have a better perception of a brand after reading positive reviews on the Internet or on the profiles of influencers

Native or non-native Macro Influencers?

Native macro-influencers

Those influencers who became known in the social network in which they were born. This could be through vlogging, creating TikToks, influencing through Instagram, etc.

✅ Non-native macro-influencers

Those who got their influence from other media (film, television, art, sports, etc.) and has now reflected onto social media, where the number of followers reaches the figures of macro-influencers.

Macro-Influencers: Pros & Cons

With Influencer marketing, many companies and businesses have chosen to use influencers for their advertising campaigns.

With a wide range of influencers, the most common and accessible option is between micro and macro influencers. 

In this section, we state all the advantages and disadvantages that you will encounter when you opt for a macro-influencer  to develop your marketing strategy.

macro influencers


They reach a larger audience

Macro-influencers have between 100,000 and 1 million followers, so they reach a large volume of users.

Collaborations with these types of influencers (either for a specific product or a brand) will have a bigger impact and can help reach users across all social platforms.

They get more engagement 

Besides reaching more accounts, this reach could translate in more engagement for the post that you have chosen to promote with a macro-influencer.

Likes, comments, link clicks, amongst others, are some of the benefits that will increase when you work with macro-influencers.

People trust their opinions

Influencers have fan bases that trust their opinions, so when it comes to reviews, testimonials, and promotions, users are more likely to engage with these products when it’s something their favorite influencer is raving about.

Also, often times, influencers have become experts in social media, marketing, and collaborations. This means that they known their audience best, and how to best grab their attention.

macro influencers


They can be pricey 

It’s clear that increasing the reach has a price. The fact that you work with macro influencers increases the cost of the campaigns, per post or photo on any social network.

However, it will depend on the specific status of the infuencer to determine the price and the starting point of a negotiation.

It can feel less personal

It’s no secret that influencers create content to promote brands products or services, in exchange for compensation.

Therefore, if a collaboration is more off a “one-off” with an influencer, it can feel less natural than working with an influencer that you know well, or is a fan of your brand.

This can take away the authenticity of the collaboration.

It’s more difficult to get an agreement with a macro influencer

Reaching a macro-influencer is somewhat complicated if you are not a big brand.

It’s usual to contact them through external agencies which increases the cost of the influencer marketing campaign. 

Do you have any question about macro influencers? Let us know in the comments below!

Isabel Romero Isabel Romero , 16 August 2023

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