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Isabel Romero
25 November, 2020

Parkour seems to be in fashion, but behind this trend that is increasingly gaining followers in the online world (with Fortnite) and in the real world with children who say: “Mom, I want to do parkour, I want to be a traceur”, there is a sport, yes a sport that requires strength, concentration and a lot of training.

The traceurs are real athletes and they show it through their Instagram accounts.

The best Instagram traceurs

In this study we have analyzed 25 of the best parkour Instagram accounts, all of them with more or less number of followers. These accounts are worth checking. Here we show you all of them ordered by engagement.

Now, wait until the end to see the analysis of this competitor study.


Stiven Quintero is a free running coach and shares his routes from Colombia. As he says, he likes to flow and feel safe. The style he develops is the result of years of training.

Combine jumping with swinging.


Andy Waakhuijsen has been in parkour since 2018, although the sport has always been present in his life.

This traceur from Alicante (Spain) has a passion for precise drop and he demonstrates it on his Instagram account.


And the athlete Stefy arrives at the top of the engagement ranking for women. Stefy. One of the great promises of international women’s parkour.


This Venezuelan living in Colombia is Kervin Hernandez, part of the team of @flux.parkour. His Instagram account is an example of mental and physical strength.


From the Czech Republic Mikeš shares videos of his two passions, videos of parkour in different parts of the world, since his second passion is traveling.


From Sweden, Joel shares his parkour tours of Stockholm. Another traceur to add to the list.


George McGowan He is part of @motusproject, one of the best-known clubs and brands in the world of parkour in the UK. A traceur with a lot of power.


Asier from Albacete (Spain)to the world. Another traceur in the top who stands out for the length of his jumps in addition to the years that he has been hooked on parkour.


Harrison is based in the UK, but has traveled the world as a professional parkour athlete to participate in different competitions. Now he divides his time between parkour and his work as a personal trainer and physical therapist.


Xavia Rodriguez, Mexican settled in Spain, in love with parkour. Besides having an inspiring Instagram account for traceurs, he also shares his adventures on his YouTube channel.


His Instagram account is not the only channel he offers to inspire to the world of parkour. He also has a YouTube channel where he shows the best routes to do parkour around the world (Boston, Paris, United Kingdom ,…).


Cosmin Marius, is not only a traceur on Instagram, he also shares content on TikTok and YouTube. You can see his tours through these three channels and all of them are worth it.


Iván Álvarez has been part of the parkour world  since 2015 and his Instagram is “crazy”: flips, reverse, pirouettes, cat leaps. You can find everything here. 


Ivan Velázquez is the jump master. His comments make it clear: Iván jumps like nobody else. Go to his Instagram account to check it out.


Max Barker, as he defines himself as “Wild thing”, is also a member of the Motus Project in the UK. His posts are sheer madness.


A parkour athlete and Ninja Warrior UK champion. Many rate him as the f ** king master.


And, if you thought parkour was a men’s sport, here comes the first female athlete Hazal, sponsored by Red Bull. A true athlete who shows that gender does not matter in parkour.


Joseph is another member of Motus Project and his Instagram traceur profile is a declaration of intentions about parkour, parkour has no limits. It is possible to practice this sport anywhere.


Benj is a member of Storror, one of the most recognized brands in the world of Parkour and not only for its products but also for the quality of the traceurs that make it up. Benj is a clear example.


Callum Powell another member of Storror. Without a doubt one of the most inspiring accounts for future traceurs. Storror is synonymous with precision and quality in the world of parkour. He is one of the Gods of this sport.


Toby Segar another of the masters of Parkour and also a member of the Storror brand. Besides being a Parkour athlete, he is a film maker and his Instagram account is pure gold.


Traceur, freerunner, photographer and filmmaker, this man can’t be missed.


From UK another of the masters of Parkour. Joe Scandrett shows off his jaw-dropping height descends.


The traceur with the largest number of followers who dazzles with his specialty: front jumps. Dominic Di Tommaso is an Australian Parkour specialist sponsored by RedBull. AWESOME


Pol Arbos, another Parkour master that is worth including in the list of the best traceurs.


He is the Australian retours master, jumping from one wall to another (for the uninitiated in parkour). When you see his Instagram profile you will understand.

Top Parkour Influencers

Parkour influencers also have strategies to reach more followers, they also use digital marketing. And, whether you are a traceur or a brand interested in Parkour influencers, you are interested in knowing how to evaluate and compare Instagram accounts.

As you can see on  this image we have grouped the accounts by number of likes. Why?

Because if we only group them by engagement, it is normal that accounts with fewer followers have the highest scores.

It is a constant that is repeated, accounts with fewer followers have more interaction from their followers. It seems that when the number of followers grows, participation decreases.

Therefore, one way to identify Parkour idols on Instagram would be to group the accounts by likes received.

The comparison of followers in Metricool allows you to analyze up to 100 accounts at a glance, just as you can also do it with YouTube, in this case you can analyze up to 10 channels.

Therefore, and if you want to thoroughly investigate what techniques your competitors use or how to know which influencer to hire for your influencer marketing strategy, the competitor analysis will be your best ally. It is fast and shows real data.

And if your interest is in the Parkour world, now you know, note down these 25 athletes to your Instagram list, each and every one of them is worth it.

Isabel Romero


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