How to make stickers for Instagram


You have seen them too, Instagram stickers are in fashion. On WhatsApp you can find them every five minutes in any conversation, they are fun and give a casual touch to your conversations or stories.

Did you know that you can also add them to Instagram and create your own stickers?

If you are a personal brand or you have a business,  creating your owns stickers should be included in your marketing strategy on Instagram:

  • You show your brand to Instagram users by sharing your own creations that they can use in their respective profiles.
  • You give a unique touch to your account, because you will have your own stickers made by you.
  • You share content in a fun way in stories.

Are you convinced to start creating stickers and take your ideas to Instagram?

Here you will see how to do it step by step.

Learn how to create your own stickers for Instagram step by step

Before we get started, what is a sticker exactly?

➡️ Stickers are those elements that you can include in your story to add some fun and there are different types: polls, music, location or gifs, among others.

This last option is the one that interests you. Gifs are animated images that you can also find on WhatsApp and for Instagram you will have to use the well-known online gif library, Giphy

Now that the introductions have been made, how are you going to create your sticker for Instagram?

How to make a sticker with Giphy

As we have mentioned, to make a sticker and have it on your Instagram you must create it from the Giphy page.

By following these steps, you can start creating your stickers.

  1. Create a gif on Giphy

The first thing you should know is that your gif has to have a transparent background, as if it were in PNG format.

There are two ways to have it on Giphy:

  • Create the gif from outside the webpage and upload it through your files, by dragging it or through a URL.
  • Create the gif from the internal creator of the page, an option if you don’t have a graphic designer.

💡 Create your gif from scratch on Giphy

To make your gif from the internal Giphy creator you can do it in two ways:

✅ Uploading one or more images to transform them into a gif, adding other already stored stickers, words, filters, etc.

✅ Uploading a video that you have or doing it from a URL such as Vimeo or YouTube, and choosing the duration, up to 5 seconds, or the moment of the video in which the gif begins to animate.

Afterwards, you can edit it with the same options that you have when doing it with images.

  1. Upload it to Giphy

When you finish, you will have to upload it to Giphy by clicking the ‘Upload to Giphy’ button.

Before uploading it definitively, although this can be edited later, you must add tags to later be able to find it on Instagram.

  1. Get the account verified on Giphy

In order to access your creations from Instagram Stories and from ‘gif’ you must have your Giphy account verified.

It’s simple, to do this, go to this link to have a brand account:

Then, and after having published at least 5 gifs in your account, you will have to fill in the form that you will find in this link:

Once you have your account verified you will find your gifs on Instagram and any user can add it to their stories.

In the meantime, you can continue creating your content while waiting for verification

The process to create your stickers for Instagram can take some time, so we recommend that you check your email from time to time.

If they deny it, request it again or write an email to [email protected] to be in constant contact with them.

Other ways to create stickers

With Giphy you can customize your stickers and unleash your creativity. However, there are more ways to create stickers.

Of course, unlike Giphy, these other options have their limitations, it is possible that they seem short compared to what you can do with gifs.


A simple application to create stickers for your stories, adding a text and an icon to decorate it.

It is available to download on both Android and iOS. Although the options are simple, to get out of the way and have different creations for your Instagram is very useful.

Android and iOS.

Sticker maker

This tool gives you the opportunity to create your own stickers and add them to your WhatsApp account. You can’t put them on Instagram, but you can add them to your conversations.

It is easy to use, you just have to choose an image and crop it automatically with the app or do it by touching the screen.

Then just add it to your whatsapp account and it’s ready to go.

Android and iOS.

Now you know how to make stickers for Instagram and add them to your stories. Create stickers with your brand, logo or a meme related to your profile.

Is everything clear? Then it’s time to create your own stickers 😁


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