Top Lifestyle Influencers in 2024 

26 January 2024

Influencer marketing has taken regular marketing strategies to new heights many did not think were possible. Connecting your brand to an extremely credible individual with a large niche following can market your brand better than you think. Many successful influencers have similar fanbase numbers as some celebrities. The difference between the two though is that influencers do a very good job of taking us behind the scenes in their daily lives, therefore creating feelings of relatability and authenticity. 

What is a Lifestyle Influencer? 

So what do Lifestyle Influencers do? As I mentioned above, Lifestyle Influencers post casual videos from behind-the-scenes shots to events, and even hardships of their daily lives. 

Lifestyle Influencers can be all kinds of people from moms or dads to fitness gurus or athletes, to cooks, to college students, to fashionistas! Each influencer has a very niche following so when a brand is choosing an influencer to help expand their brand awareness, it is really important to dive deep and see who their audience consists of and whether it will be the same audience interested in your brand. 

Paying for an influencer can be expensive, but there aren’t many ways to get such an influx of organic traffic. 

Influencer marketing is a large portion of today’s digital media world especially those titled ‘Lifestyle Influencers.” Continue reading to learn about some popular Lifestyle Influencers today, and how they are utilizing their stories to build their brands. 

Lifestyle Influencers to Know

Aimee Song

Followers- 7.3M Instagram, 108.5K TikTok 

Source: Instagram

Aimee is a very well-known Lifestyle Influencer. She has done quite a few things to gain such a large following such as her own blog, a clothing brand called ‘Song of Style’ clothing line that you can find at Revolve, as well as being a part of the Forbes 30 under 30. Her content heavily consists of being a mom, travel, and fashion. 

Sommer Ray

Followers25.6M Instagram, 12.1M TikTok  

Source: Instagram

Sommer began her career as a Fitness Bikini Model and a Youtuber. She quickly gained followers on other platforms such as Instagram and TikTok as she posted more behind-the-scenes content. She is popular today for her fitness and health content. 

Joanna Gaines

Followers- 13.7M Instagram, 365.7K TikTok

Source: Facebook

Joanna is well known for her show for hit show Fixer Upper on HGTV where she and her husband Chip flipped homes. She has dove deep into the digital marketing world and has become a very famous lifestyle influencer. On both Instagram and TikTok she has embraced the everyday behind-the-scenes content and has created very authentic relationships with her followers. 

Julie Sariñana 

Followers- 7.7M Instagram

Source: Instagram

Julie is known as @sincerelyjules on Instagram based on her blog. After her blog was featured in many magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Teen Vigue, she gained a large following on Instagram. On this platform, she posts lots of lifestyle content including travel, fashion, and her journey of being a mom. 

Cameron Dallas

Followers- 26.3M Instagram, 17.4M TikTok

Source: Instagram

Throwing it back to the Vine days, Cameron began his career on this platform where he posted funny prank content. After this platform disappeared he quickly gained followers on both Instagram and TikTok. He has continued posting similar content as he did on Vine as well as participating in trends with friends, fashion, and travel. 

Emily Mariko 

Followers- 1.5M Instagram, 12.6M TikTok

Source: Instagram

Emily began as a Youtuber but quickly exploded as a social media influencer as she began posting lifestyle clips via TikTok. She posts all kinds of lifestyle content such as clothing, travel, cooking, and more. In fact, she became trending for her iconic salmon rice bowl recipe. 

Marcus Bornslater 

Followers- 147K Instagram, 545.7K TikTok 

Source: Instagram

Marcus was a Division 1 football player and quickly gained followers on both Instagram and TikTok. He posts lots of fitness, fashion, and ‘day in the life videos. Today he is the owner of the apparel company, Blind Optimism, which features hats and sports T-Shirts. 

Claudia Oshry 

Followers: 3.2M Instagram, 272.7K TikTok

Source: Instagram

Claudia is known as ‘Girl with No Job’ on her socials. She started her Instagram with this username while she was a college student at NYU and soon after it rapidly took off! Her hilarious and authentic personality shines bright through her social media pages which is how she has created such a large fan base. 

Janelle Rohner 

Followers- 505K Instagram, 5.1M TikTok

Source: Instagram

Janelle is a health and wellness blogger. She became extremely popular on TikTok after posting her keto journey with recipes and eating videos. During her lunch break as a nurse, she began posting her meals. One in particular stuck with her audience and became trending. She created the bell pepper and cream cheese snack that everyone wanted to try! 

Victoria Garrick Browne 

Followers- 400k Instagram, 1.3M TikTok

Source: Instagram

Victoria gained a large following after she hosted a TedTalk following her Division 1 volleyball experience at USC. She struggled with body image and mental health stemming from the intense training she embarked on as an athlete. She now posts very authentic and real content about editing and body image issues as well as teaching her followers the art of intuitive eating. 

As you can see there are all kinds of Lifestyle Influencers that post for all kinds of niche audiences so, as a brand or a company, there is an influencer out there that could be perfect to take your brand awareness to the next level! 

If you want to learn more about Influencer marketing and other top influencers, make sure to read this guide below. 

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 26 January 2024

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