Top Food Influencers in 2023

Influencer marketing has taken regular marketing strategies to new heights many did not think were possible. Connecting your brand to an extremely credible individual with a large niche following can market your brand better than you think. Many successful influencers have similar fanbase numbers as some celebrities.

What is a Food Influencer? 

A food influencer is someone who has a large following and specialized in food-based content. They post all things food related from ranking their favorite restaurants to their favorite recipes. 

Many restaurants have taken advantage of food influencers by having them visit the restaurant and post content about their favorite dishes. This makes for great marketing to target new customers and get a larger audience’s eyes on their business. There are also brands of food that have found sending PR packages of their items to food influencers so they post content has been very beneficial. 

Influencer marketing has proved to be extremely successful and there is an influencer for almost anything nowadays! Let’s explore some very popular food influencers in 2023:

Food Influencers to Know

Gordon Ramsay 

Followers- 14.7M Instagram, 38.7M TikTok

Source: Instagram

If you have not heard about Gordon Ramsey then you are probably an Idiot Sandwich. Just kidding, but he is a very well-known food influencer, professional chef, and restaurant owner. He has been rewarded 17 Michelin Stars and has now taken advantage of the digital media world and has millions of followers on both TikTok and Instagram where he posts foodie content like recipes and funny trends. 

Jamie Oliver 

Followers- 9.5M Instagram, 626.3K TikTok

Source: Instagram

Jamie is a well-known restaurateur and cookbook author. He is known for his casual and easy-to-follow approach to cooking. He became famous for his cooking show called The Naked Chef and quickly became a part of the digital media world as an influencer and has continued to grow. 

Molly Baz 

Followers- 717.6K Instagram, 22.6K TiKTok

Source: Instagram

Molly is an American Chef and a food blogger. She has taken her expertise on food onto social media platforms and has created a very large and loyal follower base. She is much more casual when it comes to influencing social media and shows her recipes in a fun and interactive way. 

Carolina Gelen 

Followers- 1.1M Instagram , 597.9K TikTok

Source: Instagram

Carolina has created a very large and loyal follower base on social media. She creates a very close and authentic relationship with her followers by breaking down her cooking skills and teaching them. She is passionate about cooking and wants to show her followers they can be too no matter the level of skill they have. 

Ella Woodword 

Followers- 2.3M Instagram, 75K TikTok

Ella is known as Deliciously Ella on her social media platforms and she focuses heavily on healthy foods and helps teach her followers how to make delicious, easy, and healthy foods.

Source: Instagram

Marium Ezzeddine 

Followers- 2M Instagram, 11.9K TikTok

Source: Instagram

Marium is known as ‘Cookin with Mima’ and she posts hundreds of recipes easy to follow but can please the hard critics you cook for. Her goal is to post recipes to make her followers no matter their expertise in cooking to make yummier and easier meals. 

Tieghan Gerard

Followers- 5.3M Instagram, 725.5K TikTok

Source: People

Tieghan is known as Half Baked Harvest on her social media platforms and her cookbook. Her book Half Baked Harvest Super Simple won New York Times Best Seller. She took her expertise and passion to the digital media world and has created a strong follower base. She creates very colorful and beautiful foods that make for wonderful and aesthetic pictures for her feed. 

Kevin Curry 

Followers- 1.6M Instagram, 38.3K TikTok

Source: Forbes

Kevin is known as Fit Men Cook on his social media platforms. He is very passionate about fitness and posts about meals that are high in nutrition and make for delicious and filling meals for those gym rats!

Amanda Rochio

Followers- 1.4M Instagram, 246.9K TikTok

Source: Twitter

Amanda is known as Meow Meix on her social media platforms. She specializes in healthy foods and how to build a filling but nutritious meal. She also takes her followers along with her postpartum journey and gives tips and tricks about foods that have helped her during this part of her life. 

Coty Ryan 

Followers- 74K Instagram, 401.9K TikTok

Source: Instagram

Coty is known as Beauty of the Foodie on both Instagram and TikTok. She posts casual foodie content from grocery hauls to quick and easy recipes. She also eats on camera and speaks to her followers as if they were her close friends. This relaxed and authentic way of posting has grown her following base substantially. 

Even with the very niche foodie world, now you can see there are so many influencers even in this field. This is only scratching the surface of how many foodie influencers are out there, so we highly suggest you take a dive into this niche and find your favorites!

For more details about different types of influencers and what influencer marketing can do, click the button below: 

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