Guide to Instagram Live Videos

23 January 2024

If you are looking for more information about Instagram Live videos, it means that you already know this platform well and all its possible uses…

Most companies work with it to promote their brands, offer discounts, improve their reach,… 

Instagram is a social platform that allows you to take more and more marketing actions. 

Live videos have been used on Instagram with several objectives for a while. In this article you will learn: 

⚡ What Instagram live videos are 

⚡ The advantages that this feature brings

⚡  How you can use them for your social media strategy

What Are Instagram Live Videos?

Live videos are supplementary to Instagram Stories, you can live stream videos so your followers can have access to your content in real-time. 

With this feature, you can check the number of people who are watching your content, who like your video, and the comments that the audience makes on the go.  

At the end of each live video, the person who broadcasted it can know the total number of people who followed the content.

Instagram also gives the option to watch the video later for those who couldn’t see it in real-time. This explains why the accounts that broadcast it live can keep the video in their profile for the next 24 hours.  

How to Go Live on Instagram

Have you decided to start a live broadcast on Instagram? Here we will tell you what steps to follow to get started.

Lights Camera action!

Open Instagram

Log in or go to the account you want to go live.

Click the profile button

In the upper left, tap on your profile photo to upload content: stories, Reels… and Live.

Edit your broadcast

Add a title so that your community and new users know what the content will be about.

Start the live

When you are ready, tap the circle in the center of the screen to start the broadcast.

During the live streaming

✅ You can see how many viewers there are at any given time.

✅ You have access to questions and comments left by users.

✅ Say hello to new viewers who land on your stream.

✅ Invite other users to join the broadcast.

✅ You can assign a mod to report comments, remove viewers from live, and turn off comments for a viewer.

Schedule Instagram Live Videos

Are you going to livestream soon?

You can schedule the date of the Instagram Live so that your followers save the date as a reminder. Later, you can share this upcoming Instagram Live in your profile feed to keep the community up to date.

This Instagram functionality works as a reminder for users, and the app will send a notification to them to connect to the stream.

directos en Instagram programar directos

Download Instagram Lives

After your Instagram Live video is finished, and you decide you would like to download all you have to do is click ‘Download Video‘ and the video will be saved to your camera roll.

It is important to note that when the video is saved, it will just be the content, the comments, and likes, and viewers will not be on there. You are also only able to download immediately after your live has ended.

This is a great way to repurpose your content from your live to Reels, YouTube Shorts, etc.

Live Rooms Instagram

Until now, Instagram Live had a limit of two users connected simultaneously.

With Live Rooms, Instagram has expanded that possibility. It allows up to 4 users to connect at the same time in a live video call.

It works the same way. The difference is that when you start the Live, you will have the option to add more users with a button located at the bottom right with this icon: 👥.

Invite those users you want to participate in Instagram Live and voilà! You already have your Live Rooms working on Instagram.

Advantages of Live Videos 

Instagram Live Videos are a powerful tool for marketing professionals. 

This type of content helps to improve your website’s positioning since it increases social media engagement.

✅ It builds trust with your users.

✅ It increases the conversion rate. It is easier to convince users in real time than with written messages on social media.

✅ It creates awareness, users pay attention to live videos helping them to remember the name of your brand from then on.  

✅ It improves your positioning on social media. A live video is the first story that will be displayed on the upper bar of the mobile app.  

✅ It allows you to connect and interact with your audience and community improving your relationship with your followers and customers.

Instagram Live Producer

Instagram Live Producer is a tool designed for content creators and businesses to produce high-quality live streams with a more professional touch. With this feature, you will have more control over your live broadcasts, allowing you to add multiple cameras, graphics, and pre-recorded videos. Not only does this feature enhance the visual appeal of your live streams, but it also provides a more seamless experience for your viewers. By using Instagram Live Producer, you can create a more engaging and interactive session.

How to Use Instagram Live Producer

If you want to give this a try on your next live, all you have to do is:

  • Go to Instagram on your web browser.
  • Get your stream URL and key for your streaming software under the ‘Create Menu‘.
  • Once set up, you will be able to preview how your live will look on Live Producer.
  • Once you are ready to go, now you can go live on Instagram under Live Producer. You will then be able to view comments and respond to them from viewer.

Now that you know a bit more about live-streaming videos and how they can help your marketing strategy. Are you ready to start broadcasting?

If you want to learn more about posting on Instagram, be sure to click on the button below:

Sara Martín Sara Martín , 23 January 2024

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