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31 October, 2019
If you are looking for more information about Instagram Live, it means that you already know this platform well and all its possible uses…

If you are looking for more information about Instagram Live, it means that you already know this platform well and all its possible uses…

Most companies work with it for: Promoting their brands, offering discounts, improving their reach,… 

Instagram is a social platform that allows you to take more and more marketing actions. 


Live videos have been used on Instagram with several objectives for a while. In this article you will learn: 

 ⚡ What Instagram live videos are 

 ⚡ The advantages that this feature brings

⚡  How you can use them for your social media strategy


Instagram Live Videos: what they are


Live videos are supplementary to Instagram Stories, you can livestream videos so your followers can have access to your content in real time. 

With this feature, you can check the number of people who are watching your content, who likes your video and the comments that the audience makes on the go.  

At the end of each live video, the person who broadcasted it can know the total number of people that followed the content.

Instagram also gives the option to watch the video later for those who couldn’t see it  in real time. This explains why the accounts that broadcast it live can keep the video in their profile for the next 24 hours.  


Advantages of Live Videos 

Instagram Live Videos are a powerful tool for marketing professionals. 

This type of content helps to improve your website’s positioning since it increases social media engagement.

✅ It builds trust with your users.

✅ It increases the conversion rate. It is easier to convince users in real time than with written messages on social media.

✅ It creates awareness, users pay attention to live videos helping them to remember the name of your brand from then on.  

✅ It improves your positioning on social media. A live video is the first story that will display on the upper bar of the mobile app.  

✅ It allows you to connect and interact with your audience and community improving your relationship with your followers and customers.

Now that you know a bit more about live streaming videos and how they can help your marketing strategy.. Are you ready to start broadcasting?


Programming 10 images doesn’t change the way that you have normally programmed with Metricool. 


1️⃣ Schedule the images from Metricool 

2️⃣ Receive a push notification to your phone or email. 

3️⃣ Log into Instagram and upload your publication with all the images that have automatically uploaded in your gallery.


Advantages of sharing 10 photos or videos on social media

✔️ Sharing multiple photos or videos in one publication makes easier to share relevant content without sending spam to feeds.


✔️ They are perfect to share step-by-step tutorials or to publish products showing different points of views.


✔️ For companies, the new “albums” or “galleries” are very useful when they want to share photos or videos of an event, or want to show a new product combined with life style images.


What do you think about this new update from Metricool? If you want to learn more about all of Metricool’s features click on this mega guide.


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