How to Create a Repurposing Content Strategy

05 March 2024

If you are a social media manager you know that juggling several accounts can be extremely tricky. We are always looking for tips and tricks to lessen the load without compromising quality content. 

You’ve probably heard of the term content repurposing. Just simply posting your Instagram content to your LinkedIn account is not enough. Several tips and tricks will help you get the most out of repurposing content while keeping in mind high quality and the different posting styles on each platform. 

In this article, we will explain what repurposing content means, why you should be doing it, and how to do it effectively. 

What Does it Mean to Repurpose Content? 

Repurposing content is when you take pieces of content and rework the collateral or overall idea of the content onto a new platform. 

For example, maybe you wrote a blog about social media tools, a great way to rework this type of content could be using a carousel post on Instagram. This way you can use an existing idea or creation and expand it across multiple platforms. 

Why Repurpose Content?

There are several reasons why all social media managers should be repurposing their content across different platforms. There are several benefits to keep in mind when repurposing content. 

Save Time 

As social media managers time is very important. Juggling multiple clients and multiple social platforms can be tough and extremely time-consuming.

By repurposing content, you do not have to start from scratch with an idea. Just taking an already good idea and tweaking it to use on another platform saves you tons of time. As we know, coming up with new ideas can be the hardest part at times. 

As you can see in this example below, we took one idea and made it into a YouTube video, a blog, and a YouTube Short: 

Expand Your Reach to a New Audience

Likely, your audiences look differently on all of your different platforms. So taking a good idea that performed well on one platform to another platform expands your idea to a plethora of new eyes. 

Improves SEO

When someone types in a specific question and you have information on this question across several platforms, it will help you become more discoverable. If you can then scale these keywords across multiple channels, you can reach new audiences in different areas.

However, be cautious when repurposing as each platform has its own trending keywords.

Tips for Repurposing Content 

As we touched on earlier, many of the platforms have several differences when it comes to which posting formats work for each platform. So simply taking a piece of content and posting it exactly as is to another platform is not the best idea. Here are some tips to repurpose your content effectively. 

Create Evergreen Content 

Evergreen content is much easier to repurpose because it will be valuable to your audience no matter how far down the line. 

As people who work in social media, we know how fast-moving it can be. For example, if you decide to post or write about a new update going on with Instagram and you want to repurpose it down the road to another platform, that news is old at this point. 

Creating content about your business’s values and how you began is a great piece of content to not only humanize your brand but also because this story or information won’t change down the road and can be sharable at any point. 

Creating tutorials is also a great example of evergreen content because it provides valuable information to your audience no matter the time frame. Here is a great of evergreen content. This is our Mega Tutorial where we explain how to use all of our features. This is evergreen content because in years this will still be valuable information for new and current customers. 

Tweak The Content

As we are all aware, every platform has very specific differences and content and posts are not a one-size-fits-all 

For example, if you included a link to a blog or a landing page on your LinkedIn and Facebook posts, you know that Instagram does not allow for a clickable link. Be sure that you are tweaking and adapting your content so that it performs best on that specific platform. In the example below, you will see our recent LinkedIn Study and how we tweaked the information from the study to make a carousel post, a blog, and a LinkedIn Post.

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Repurpose Content That Performed Well 

This is where analytics will come in. By doing consistent deep dives into the analytics of the performance of your content you can see which ideas were received very well by your audience. You can then take this good idea and repurpose it for a new audience on a different platform. 

Repurposing content is a very effective strategy to use if you work in social media. Be sure you follow these tips to receive the most advantages. 

Repurposing content is just one tip for managing multiple clients’ social media platforms. To learn several other tips, you need to check out our blog linked below: 

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