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Laura Montells
5 May, 2021

Twitter contests

Do you barely have any interactions on your Twitter account? Or, it seems like your number of followers does not increase despite your follow/unfollow actions? If you can identify with these situations, you may have overlooked one of the simplest and easiest strategies to carry out: run contests and giveaways on Twitter.

Discover the step by step here:

Contests and giveaways work very well on this platform.  But why is this the case and what steps do you have to take to get started? I’ll tell you everything below.

Advantages of making giveaways on Twitter 

Surely you are wondering: but what are the benefits to my brand with conducting contests and giveaways on Twitter? Do they really work as well as they say? The truth is that they do work, and best of all, it is a practice suitable for all budgets. You decide what you want to spend, regarding the prize and with how many people you would like to reach with your contest.

Some of the advantages that you can achieve with your Twitter contests:

  • New followers: thanks to contests you can reach more users. Of course, it is important that the prize you give has a relationship with your business, otherwise you could attract users who have nothing to do with your potential client base. Analyze your engagement and you will see how it goes up with contests and giveaways. 
  • Increase engagement: Needless to say, a contest or giveaways is retweeted and receives likes all on its own. You will enhance your brand image!
  • Visibility: not only can you get more followers on your Twitter account, but conducting sweepstakes or contests can increase traffic to your website. Sounds good doesn’t it?
  • More sales: if you manage to increase visits to your online store thanks to the contests you carry out, you can increase sales for your business in a matter of minutes.
  • Increase your subscribers: why do you have a blog? Giveaways will be your best ally to help you grow your database.

What types of contests or giveaways can you design? 

If this is the first time that you are embarking on the adventure of contests and giveaways on Twitter, you better take note of the types of contests that you can carry out. Need some advice? The simpler it is, the better chance you have of succeeding.

These are some of the most prominent types of sweepstakes and contests:


They are ideal if the main objective of your contest is to increase the followers of your social profile or the subscribers of your database.

What does it consist of? The mechanics of a giveaways are simple and the winner is always selected at random. You can do it in 2 different ways depending on the objective you have in mind:

  • Asking users to follow your Twitter account, to tweet, to comment or mention a person, and finally to like. Easy right?
  • Instructing users to register with a certain form.

Photo or video contests on Twitter

Do you need content for your brand? Do you want to improve the branding of your company? If your answer is “yes”, I would recommend a photo contest for your Twitter account.

Thanks to photo contests, you can increase your engagement and brand visibility in a simple way, as well as obtain images or videos that benefit your company for free.

What are the mechanics of this type of contest? Users will have to post photos or videos, which may be accompanied by a hashtag, and the community will be in charge of choosing their favorite post. Once this is done, the image or video that has received the most interactions or votes will be selected as the winner. Can I offer a tip? Try to highlight your product or something that has to do with the theme of your company in the photos.

Text contests  

This kind of contest works the same as photo and video promotions. Is there a difference? Instead of uploading videos or photographs, users have to write their best texts according to the corresponding topic. They are perfect for receiving “feedback” and opinions from your followers.

For example:  You can ask your users to write a tweet about your brand’s products or what they would like to see in your online store.

Voting contests 

Did you just launch a new product and haven’t decided on the packaging? Ask your followers to help you make the final decision through a voting contest.

Steps for your Twitter contests to be successful 

Now that you know the types of contests you can design for your brand, it’s your turn to take action and create your contests and giveaways. But first, what steps do you have to follow to get your contests working without a hitch? Take note of the following indications:

  • Set the objectives of your contest and define your audience: Do you want to get more followers? Who are your sweepstakes for? If you want to succeed with your promotions, set your goals and define your buyer profile very well before continuing with the rest of the steps.
  • Specify the mechanics and bases of your draw: if you want to save yourself the odd headache, it is essential that you take time to design the fundamentals for your future contests. Remember that the simpler it works, the more participation you will get!
  • Choose an attractive prize for your audience: the prize will be the star of your contest, so the more appealing it is for you audience, the more chances of success you will have. Will it be worthwhile? My advice is to make it attractive but it has to be specific to your brand. 

For example: if you have a pet store, choose appealing dog products instead of a voucher to the beauty salon. It makes sense right?

  • Promote your contests and giveaways: it is useless to put all your efforts into preparing the perfect contest if later you are not going to publicize it. Don’t you think?

So here, let your imagination run wild and spread your contest across all the social media channels within your reach: advertising, other social networks, email marketing, influencer marketing…

  • Track and get reports on your promotion: once your contest has started it is essential that you track it well. Why is this so important? More than anything because you can see, in real time, if it is working or act quickly in case a problem arises.
concursos en twitter

When the contest has finished, you will have to put the finishing touches on the promotion by measuring the results. How do you do it? It’s very easy. Use Metricool to make your report and you will have it ready in a matter of minutes.

resultados concurso
seguidores en twitter

If you follow the steps and recommendations that we have laid out here, your sweepstakes and contests on Twitter will be the envy of the other accounts in your sector.

What do you think? Ready to move ahead?

Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment if you have doubts about how to create your contests and giveaways.

Laura Montells


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