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2 December, 2020
Table of Contents Retargeting: What it isHow does it work?CookiesPixelAdvantages of retargeting Have you ever entered an online store, have visited a few products but in the end you haven’t bought anything? More than once, right? And how many of those times have you entered Facebook and found an ad for those same products? As […]

Have you ever entered an online store, have visited a few products but in the end you haven’t bought anything? More than once, right?

And how many of those times have you entered Facebook and found an ad for those same products? As many, we are sure.

You might think that it is a divine sign for you to buy that product. Well no, this is not a magic signal, it is called retargeting.

Retargeting: What it is

Let’s give a name and definition to things:

Retargeting is a Marketing technique that consists of re-impacting with advertising those users who at some point have interacted with your brand, social profile or visited your website.

➡️  In short, the objective of retargeting is that the user who has not completed the purchase, download or the action we want them to do, come back to finish it.

There are several channels where you can apply these remarketing techniques.

  • Social networks: Facebook Ads, Instagram or even YouTube ads.
  • Web advertising: through banners with the products you have seen.
  • Email marketing: with personalized emails to each user.

How does it work?

Retargeting works with two elements: cookies and the pixel.


Information that is recorded on the user’s computer or mobile device about the pages visited on the Internet.


Piece of code that is installed on your website and that allows users to be recognized and tracked when they leave your page.

Later, when you make both Adsense and social media ads, your web page will appear while you continue browsing.

The example used at the beginning of this article is the simplest, but let’s see how it works step by step.

  1. You enter an online store, accept the site’s cookies to collect your data and browse the store.
  1. You select several products, check them, and then you decide to add some of these products to the basket.
  1. In the end, you don’t buy any item and you leave the page. However, cookies and the pixel have collected all the information during your stay, where you have browsed and the products that you have not purchased.
  1. Finally, when you enter another website or your Facebook or Instagram profile, you will see ads for the products that you had selected but hadn’t finally bought. 

As you can see, the objective is that the user returns to the place where they left everything: visiting a product, finalizing the purchase, etc.

So what are the advantages of applying retargeting to your strategies?

Advantages of retargeting

Should you include this marketing technique in your planning?

Maybe you are not sure whether you should do it or not, so here I give you several reasons that will help you to decide:

Higher Return on Investment

Keep in mind that with retargeting you approach an audience that already knows you and has already visited your website.

Therefore, the return on investment that you will obtain is higher than other campaigns in which you target a less interested audience.

It allows to create more personalized ads

Thanks to retargeting, you already know the user and how they behave in your store or website, which products they like and which they don’t, what content they visit, etc.

This behavior allows you to tackle that need by making a personalized ad for it.

For example, if you have an online watch store, you can show them ads for digital watches if that’s what the user has been visiting.

It encourages loyalty

You already know the needs of your target user, you know what they visit on your page and what they usually buy. If you tackle that need by providing benefits, the user will feel that you care about him/her and will reinforce his commitment to your brand.

For example, if you have a soccer store and a user has bought some boots, they may need shin guards. You can show ads for that product and see how loyal they are to your brand.

Attract traffic to your website

The retargeting technique consists of re-impacting the user who has already visited your website or online store.

Therefore, if you manage to carry out a good retargeting advertising campaign, you will get more visits to your page and interactions with the ad. Outcome? Increase your web traffic and obtain a greater visibility.

You already know what retargeting is and what it is for. Do you dare with your first campaign to re-impact your users?


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