How to create Call to Actions that converts

Isabel Romero
3 October, 2018

You’ve just redesigned your website. You’ve worked hard on every detail of your page and you’ve optimized it for different search engines. You’ve received plenty of visits but your audience doesn’t do what you want, they don’t buy your products or hire your services. What’s going on? Did you miss something?

You might have forgotten to include something vital in your website to convert visitors into customers. What is it? We are talking about call to actions (CTA).

Will you stick with us to learn how to create an effective call to action to boost your sales? Let’s go!


What is a call to action (CTA)

A call to action is an instruction that guides visitors-clients to what to do on your blog/website.  It sounds simple but many still include irrelevant phrases on their sites thinking that they are motivating their potential clients.

There is something that you should burn into your mind: a call to action should be a single word or a short imperative sentence. You can lead a visitor to take different actions in order to obtain the long-awaited click:

  • To visit your online store
  • To subscribe your newsletter.
  • To complete a form or survey.
  • To encourage them to buy your products.
  • To participate in a contest or lottery.


What should a CTA include to generate sales

If you are already thinking about creating your own CTA to give life to your website, keep reading! We want to share some key information with you to generate successful call to actions.

 Follow our explanation carefully to make sure your call to action is effective. A good job always brings good outcomes. Shall we start?


What does your ideal client need

This is the first question you should ask yourself. If you want visitors to fall in love with your website, you should give them what they need as soon as possible. Try to answer the following questions to find out:

  • What are you trying to obtain from visitors?
  • What can you offer them?
  • Why did they visit your site?
  • Why do they need you?


If you can identify your visitor’s problem and provide a solution, congrats! That visitor will probably come back to you.


What’s your value proposition?

Finding a clear value proposition for your landing page, business or service will help you to create an effective CTA. Why? Because when you generate it, you must think first about what best describes the benefits of your offer and narrow down the “main benefit”.

One of the formulas to create a call to action with a successful message is as follows:


Action verb + main benefit

Begin a course and become a SEO Jedi.



Active voice, your best ally

State what you want your prospects to do in an active way. Find some examples below so you understand exactly what we mean by this:

  • “Get to know our shop better”.
  • “Subscribe and learn the keys to success!”.
  • “Complete our survey to learn more and receive your prize”.
  • “Buy it now”.
  • “Play and win”.




Use short and clear texts

Forget about long and complicated sentences! If it’s too complex your message could lose strength. Write short and powerful messages that are easy to understand. Devote your time to find the right CTA, it will make a difference!


Engage the curiosity of your potential client

Sharpen your creativity and find an inviting call to action that encourages others to want to know more. Guide your prospects to your site while keeping their expectations up. A deep and long-lasting relationship often starts with curiosity. Don’t you think?



Play with the sense of urgency

If users have the perception that they won’t get another chance, they’ll probably be more motivated to act.

“Now or never” is a good resource to use in a CTA for your site. Write a persuasive and imperative message that conveys a sense of immediacy and need.




Avoid a message that might weaken your CTA

We find websites that make mistakes like this daily and it’s a pity. For example, avoid using sentences like:

➡️  Don’t miss it: Using negative expressions and emotions in your copywriting could have the opposite effect of what you are looking for.

It doesn’t really matter if you have positive intentions but you end up using phrases like “don’t miss it” or “you won’t find something like this”. In the end, you will be creating a negative scenario.


➡️ Are you going to miss it? This sentence has been played out. Use your imagination and be original to create striking CTAs.

Transfer positive emotions to your clients and get them on board.


Attractive call to action for your social networks

Social media users receive poignant information daily and they are becoming more and more demanding. Therefore, you must find ways to attract their attention and lead them to meet your goals.

We leave below some tips to engage potential clients with your publications so they start paying attention to you. Write effective CTAs!

  • Short and clear messages. Tell users what to do, make it easy for them. Remember that long texts don’t work in social networks. For example: Participate now!


  • Make sure that the CTA is visible. A call to action should appear as soon as possible in the text. An example could be: Win a trip with your best friend! Tell us where you’d go and…


  • Images, your best allies! Also include a call to action in an image. Example: Make your order HERE   


  • Emoji power. Use these resources to increase the visual impact of your call to action. You can also use special symbols.


  • Direct and specific language. Use language especially directed to your potential clients. An example: Become a SEO expert!



Experience tells us that finding an effective copywriting for your web is crucial and we should pay attention to call to actions as one of the most important parts of it. Hopefully this article will help you give life to your content.

We would be happy to receive questions and suggestions. Communication is key! We encourage you to start working and change the results of your website or online store.


Shall we start?





Isabel Romero


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