What Is Evergreen Content?

01 November 2023

If you have a piece of content that you wrote 1 year ago, 3 years ago, or even 10 years ago that is still getting traffic, this means you have successfully used evergreen content. But what is evergreen content and why is it important for social media? Let’s dive in!

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is content that persists over time, that is, it doesn’t have an expiration date and can’t become obsolete. This type of content will have the same value for users today, as it will in one year.

Time goes very quickly on the internet and content has a very short life within the network. Almost everything comes to an end, even before we have the chance to value it. That explains why long-lasting content is the most relevant.

What is Evergreen Content on Social Media?

This type of content on social media is basically the opposite of those trendy posts. Participating in trends is not a bad idea, but evergreen content is not impacted by seasonality. This content is timely and will offer valuable information to your audience no matter the time frame.

Social media Content on Each Platform would look like this:

Evergreen Content YouTube: Videos on this platform would be evergreen if you it is not tied to a specific event. An example would be our video titled UGC Complete Guide. A guide or tutorial often is evergreen content because the how-to details are not timely.

Evergreen Content on Instagram/Facebook: This content will stray away from those trendy sounds, instead it will be a piece of content that will be useful to the audience all the time. See an example below:

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Metricool EN ♾ (@metricoolapp)

Evergreen content on TikTok– Just like Instagram, this content will not be a trendy song or sound, it will be information that will remain useful to your audience:


Scheduling content for your clients made EASY! 🙌😍 Sign up for Metricool at the link in our bio! #socialmediamanager #socialmediamanagement #socialmediascheduling #socialmediatools

♬ original sound – Metricool EN ♾

Evergreen Content on LinkedIn– This content will be created to help you attract and retain your audience and boost your SEO ranking. This post is a great example because this information will be useful for a while.

All this content makes for great repurposed content as well, these posts can be cross-promoted, referred back to, sent in emails, and more.

Advantages of Evergreen Content 

With this type of content, you can get new customers and drive more traffic to your website or blog. Since it will last over time, there are higher chances that the content becomes relevant.

You should spend more time on these types of posts to maximize their quality and value for SEO. You also must offer a positive experience to users if you’d like to appear in the first results of the Google search engine. Become the best answer to their questions.

Besides, as they are long-lasting subjects, it’s probable that bloggers or businesses link your posts to theirs, so you will get more visibility.

⚠️ You must create an outstanding content marketing strategy to maximize the results from your evergreen content. The content must attract and be valuable for users.

Evergreen Content Strategy

Writing evergreen content requires a well-thought-out content strategy. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when wanting to create some evergreen content:

  • Discuss fundamental concepts of your industry– Keep in mind that you are the expert and in this type of content you are most likely talking to beginners. So defining terms that have to do with your industry would be beneficial to your strategy.
  • Answer your FAQs– As businesses, it is likely you receive common questions on a daily basis. Gathering these frequently asked questions and writing content answering these make for great evergreen content.
  • Write about your values– This type of content makes for great evergreen content because values most likely stay the same and it also is a great way for customers and clients to get to know who you are as a business.

Evergreen Content Examples

  • What are Google Ads This article is considered evergreen because the definition of Google ads has not changed and will be useful for years.
  • Facebook Ads Guide– This article is considered evergreen because this information does not change it is targeted towards beginners and it will be useful to people who want to begin with Facebook ads.
  • How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan– This How-To blog is a great example because it gives people step by step on what to do. This will be useful to those who have been unaware of social media marketing for years.

Evergreen content doesn’t require as many revisits and updates as other types of content. This explains why this content is never considered “out of date.

It also accepts different formats like posts, infographics, or videos and it’s very valuable for SEO since it continuously attracts interest, along with engagement, links, and traffic to websites.

Ideas for Evergreen Content

Ever-lasting content that never loses currency no matter who reads it:

  • Tutorials– Teaching a step-by-step to your audience on something that won’t change would be evergreen.
  • Educational Posts– educating your audience will never go out of style!
  • Historic articles– history is evergreen because you cannot change history.
  • Informative Posts: guiding your audience on how to do something.
  • Tips or content lists: they are ideal to find answers about any type of content.
  • Solutions to frequently asked questions– questions that you are asked daily make for great evergreen content because you know it will be useful to all new followers/audiences.

Evergreen Content and SEO

Writing evergreen content around keywords that bring value to your website will help search engines direct visitors to your page. So you will increase your visibility and your position on Google.

Let’s have an example! If your website is about social media, then writing content with keywords such as “the best social networks” will be considered smart evergreen content. This is because your audience will probably always search for this kind of topic on the Internet.

Best Practices to Create Evergreen Content

Below you will find some tips to write evergreen content when you create your editorial plan for your website:

✅ Don’t write for experts: Specialists in any specific subject don’t normally look for this type of information. You should focus on beginners since they are the ones that need more help.

✅ Avoid using very technical vocabulary: If you use a very technical and complex vocabulary, people with little experience in the subject might get lost.

✅ Choose a specific topic: You can put together a series of posts related to the same topic and link them.

✅ Create a complete and unique article: You shouldn’t rush when you write this type of post. Make sure your audience doesn’t need to consult other sources to find more information about the subject you wrote about.

✅ Answer questions such as “What it is” and “How to do it”: these questions are ideal to create evergreen content.

Tools to Create Evergreen Content 

There are several tools in the market that will help you to find evergreen content. Today, we are focusing on those that are free of charge.

⏩​Google Trends

This tool will help you to know if the topic that you are planning to write about has been searched over time or on the contrary, it’s something temporary.

In the next example, we observe how some searches remain over time while others have a short life.

In the following image, we can see how certain topics were very popular at some point but not any longer. Therefore, this probably isn’t content that would be considered “evergreen”.

If we analyze the case of iPhone devices, such as the 4, 5, or 6, we can see how these models were very trending, receiving plenty of searches at some point. However, it was temporary, so they lost their popularity and were replaced.

⏩ Answer the Public

Which questions and queries do our future readers have about a specific subject?

Enter the subject that you’d like to write about and discover what people are searching for. After finding content ideas you can always check on Google Trends to learn if it’s something temporary or remains over time.

In the following example, we have entered the generic term “social networks”. When you tap on “Get Questions”, all the queries that users search about this subject will appear. Very interesting to get ideas for your evergreen content.

⏩ Google

The same search engine provides you with ideas and questions that people are looking for. Enter any word and find the questions and suggestions that Google provides.

Again, a good way to get ideas for content that remains over time.

Keyword IO

Keyword IO is a great way to create Evergreen content that has a good search volume. On this site, you can type in a keyword or a URL and lots of keywords will come up with their search volume, trend, average CPC, and competition.

With this information, you can be sure to add keywords that are very search-friendly to your audience. This also tells you the trend of the keyword for the whole year so you can tell if it has searches over a longer period of time.

How to Promote Evergreen Content 

This type of content differs from others. To promote and make known your evergreen content you should publish on social networks, write blogs posts, or send newsletters.

As we’ve mentioned throughout this article, you will be able to keep reposting this article on social networks even months after first publishing, to reach a larger audience.

Although the content never expires, as you create related posts you can add to the content links or relevant content.

Now you know what evergreen content is. Will you add it to your marketing strategy?

If this post is interesting to you, be sure to take a look at our Digital Marketing Dictionary.  

Sara Martín Sara Martín , 01 November 2023

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