Google Ads: What it is and how to use it


 What’s Google Ads?

This Google tool appeared in 2000 for first time. Google Ads is an advertising platform where you can create paid ads to attract visits to your website.


What is Google Ads for?

Google Ads helps any business or person to promote themselves through ads on the Internet by getting the most out of Google’s network. This platform gives the option to place your ads on Google’s results or on the Display Network to aid companies with increasing their presence on the internet.

Google Ads is part of a Search Engine Marketing strategy that facilitates the creation of ads that will display to users who browse on Google.



Example of an ad on Google Ads

You have probably seen a Google ad more than once… When you search on Google, most of the first results that you will see are paid ads created on Google Ads. For example:


Google Ads: keys to succeed

Google Ads is about roughly choosing the keywords for how you want your business to be found on Google. These are the basics:

  1. Create impacting ads
  2. Choose the bid
  3. Analyze how a specific ad campaign has worked to consider with future ads.


The same as it occurs with SEO, Google wants to provide high-standard solutions to users’ searches. This explains why only ads that satisfy users’ expectations and are aligned with their searches are displayed.

More about the Google Ads Keyword Planner


How to ensure your ads satisfy users

 Furthermore, you can find some tips to satisfy users’ searches and make sure that Google places your ads in the first results. 


Get a high-quality score

Your ads need to reach a high-quality score to be successful.

Quality Score is an index developed by Google that values the quality of your Google ads. This index is used by advertisers to learn how good their campaigns are based on three factors:

  • Quality of the landing page
  • Relevance of your ads and keywords
  • The performance of your ads

➡️  Discover here everything about Quality Score 


Improve audience segmentation

It is crucial to know your target audience in order to increase the impact of your ads in a direct way.


 Monitor and optimize your campaigns

Tracking the evolution of previous ads is very important to understand your results and how well your ads work. This way you can spend your time focused on optimizing those campaigns that are underperforming.

Metricool is an easy-to-use tool to monitor and track all your ad campaigns on the Internet. It allows you to analyze all the relevant metrics by campaign and dates as you can see in the image below:


➡️ Would you like to learn more about Google ads metrics available on Metricool?⬅️

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Create reports by campaigns

You can gather all the metrics and results of your campaigns in a visual report. It will help you to analyze which campaigns worked in a specific period of time and which ones still need to be optimized.

Metricool brings you the possibility to create personalized and automated reports of your Google ad campaigns.


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