How to Create Collaborative Posts on Instagram

29 November 2023

Instagram is staying on top of the game with robust features and opportunities for creators on the app. Instagram collaborative posts are another nuance of this, allowing two or three profiles to join in creating one combined post or Reel. 

Instagram collaborative posts can be defined as single, co-authored posts that lives on the two or three collaborators profiles. 

This is allowing brands and creators to come together to create quality content, and share it across both of their profiles. As marketers, creators, and those who work in social media, can these help improve your social media marketing strategy

Keep reading to learn about this collab feature, tips for using it to boost your content, and how you can create an Instagram collaborative post with Metricool.

What are Collaborative Posts on Instagram?

At the moment, Instagram collaborative posts are only available for feed posts and Reels, but knowing Instagram this could surely change. These posts live on all collaborators’ profiles and are shared to their feeds. They also share likes, comments, and the number of shares. 

However, let’s be clear about something: there are two different roles in these posts. The creator and the collaborator or collaborators. Let’s break it down: 

  • The creator is the account that will first post the content. From here, they will invite the other account to join as a collaborator. The creator may add or remove a collaborator at any point. 
  • The collaborator will receive the invitation from the creator and can either accept or deny the content to appear on their profile and feed. 

Once the content is live, the authors’ handle names will appear at the top of the post. You can add up to three collaborators per post or reel.

How to Create a Collaborate Post on Instagram

If you want to collaborate with another user, follow these steps to do so: 

  • Log into the Instagram app and tap the Create+ button. 
  • Upload your image or Reel and click on Next.
  • After writing your captions and adding any hashtags, click on Tag people
  • Tap on Invite collaborator. 
  • Search for the username and select the account you want to collaborate with! 
  • Click Share and you’re done! 

The collaborator will receive a DM with this invitation and until they accept, the post will be hidden. Once they approve it, it will go live on the feed and both profiles. 

Who can invite collaborators?

Can anyone create and invite collaborators to their posts on Instagram? Yes, however, there are limitations depending on your account type.

  • Public accounts: These accounts can invite both public and private accounts to be collaborators.
  • Private accounts: These accounts can send invites to both public and private accounts, but only if the requested collaborator follows the private account. If a public account accepts a collab invite from a private account, the content will be shared publicly, by the public account.

Advantages of Using Collaborative Posts on Instagram

Now, you may be wondering about the purpose of these posts and if they are useful to add to your content plan. Instagram collaborative posts have some immediate advantages, that may help you decide if you want to use them: 

Increase engagement and reach

This post will automatically be shared to a larger audience, allowing for double the exposure. Also, since your username will be presented in the post, you can receive more profile views, followers, and interactions on other content. Also, if you are a brand that has multiple Instagram accounts, utilize collaborative posts to raise awareness for both accounts at once.

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Collaborate with your favorite brand or creator

Collaborative posts are a natural way to partner with a brand or creator. Take advantage of collaborative posts for brand partnerships, important announcements, or events. Since these posts credit all collaborators, this is perfect for creators and brands wanting to gain authority in their content.

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Build community and create authentic content

Collaborative posts are a way to invite other users to engage with your brand. If you work with influencers, collaborative posts can help extend that community to your brand. This will also allow for more authentic content, as you present the story, users, and experiences behind your brand.

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How to Create a Collaborate Post on Instagram with Metricool

Did you know that you can create and schedule Instagram collaborative posts directly through Metricool? In the same tool you can plan your content, add collaborators, and schedule the content to be auto-published. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Log in to Metricool and open the Planning tab.
  • Click on “Create New Post” or click on an open space inside the calendar.
  • Highlight Instagram, and select Post or Reel.
  • Upload your image(s) or video, and add your caption, hashtags, etc.
  • Click on Instagram presets, and in this drop-down menu you will see the option “Add collaborator”.
  • Search the username of the collaborator.
  • Select the time and day that you want the post to be published.
  • Click Save and Schedule!

Once the time and day comes for your post to go live, a notification will be sent to the collaborators to accept the invite.

How can you access this feature? Well, first you need to create a Metricool account, which you can create for completely free. Schedule, manage, and analyze content across all social media platforms. Want to test it out?

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 29 November 2023

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