Instagram Post Ideas For Businesses

27 February 2024

Instagram has become an extremely effective way to market your business and make numerous connections with clients and customers online.  If you work in social media, you know that creating quality content is important in marketing your business and reaching your business goals!

Coming up with new ideas that constantly engage your audience can take time and effort. So in this article, we will explain some post ideas for businesses to overcome any creative blocks and boost their engagement. 

10 Instagram Post Ideas for Businesses  

Below we will dive deep into 10 ideas that can spark some inspiration and provide you with some ideas to increase your success on Instagram. 

Personalize Your Reels 

As a business, it is easy to hide behind the products or services you are trying to promote on Instagram but to create authentic relationships online it is important to personalize your posts. 

Reels are a great way to show your audience your personality and give your audience a face to the business or brand. Content that simply shows your audience your face or faces such as behind-the-scenes or day-in-the-life content is extremely valuable content that can help establish more personal connections online. 

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As you can see in this example, we morphed a trending sound into a video regarding social media in a fun and engaging way. 

Share Useful Information About Your Industry 

Sharing industry insights and updates shows your audience that you are knowledgeable about your industry. Also being able to teach your audience valuable information is beneficial because it will give your followers more of a reason to continue to follow you. 

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As we found in our Instagram Study, carousels are a very popular posting format and tend to perform much better than single-image posts. Instagram carousel posts allow you to include a lot more information for your audience. 

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As you can see in this example, we were able to utilize the carousel feature to provide our audience with several websites that will make social media marketers’ lives much easier. 

Share Testimonials 

Customer or client testimonials make for great posts on Instagram. This shows your audience that you are a legit business by sharing the reviews prior customers have left for you. 

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Utilize Influencers 

Influencer marketing on Instagram can be a great way to increase your brand awareness and get your brand or business in front of new eyes. Using influencers, celebrities, and figureheads for marketing purposes is not a new tactic. These individuals already have extremely loyal followings, which can have a positive impact on the sales of the products that they advertise.

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As you can see in this example, one of our amazing Influencers Joseph shared a reel about productivity and how Metricool can help your workflow as content creators.

Post Tutorials 

Tutorials are a great way to provide your audience with useful information about your brand. For example, as a social media management tool, we make sure to post tutorials about all of our features. 

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Post Year Reviews 

At the end of the year or the beginning of a new one makes for the perfect time to look back and reflect on the ups and downs of your company. This is the time when you can celebrate your wins, explain your losses and how you learned from them, or share some insights and metrics from the year. 

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As you can see in this example, we created your personalized, metrics-packed year in review so that you can reflect and tweak your strategy to better your social media presence in the next year.

Utilize Memes 

Implementing timely and funny memes into your social strategy on Instagram is beneficial for participating in relevant conversations. It is important to only utilize memes if you can relate them to your brand. 

Morphing a funny meme into something relatable to the niche audience can be a great way to increase your engagement. 

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As businesses on Instagram, we often do not feel like it’s appropriate to participate in silly trends, but we are here to tell you that this is not true. If you can spin the trend to represent your brand, give it a try! 

Using a trending sound also helps you end up on more people’s explore page so it could give you a better opportunity for new followers. 

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Go Live 

Live videos are supplementary to Instagram Stories, you can live stream videos so your followers can have access to your content in real-time. With this feature, you can check the number of people who are watching your content, who like your video, and the comments that the audience makes on the go.  At the end of each live video, the person who broadcasted it can know the total number of people who followed the content. Instagram also gives the option to watch the video later for those who couldn’t see it in real-time. 

Instagram Live videos can: 

  • Builds trust with your users.
  • Increase the conversion rate. It is easier to convince users in real time than with written messages on social media.
  • Create awareness, users pay attention to live videos helping them to remember the name of your brand from then on.  
  • Improve your positioning on social media. A live video is the first story that will be displayed on the upper bar of the mobile app.  
  • Allows you to connect and interact with your audience and community improving your relationship with your followers and customers.

We hope that after reading this article you gained some new ideas and inspiration to take your Instagram presence to new heights! Let us know how these ideas benefit you!

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