Instagram Links: How To Add Links To All Your Posts

20 September 2021

Instagram is the social network with the most active users and is growing at an extraordinary pace and it is used worldwide. All of us love Instagram!

However, there are also downsides, at it’s very difficult to lead users to a specific webpage.

Apart from using a link in the bio, there are a few limited options:

✅ Adding a NON-clickable URL in each content or using apps that allow adding a link that must be inserted in the image’s text.

✅ Through ads that will direct your audience to a specific landing.

✅ Changing the link in the bio each time we publish something new with the inconvenience of having to edit the content to send users to that URL.

However, all these options are only part solutions. You must either go to the link in the bio each time, copy the link manually from the text of a publication or spend a lot of money on Instagram ads.

Because of this, we can’t really take advantage of all the potential this network has to offer and start guiding traffic to our website to buy something, read an article or look up a service.

Not being able to send traffic from our Instagram account to our website will be a thing from the past!

We have the perfect solution to add a link to your Instagram bio to include all your posts. 

Let’s recap… Instagram only lets you add a clickable link in your profile’s bio.

So, why not take advantage of that URL to display your posts in a clickable way and have a page with multiple buttons and links to drive your followers to different sites?

This is possible with Metricool SmartLinks

This way, you will create a page with clickable buttons and posts with links that lead users to any product page, blog, or any specific landing page.

With Metricool, you can link any post. You can also add buttons to direct your audience to other pages of interest, such as your YouTube channel.

Let’s see the steps to follow to create a SmartLink:

✅ From your Metricool profile, access the SmartLinks section.

✅ In the menu on this screen, tap on ‘+ New’ to create your first SmartLink.  if you already have one created, you will only have to set up the SmartLinks page.

✅ Add buttons, add the text you want, and the link to the destination page. Tap on Save and voilà!

✅ Finally, copy and paste the URL in the General Section on your Instagram bio or the bio of any other social platform. This link will drive the user to the SmartLinks page, where they will find the buttons you have created with their respective destinations.

How to add links to your images, videos, or Instagram posts

Follow these steps to add links to your posts from Metricool.

#1. Click on the option ‘Media’, where you will find the option to add images, videos, or posts from Instagram.

#2. Click on add images, videos, or Instagram posts. To choose this option, you need to have previously connected your Instagram profile to Metricool.

#3. Add the link that corresponds to the multimedia content and tap Save.

#4. Copy the general URL and paste it into the bio of your social profile. Ready!

This is what your SmartLinks page will look like when you have edited it, and the user clicks on it from Instagram: as you can see, you have the buttons created and the images of your Instagram with a link.

Try Metricool SmartLinks here 👇🏻

Link on bio with metricool

Measure the performance of your clicks and images

With Metricool SmartLinks, you analyze how your links have performed: the clicks received or the CTR. In addition, it allows you to see the performance of clicks also for images and Instagram posts.

Take advantage of this data and make sure you don’t miss anything.

Benefits of using links for your Instagram Posts

You probably understand some of the benefits that Instagram Link has to offer after having read about this new feature. Just to make sure you don’t miss anything, we list some of them.

✔️ Increase traffic to your web or blog from Instagram

✔️ Improve sales. A product is often sold just by the look of it. So, why not to take advantage of it? Create original and striking images of your product and lead your buyers directly to your product page. The decision to purchase is normally immediate. When we want something, we want it at that very moment. Make the decision easy for your potential buyers.

✔️ Fight against the Instagram algorithm: it is estimated that the social network only shows you the publications according to your interests. Today it has been calculated that only 10% of the active followers of an account see the publications. If when you upload the publication you change the biography link and only 10% of your followers see it, it means that only some of them will access the link.

However, if you have the bio link you don’t have to worry. When they enter your profile instead of finding only the link from the latest publication they will be able to find as many as they want.

✔️ Measure the effectiveness of your Instagram strategy. If you work as a social media manager, you must know that your clients love to see that you have plenty of followers. We can assure you that they’ll also love to know that your strategies help to boost their sales.

Besides, apart from benefiting from Instagram Link with Metricool, you will also be able to plan your posts at the same time.

Everything that can be measured will help you be better, and now, you can plan your posts, add links to your images and monitor your results.

Did you start using links for your Instagram content? What are you waiting for?

Juan Pablo Juan Pablo , 20 September 2021

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