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Isabel Romero
19 January, 2021

What is gen Z

More than once you may have heard about Gen Z, but in the midst of the millennial, 90s generation concept, you’ve gotten a bit lost.

  • In short, Gen Z comes after Millennials, who are gradually getting older, and comprising those born between 1994 and 2010.

It is, therefore, a generation that was born with a “smartphone in their hands” and ever since they can remember, they have used it for everything: education, social media and as a communication channel with their peers.

What is gen Z like?

Before getting down to work and applying these tips on how to conquer gen Z, we are going to tell you some of its characteristics so you can understand it better.

They are digital natives

They have grown up with smartphones, using new technologies for their day to day, as an extension of themselves.

For communicating with other people, social media, organizing their tasks, and even for school.

They seek immediacy.

They are used to having everything at the moment: watch a series or movie, download information about what interests them or buy with a single click and receive it the next day.

They do not need to resort to a book to find the answer of a question or learn how to pronounce a word in another language. What they need they have in seconds by looking on their mobile.

They love content creators

They have grown up on Instagram, Twitch or YouTube, that is, with content creators on the screen 24/7.

This makes Influencer marketing strategies be very successful for this type of public , where these creators become the main attraction for them. His idols are not famous actors or singers but YouTubers.

They are empathetic and supportive

Having grown up in a time in full solidarity struggle and in flexible environments, has made them a generation of great social and environmental commitment.

Then how to conquer a generation that was born with the Internet as a pacifier, how to propose your marketing strategy to get their attention?

Here we will tell you some tips to achieve it.

How to prepare your marketing strategy to reach Gen Z?

Establish your brand values

The first tip is directly connected with the last characteristic of Gen Z: their empathy and solidarity.

They are committed to various social issues that they consider injustices: issues related to LGBTQ+, racial diversity, bullying or responsibility for environmental issues.

How to apply it in your marketing strategy for those born with the name “Gen Z”?

✅ Establishing your brand values ​​aligned with these precepts, in order to connect with this generation is an excellent way to earn their trust and turn them into followers.

Values ​​with which they feel identified and understand that you follow their fight from your social profiles.


Burger King🡪  Burger King Spain made a special promotion for Pride Day 2020. Faced with the pandemic, the restaurant proposed to bring the food home with a special packaging for that day.

The brand combined immediacy, one of the traits of Gen Z, with a commitment to diversity and support for the LGBTQ community.

Nike🡪 US Nike account joined the ‘Black Lives Matter’ cause with a direct and concise message.

A brand that moves millions of people and that represents several of the most famous athletes in the world showing commitment to this motto. Gen Z, committed to this type of cause, feels supported by Nike, seeing themselves represented with its values.

Create your brand personality

Gen Z is characterized by focusing on a brand that stands out above the rest. Do not stop at publishing promotional content to sell your product.

They are looking for a brand that has its own personality and moves away from the usual content of brands that only see them as mere customers.

What can you do in your strategy?

✅ Create a type of content and a brand personality with which you can be recognized at a glance and, in addition, the user identifies with your way.

So, get interactions and increase the community of your brand through a unique personality that differentiates you from the rest.

Example of pro generation Z brands

KFC🡪 The fast food brand Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in Spanish took a radical turn to its strategy on social networks, especially on Twitter. In it, far from creating product content, they have created a brand image for the new Gen Z, full of memes or current images.

In this specific case, we refer to a tweet about the lack of chain restaurants in Extremadura (a region in Spain), they say in the tweet that with a like from the president of the region they would open a store in the area. Everything accompanied with a fun video.

The result, as you can see, is on the way to two thousand likes and more than 500 retweets. 

Red Bull🡪 Red Bull’s energy drink has always been known for creating edgy and provocative content.

In Reels, one of the latest features of Instagram and that many users of the gen Z often use, Red Bull has opted to go with the usual trend: content not suitable for the faint of heart and that perfectly represents its brand personality.

Create entertainment content

According to data from a study published by Criteo, Gen Z spends an average of 11 hours per week on their mobile phone.

This data must be significant for any brand with a presence in social networks, it means that in order to capture the user’s attention, they must create entertaining content so that they choose their profile before that of the competition.

With gen Z spending so much time in front of the mobile screen, they need sufficient reasons to stay in a profile.

What can you do in your strategy?

✅ Include entertainment content into your strategy to attract visits from Gen Z. The video or meme format is especially attractive for them, they prefer to consume videos over text.

It’s easier than you think thanks to the different applications you have on the market: take advantage of the possibilities of TikTok , Instagram Reels,Instagram stories or YouTube videos and live streams from Twitch.

Examples of brands

The Red Bull brand has bet heavily on its content on Instagram Reels in its Spanish version.

The energy drink has taken advantage of Reels features to create its own montages with its videos and arouse the interest of gen Z. They are short and spectacular videos that perfectly summarize what this audience likes and the values ​​of the brand: immediacy and entertainment.

‘433’ is a soccer and sports Instagram profile that has experienced great growth with Reels, where it offers short videos and pure entertainment. Two ingredients that go perfectly with Gen Z.

Its content in Reels exceeds millions of views, you know when you enter but not when you will leave.

Build a community

In the same direction that the previous advice, this tip is directed to create a community around your brand.

The fact of spending so much time with the mobile device and on social networks makes the latter one of their usual havens to communicate with other users, share opinions or chat on any subject.

What can you do in your strategy?

✅ With the growth of your social profiles, your community will grow too. Try to make all members of the group feel important by replying to private messages, comments and encouraging debate.

In addition to growing your brand, they will feel part of your project and you will ensure their loyalty.

Strategy example for Gen Z

La Media Inglesa is a communication channel that has different platforms, website, podcast and the most recent YouTube channel.

In this case, what interests you is how they have grown with their community and how they have offered them benefits to get a profit: which is to get them to join the channel.

With each subscription, depending on what you pay, you access content only for subscribers, as if it were Netflix, and the possibility of having different badges that indicate your rank or use different emojis to comment in the chat.

In the end, what they achieve is to grow on their platform and create a community in which each member feels like it’s their own. 

On Twitch, you also have the possibility to generate or grow your community through subscriptions. This channel, ‘Okurimon00’, offers several benefits as subscribers, such as enjoying live chat for subscribers-only or accessing personalized emoticons.

A way for the ‘gen Z users’ to communicate with each other and feel that they are part of the group.

Go multiplatform

Gen Z consumes the internet left, right and center, although they do not marry any social network. They are able to handle Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube or Twitch and feel comfortable in all of them.

They know what each platform has to offer and what they can find in each one, changing at any time to see the content that they want.

What can you do in your strategy?

✅Open borders in social networks, do not limit yourself to being alone in one. Take advantage of the benefits that each channel brings: photos and stories for Instagram, games on Twitch or YouTube videos.

In this way, the Z audience will look for what interests them the most at that moment and what they can find it in your content.


A clear example of this variety is ‘StripMarvel’, which has a YouTube channel, a Twitch channel, an Instagram profile, a Twitter profile and its own online store.

What do you get out of this? If your followers want to see a live show, they will go to see you on Twitch. If they prefer a video of the latest news, they will go to your YouTube channel, and so on with all your profiles.

These feed into each other, because in each profile you can share your news: if you upload a new video, announce it on Twitter, and new visits or playbacks may arrive there.

This allows you to always offer something to gen Z, eager for content in a world, the internet, that they are always attached to.

The English ‘YouTuber’ Bateson fulfills this multi platform feature. While he uses Twitch to broadcast his games live, he also uploads short-video content to YouTube.

In this way you can attract an audience according to what you are looking for. If a user is looking for a short video, they will find content for it and if they prefer to watch a live video they can see it on Twitch.

This is how you can conquer Gen Z.

  1. Multi platform
  2. Community
  3. Values ​​related to their generation
  4. Content in video format and easy to consume
  5. Conversation instead of direct selling
  6. Differentiation, not sound like the usual brands

A generation that has been going strong and that was born with a smartphone in their hands and more and more brands want to reach.

What are you waiting for to go after them?

If you want to know more about social networks…

Isabel Romero


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