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Probably it’s not the first time that you search for digital marketing tools that can help your strategy and tackle your daily tasks to become more productive and effective. However, there is a wide variety of tools focused on digital marketing that makes difficult to decide which one is best or determine the ones that are truly indispensable for carrying out your projects.

This is why, we have put together a list with the digital marketing tools that will increase your productivity and help your project move forward easily.

Pay attention to all of them!

Digital marketing tools that you should use

Let’s get started…

1.   Elegant Themes

You probably know its main product… Divi builder. Besides, Elegant Themes has 80 themes for WordPress and three plugins that will improve the appearance of your web page.

These themes are meant to cover any need, you can select them depending on the focus of your current project.

Elegant Themes is very popular around the world, especially for its Divi Builder as we’ve just mentioned. If you want to learn more about Elegant Themes, check out this article:

2.   StreamYard

With this platform you can live stream on your social networks.

There are two versions available: a free and a paid version. The version with no cost lets you test the platform and decide whether you like or not and if you think it can help you to carry out your digital project.

3.   WeVideo

Online tool to create videos without the need of any specific program installed on your computer.

It offers several premium versions that you can choose from.

Being an online editor brings some advantages: it works with any browser, it doesn’t use any memory on your PC and you don’t need to install anything.

4.   Canva

Graphic design tool to create beautiful designs to include in your digital strategies.

You can create multiple designs and the platform offers professional layouts to cover all your designing needs and create stunning images.


5.   Slack

Platform that we internally use at Metricool every day. This digital marketing tool lets the communication flow between the different members of our team and keep direct contact with all our colleagues even when not all of us are at the office.

It makes working remotely easier and allows us to keep in touch with every member of the team without difficulty.

6.   SpaceGram

Do you find it difficult to split paragraphs on Instagram? It might happen that you don’t always succeed and waste your precious time until the layout is properly displayed. So frustrating!

SpaceGram is free and you can edit texts on Instagram and add spaces between paragraphs easily. Try it! It will ease the process that it’s taking your time and patience away.

7.   Asana

App available for website and mobile devices. This digital marketing tool improves and optimizes the communication within a team for better management of tasks.

At the end of the day it is a platform to organize and manage tasks and to give the team a general overview of the work to be done and establish priorities.

8.   Metricool

With our tool you can analyze, manage and plan your social media content. Plus,discover how your strategy performs and compare it with that of your competitors.

Plan your content and save time in your daily tasks with your digital marketing strategy.

9.   Google Analytics

This digital marketing tool is a good ally to most businesses with a website.

Google Analytics is free and can come in very handy. You can learn everything about your web page, data such as:

  • Country of your visitors
  • Traffic source
  • Which products generate more sales

And much more valuable data that will improve the results of your marketing strategy.

10.  Google Drive

Google Drive is another tool offered by Google to help you with your digital marketing strategy. It’s like a hard drive in the cloud where you can save any type of file.

Apart from storing information, you can share files or documents with your team or make it public in a matter of a few seconds.

11. Xtensio

If you are looking to create a stunning presentation but don’t have enough time then this tool is for you. Xtensio is a collaborative tool that allows users to create, manage, share and present living documents with ease.   

If you are interested in productivity tools…

So these are our top 10 tools for digital marketing that will ease your daily tasks to focus on what really matters.

What do you think? did you know all of them?


  1. Holly

    Thanks for such an insightful article. That’s very lucid and informative. Its very difficult to get a list of all the useful tools together.

  2. Marketip

    Thanks for sharing this informative article, i really like reading this one.

  3. Digital Rosogulla

    Nice Blog. Currently using Canva & Google Analytics would try out the other tools too.

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