Importance of emailing in the digital world

05 May 2021

Discover here the importance of email marketing!

Mailing is undoubtedly one of the most effective techniques to maintain contact with your clients and one of the best ways to generate conversions. Maintaining close contact and letting the client know that you are always there and that you care about them, will produce gratitude and in return for your attention, they will hopefully be faithful to your brand.

It is clear that it is not a simple matter, but like any brand that cares about keeping its customers happy, you must do all the necessary research to get to know all your customers very well at all stages of the purchase cycle, (this is an essential step to create content for your target audience). So, if until now you hadn’t realised the importance of emailing in the digital world, it is time for you to put in some effort and learn a little more about this effective digital marketing strategy. 

Why has emailing become so important in the digital world

Let’s see, do you remember a few years back, people were talking about direct marketing, its importance and all the benefits it could bring to any campaign?

Before recent times, it wasn’t such an effective method, since strategies used to rely on more traditional marketing techniques because it was a bit complicated to put together an organized and orderly database, especially for startups that did not have tools for data capture.

Back then, gathering the email of each client was a tedious job and more so because in the beginning few people felt comfortable giving away their personal contact information when it didn’t seem necessary. For companies that undertook this work, they can now fulfill this part of their campaigns through direct marketing.

By having a customer database, you can easily send information about your products or services or announce important events or discounts and promotions. Especially with the increase in technological resources and the massive use of them, the application of this great digital marketing strategy becomes even easier. Direct marketing has always been efficient, since in the beginning those who received emails from the companies of which they were clients, somehow felt more important, like being part of an exclusive service.

Automation has been the key

Today all processes have been automated.

Imagine that with the creation of a landing page you can attract potential customers very easily and obtain a reliable database to start your email marketing campaign.

But if, for example, you have already spent time adding an option to subscribe to a newsletter on your website, rest assured that those who are interested in your brand will subscribe.

importance of email marketing

Emailing is not only an infallible way to capture records and create sales. With it, you can maintain the interest of your clientele by sending emails that talk about the benefits of your brand, about content that you know they may be interested in and with offers or promotions that they surely do not want to ignore.

I’m sure you’re wondering, can’t I do this on social media? The truth is that you can do it, but take into account the number of people who will see your post, there are all your unfiltered customers, that is, potential or loyal customers. Let ‘s say content on social media would be a bit more pervasive.

But when we talk about email marketing, you can direct all these efforts to groups of customers segmented by their stage in the conversions funnel.

How to prepare an effective emailing strategy?

You already know why emailing is so important today, now is the time to get to work and implement it with your marketing strategies.

One fundamental factor for any marketing campaign to work effectively is: segmentation. Yes, without segmenting your audience your efforts might be lost, because by not knowing which market segment you are targeting, you won’t know if a technique will work or not. It is clear from our research and data collection on topics such as the psychology, culture or socioeconomics of our potential clients, that we can shape a marketing campaign.

So, take the following steps into consideration and launch your emailing campaign:


As mentioned in the previous paragraph, segmentation is an important factor with your marketing strategy.

importance of email marketing

Produce important content

You probably already know that content is important and if your customers have subscribed to your emailing list it is a sign that they are interested in what you have for them so you cannot allow yourself to disappoint them. Create good content, depending on the niche you are in, create unbeatable content that your customers can make use of.

Reward your emailing list with unique promotions

One of the most effective tactics that you can take advantage of when emailing is the offers and promotions for the clients on your emailing list. You can give discounts for special dates or depending on your brand, give them free downloads of some exclusive content.

The options are endless to create a good mailing campaign that allows you to connect in an excellent way with your clients. If you still have doubts about how to approach these campaigns, you can seek the help of an SEO agency to guide you and provide you with the necessary information so that you get the most out of the emailing.

Remember that if you haven’t used email marketing to generate conversions or build customer loyalty so far, don’t feel bad about it, it’s never too late to start applying effective strategies for your brand.

If you want to know more about your email marketing strategy and the power of email, here is a guide…

Paula Diaz Paula Diaz , 05 May 2021


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