What is Email Automation?

05 May 2021

Have you heard about the Conversion Funnel? It is the process that a person goes through from when they are unknown to your brand until they become a recurring customer. Now that you know, the first thing you should do is plan your automated delivery so that this path is as short and efficient as possible.

As you know, the key to generating loyal and very-loyal customers is building solid and strong links that last over time. For this, Email Marketing is a key tool, since it allows you to reach the Inbox of your Subscribers directly, at the right time and with well-personalized pieces.

But this is not all. Automations also allow you to send one by one, without having to dedicate time and resources each time you want to send a Campaign. The programs one day and you only hope for the excellent results that this feature can offer you. But let’s go in parts, and let’s start at the beginning.

What are Email Automations?

Email Automation is based on configuring Campaigns to be sent automatically, each time a certain criterion is met. This action will be the trigger for sending a sequence of Emails or just one.

With traditional Email Marketing, and you will already know this very well, you program the same Campaign to be sent to a specific Subscriber List (although obviously you will also use segmentations here).

Instead, with Email Automation, you will create a Campaign to be sent when the users of a certain List meet a certain event (also called a Trigger).

In this way, each person will receive an email with super personalized content since it will be linked to that criterion that has just been met. For example, their birthday, their last purchase in your eCommerce, their behaviour in a Campaign that you have previously sent and other aspects that we will see in detail later.

So I only have to create a Campaign and it is sent automatically, at the right time and without me doing anything at all? Exactly. As you can imagine, this translates into an endless amount of benefits that we will tell you about below.

Benefits of using Email Automation

You will already have an idea by now of how necessary it is for your strategy to incorporate the sending of automated emails, if you want to  optimize your results. Just in case, here we list some benefits that you should know before delving fully into the scope of this feature:

Maximum customization

If what you want is to make your Subscriber feel unique and special, nothing works better than being present at the most important moments of their life. A birthday greeting or a special gift for your anniversary as a client can be excellent ways to surprise them and strengthen your brand image. You could never meet this goal if you had to design and plan a Campaign for each recipient, right?

Right Moment

Of course it is necessary that this type of email arrives in a timely manner if you want to generate good engagement or trigger a purchase, based on the Subscribers previous behavior. In this sense, Email Automation will never fail.

Increased effectiveness

The automation of email allows you to eliminate almost all human error, in that it works as a machine would, fulfilling objectives in a more efficient way.

When tasks depend exclusively on our memory, our resources and our time, there are many factors that can fail. Better to trust a feature that does everything for you, right? They say that Email Automation is equivalent to having a team of people, working for you, to reach your client at the right time.

Branding improvement

Ensuring constant and effective communication with your Subscribers will help you always be present in their minds and thus differentiate yourself from your competition. Once you do, it will be an invaluable tool to gain advantage over your competitors. 

Relevant content

Today we know that nothing is going to give us better results than sending some really interesting information for our Subscribers. If you don’t provide valuable content, you won’t be able to build a solid link that lasts over time. Therefore, a good Email Automation strategy is essential to ensure that you always offer relevant content for each person in particular.

Higher earnings

Highly loyal Subscribers are much more likely to become repeat customers. And these, in turn, are the ones that will generate the most income and least costs. Are you looking for efficiency? Email Automation will be the key.

Saving resources

Email automation will allow you to save time and human resources  and thus be able to dedicate yourself, both you and your team, to other tasks, also important to achieve your Marketing Objectives. For example, feed that Database to have more and more quality leads.

Easy and intuitive

You may think that to generate an automation strategy you need to have advanced knowledge of Marketing, programming or design. The good news is that tools like Doppler allow you to do it easily and in just a few steps. It’s just a matter of getting started!

Types of Email Automation

Automation by Subscription to Lists

Have you heard of Welcome Emails? Imagine that you subscribe to a blog and immediately a piece arrives giving you a warm welcome, commenting on the benefits of being part of that community and offering you help whenever you need it through various contact channels. Wouldn’t that be an ideal first impression?

That’s what this type of automation is about. Make sure that a few days later, some free downloadable content will reach their Inbox, related to the topics that had interested them in the blog. Unbeatable!

That’s what Automatic Email is all about and it’s an essential part of any Email Marketing strategy.

Automation by Scheduled Dates

These types of Campaigns are configured based on a specific date. For example, Subscribers birthdays or the expiration of an invoice. 

Although, in reality the possibilities are many more. For example, you could schedule it to communicate weekly promotions. If you offer a discount every Tuesday, you can send an automated Campaign to remind Subscribers that that day they have a special benefit with your brand.

If you want to increase your engagement and improve your conversions, this type of automation can be a great ally.

RSS Automation 

Do you have a blog or news site and you want your contacts to automatically receive all the updates you make on it?

Forget about preparing a Campaign every month with this material; You can leave an automation configured as often as you want and keep all your Subscribers updated without any extra effort or resources.

Behavioral Automation

The actions of you users, whether on your site or in previous Campaigns that you have sent, are the best indication of the type of content they should receive  and the most opportune moment to do so.

If a Subscriber clicks on the link of your Campaign that promotes televisions, nothing better than an automated Email that will send them a special discount on that product in a short time.

Another example. If a person has entered your eCommerce and has paused a certain amount of time on the page of a particular product, it can also be an excellent trigger to send them an irresistible promotion related to it.

You already know what they are interested in and it is surely the most opportune moment to tempt them towards conversion, with a significant discount or free shipping.

Automations geared towards behavior are the key when optimizing Conversions Funnels. Do not lose this chance!

You already have all the information to start scheduling your automated deliveries and optimizing your email strategy to the maximum. Do you have any questions you want to leave us? Or a comment based on your own experience? Onward! We will be happy to reply immediately.


Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 05 May 2021


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