How To Integrate Social Media and Email Marketing For Better Results

19 April 2023

Business owners constantly look for innovative ways to effectively engage with their target audience and convert them into customers. Social media marketing and email marketing are two powerful marketing channels that can help you achieve these goals.

While both channels have their strengths and weaknesses, combining them can provide a synergistic effect that can help you reach your marketing goals more efficiently and effectively.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of combining social media and email marketing, the best practices to follow, and practical tips on how to get started. 

Why Does It Make Sense To Combine Social Media and Email Marketing? 

In order to nail a marketing strategy, you first need to understand it well—what it is and what it aims to accomplish. 

So, let’s have a quick look at the benefits of integrating email and social media marketing tools before proceeding further.

Double down your marketing efforts: 

Most companies limit their marketing efforts to email campaigns, missing out on other channels that could generate revenue. Inviting an email recipient to share a landing page with their social media followers is one such tactic.

By combining social media marketing with email marketing, you can maximise conversion rates, sales, and content sharing.

Increase your subscriber base:

If you’re having trouble attracting new subscribers to your email list, a combined email and social media campaign may be what you need. 

This is an excellent option for tracking expansion across all channels. Let people know about your newsletters and other content on social media and encourage them to sign up. Similarly, incorporating your social media profiles inside your emails makes it easy for recipients to search, like, and follow your business. 

An added medium source for your audience:

Your brand’s loyal supporters and customers have diverse lifestyles, preferences, or even reside in different time zones. While some individuals may allocate more time to social media, others may prioritise checking their email accounts regularly.

Integrating email and social media marketing gives your audience more options. They get to pick the most convenient method of interacting with you, which is good for both of you.

More personalised experience:

Gaining insights into your audience can greatly enhance their overall experience with your brand, ultimately increasing your likelihood of converting them. Social media platforms offer a wealth of data that can be used to understand your audience’s interests and preferences. 

Armed with this knowledge, you can tailor your email campaigns to 

  • cater to their specific needs and desires, 
  • offering personalised content, 
  • rewards, and 
  • exclusive offers that resonate with them on a deeper level. 

By leveraging social media data, you can enhance your subscribers’ loyalty and engagement with your brand.

Amplify your reach:

The more, the better! You may reach more people and keep them up-to-date on your latest projects, promotions, and offers if you’re active across numerous media channels.

A combination of email marketing and social media marketing can help you reach more consumers and generate more leads.

The Synergy of Social Media and Email Marketing

Did you know that every day, over 306.4 billion emails are sent worldwide, while the average internet user spends 2-4 hours on social media? With such high volumes of communication, it’s essential to leverage both email and social media marketing to stay relevant and engaging with your audience.

Imagine receiving an email from a company and deciding to check them out on social media, only to find that its presence is non-existent or inactive. This scenario highlights the importance of integrating social media and email marketing to maximise your marketing efforts.

Social media marketing allows you to reach out to potential customers who may not be aware of your brand, as well as engage with existing customers, strengthening your relationships with them. 

It gives your brand a clear identity, making it easier for customers to associate specific content with your business. Alternatively, email marketing aims to retain and nurture existing customers by offering exclusive offers and personalised content.

By combining the strengths of both social media and email marketing, you can create a cohesive and compelling marketing experience for your audience. Ultimately, integrating social media and email campaigns can yield more powerful results than using each channel individually.

How To Seamlessly Combine Social Media Marketing And Email Marketing To Maximise Results?

To combine email and social media marketing, we can use some of the following strategies:

1. Always be consistent.

To begin, align all of your marketing initiatives. This isn’t completely out of the question; disconnected teams often end up duplicating efforts. 

For instance, a social media team may develop a holiday calendar, but not share it with a marketing team for email outreach.

Campaign kickoff and conclusion dates can be easily communicated using an integrated calendar.

2. Connecting social networks with subscriber lists.

When you upload your subscriber list to a social media site like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, you also upload the email addresses attached.

This link lets you learn more about your clientele’s likes and dislikes. It opens up new avenues for communicating with and advertising to your clientele.

3. Utilise social media to subscribe CTAs

Use social media to your advantage to attract more subscribers to your email list. You may get more people to sign up for your email list by including call-to-action (CTA) buttons on your social media posts and profiles.

4. Optimise your email and social media marketing campaigns. 

Digital marketing campaigns that fail to produce high-quality content will ultimately fail. Content’s value extends far beyond its ability to convey information or promote a sale. 

Your content is the backbone of any marketing campaign whether it appears in commercials, articles, blogs, emails, or social media posts. 

The tone and personality of your brand are largely determined by the content you produce. While the length and style of the content may vary based on the medium used, you must maintain a unified voice throughout all channels. 

5. Include QR codes wherever possible.

Using a QR code simplifies and expedites a process. By scanning a QR code with a smartphone camera, users can quickly gain access to offers, information, and videos and do so much more. Some examples include:

  • Signing up for emails at an event, 
  • Viewing a restaurant menu, 
  • Making cashless mobile payments, 
  • Receiving free digital products, 
  • Engaging with the brand, and more.

Another way that one medium can support another is by using QR codes in email messages that lead to social media updates.

6. Multi-channel Ad retargeting campaigns

Did you know you can target social media ads to your email subscribers?  Subscribers who are already familiar with your brand are a prime target for advertising. Directing commercials to those who have already shown an interest in your product or service is more cost-effective. 

The people on your mailing list are there because they want to be. So, they are more receptive to interaction than the average web user.

Curious how it all functions?

Put a tracking snippet into your website. Next, when a subscriber to your email list clicks through to your website, the tracking code will insert a cookie into the visitor’s browser. 

Cookies track users’ internet activity, revealing their preferences and activities, such as which blogs and social networks they visit frequently. If everything is in order, your social media adverts will appear whenever a visitor’s cookie is detected.

7. Consider adding Social CTAs in your emails.

Promoting your social media accounts through email is an effective and non-invasive method of increasing your followers. This tactic can have a significant impact, especially if you have an extensive email list.

Using social network CTA icons in your email signature is the simplest approach to get people to start following you on social media. They won’t need any time to figure out what the CTA is for.

8. Set up a contest on social media to collect emails

Hosting a social media contest is a powerful way to drive engagement and increase your email list. Consider rewarding your followers for submitting their email addresses by offering them a chance to win.

For example, you could invite your Instagram followers to submit funny images related to your brand. This fun and interactive approach is sure to capture their attention and generate interest in your business.

Alternatively, you could host a giveaway on social media, offering a tangible benefit to your followers in exchange for their email addresses. This approach can be particularly effective in driving conversions and building your subscriber base.

9. Keeping everything organised with CRM

As you can see, integrating email and social media effectively requires a lot of multitasking. This provides a substantial obstacle that can be overcome with CRM software.

By storing all of your client information in one place, CRM software makes it easier to merge email and social media. Because of this, it’s less of a hassle to compile data from various sources, launch and track advertising campaigns, and distribute data around the organisation.

Moreover, CRM provides access to tools like one-click email integration. The software will record both incoming and outgoing emails on the activity page, allowing you to monitor the development of each lead.

Key Takeaways

Business owners are increasingly spending money on social media and email marketing. Integrating these two channels can enhance your customer relationship to the next level. It can help you create a friendly and approachable image for your brand and ensure faster connections with your target demographic.

Despite social media’s success, email marketing is very much alive. AppSumo, a successful 7-figure business, is a prime example of how email marketing can still generate substantial revenue in today’s digital landscape.

A successful outcome can be achieved by synchronising the two channels. You may better serve your consumers on social media by providing them with tailored suggestions using the information from your email list. Get creative with cross-channel campaigns to engage your audience more effectively.

Start your combined social network and email campaign by implementing some of the ideas discussed in this post. This can unleash new opportunities and lead to better engagement and revenue.

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 19 April 2023


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