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05 May 2021

Problems with email marketing? Can you imagine getting 60% open rates with your emails?

Tell me the truth, have you ever exceeded 40%? From what I see when I check the email data of my clients…that number is a dream. 

I’ll give you a couple of minutes of reading and you can check it out. 


In most cases, we become obsessed with increasing the subscriber list. We want to make it grow and grow. And grow some more. And we forget about the loyalty strategy.

The users who actually open our emails and perform the actions that we request are the ones that we are really interested in as a business.

Measuring the quality of these subscribers is not an easy task. And we will leave that topic for another day. Today I want to help you take action. I bring you some tips that you can implement immediately to increase the results of your email marketing.

That is to say: raise the opening and click rates of your emails through the roof. Are you interested?

All your subscribers are not the same

Define the interests of your subscribers. Think about it. As a user, you don’t like receiving emails that have nothing to do with you, that don’t interest you, right?

Which emails do you open? They are likely the emails that are related to your interests, your problems, your needs. 

You should think the same as a business regarding your subscribers. You must segment your entire audience based on their needs, their problems and their interests. In such a way that when you send a campaign, it does not go to 100% of your subscribers. There will be campaigns that you send only to 27 people for example. And that ‘s fine.

The more you segment, the better results you will get. Use tags, lists or whatever you have in your email marketing tool to be able to segment your audience as much as possible. Take a test, and compare the results.

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How to persuade with language in email marketing

Getting someone’s attention with a simple email subject is not easy. Little space, little text and little time. You need to create a strong connection.

  • The second person point of view, the “you”. It is a perfect way to create that connection with your reader.
  • Beyond that, email marketing gives us the power to use the magic word: the user’s name. Do not underestimate this point. 
  • Use persuasive writing techniques to guide your reader.

It’s true. Several scientific studies show that a person’s brain is activated when hearing or reading their name and does not happen when hearing or reading other people’s names. 

Be careful, don’t abuse the name, and use it wisely. The art is in the combination, in knowing when and how.

Questions, dreams and pains

Human brains can be very complex. But, when you know some keys, composing music comes easier for you than when you played the flute in school with no clue.

When people identify with each other, an interest is created immediately. Has it happened to you before? You’re on the couch at home, watching monologues on TV. You are not particularly amused until the stand-up comedian reproduces a situation that yourself have experienced. And all of a sudden, voila! You laugh. That is what we are looking for in marketing texts: to get people to identify with us. As businesses we need users to feel that connection. That we are like them and with email marketing you can achieve it.

That is what we are looking for in marketing texts: to get people to identify with us. As businesses we need users to feel that connection. That we are like them and with email marketing you can achieve this.


Ask easy-to-answer questions

Yes or No. If possible, try to formulate the question in a positive way, and so that the answer is also a simple yes or no. That is to say:

➡️ Would you like less stress?

➡️ Do you earn enough money with your work?

➡️ Would you like to enjoy more free time?

➡️ Do you deserve to earn more money for your work?

Aim for the benefits

Forget talking about features or creating empty ideas in your reader’s mind. Find out what dreams your ideal client is pursuing.

➡️ If you offer a personal trainer service, don’t limit your focus to training. Talk about getting the body you want, staying active, living life on the edge, and reaching goals that you thought were impossible.

➡️ Is professional photography your thing? Tell your client the incredible memories that he will create, of the great love story that you will tell. Your client doesn’t always care how technically perfect your photography may be.

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Do not make the client suffer but target where they hurt the most 

All clients have a pain point. A problem they need to solve or a need to cover as soon as possible. Aim for that target, with subtlety, and highlight that paint point. Imagine the case of a web designer towards his clients:

➡️ Do you get clients thanks to your website?

➡️ Does your client think you sell kitchens?

➡️ Your website does not sell.

I’m not asking you to do harm. Today on the internet, on social networks and in the inbox of your audience there is too much noise. Differentiating yourself from so much hubbub requires “gross” actions that capture your customers attention.

The key is in the beginning. Capture the interest of your subscribers from the first emails. Create the habit of opening those emails and from there continue working to maintain the habit. The first efforts will pay off. I see it with my clients when we work on the content of the emails and polish the texts: open and click rates skyrocket and the quality of subscribers increases.

Do you want to review the texts of your emails? Don’t be shy: we’re going to get your emails to connect with your customers and launch your email rates like a rocket. Email marketing to power!

Do you want to know more about email marketing to improve your strategy? 

Try implementing these tips in your next email marketing campaigns, and analyze the results later. The data is a fantastic reference to know if we are being efficient or not. Only what is measured can be improved.

And if you don’t measure it, you don’t know if it works.

Boost your email rates now! I read you in the comment section

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 05 May 2021


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