The acronyms of ToFu, MoFu and BoFu


ToFu, MoFu and BoFu are three acronyms in your strategy that if you have started to work on inbound marketing you must know.

We are sorry to tell you that they are not magic words but they are essential stages within your strategy. Today we will explain what ToFu, MoFu and BoFu are and explain each of the acronyms.

Grab your notebook because we are getting started!

What is ToFu MoFu BoFu?

To begin with, what are these acronyms?

➡️ The acronyms of ToFu, MoFu and BoFu correspond to three different stages within the conversion funnel of a user, from when they know your brand until they go to buy a product.

⚡️ ToFu 

Top of the funnel (where there are a greater number of users).

⚡️ MoFu 

Middle of the funnel.

⚡️ BoFu 

Bottom of the funnel.

What are they for?

Differentiating and understanding these three stages will help you in two ways:

🡪 Propose the appropriate content to each user at the time they need it.

That is, to give the user who is about to buy the content and information they need to decide according to the stage they are in.

🡪 Convert users into future buyer persona or clients.

It allows you to know at what stage of the conversion funnel the user is. In this way, continue with him throughout the purchase process until he becomes a customer.


The conversion or sales funnel is the process or stages that a user goes through from knowing your brand until they become a customer.

Now that you know what they are and what they are for, let’s see what each one consists of.

ToFu: Top of the Funnel

It is the first phase of the funnel, where the user feels a need and seeks information to satisfy it.

This is a stage in which you must respond to the user with as much information as possible to attract them to your store or website. Their interest is still in its infancy, he feels the need but not for a specific product.

For example:

Imagine that you have a healthy food online store. A user wants to start a diet and change his eating style.

This user will not search for a specific food. It will do more generic searches such as: “how to start a diet”, “best diets to get in shape”.

In this first contact, sharing content of general interest is key to capturing the user’s attention.

We recommend that you do it through blog posts, podcasts with useful information, video tutorials or social networks.

MoFu: Middle of the Funnel

Users who have shown interest in diets and how to eat healthy are already clear that they want to start a diet. In other words, it has already slipped through the second stage of the funnel: the Middle one.

In this phase your task is to offer more specialized content to the user in exchange for the user to register with their data and become a lead.


Following the line of the healthy food store, you can carry out interviews with people from the fitness world who use your products, post content specialized in a specific type of food such as “the best protein shakes to gain muscle mass”,  ebooks with recipes that include your food, or a comparative of products .

Your objective in this phase should be to take care of and cultivate the relationship with your client, a two-way relationship of quality content in exchange for having their data. Therefore it is important that they hear about your brand and prove your authority.

BoFu: Bottom of the Funnel

You have reached the bottom of the funnel or conversion funnel. In this last step, you find the users who among all the options they have seen, have decided on your business or website.

However, the final step is still missing, that is turning them into buyers and retaining them to maintain a fixed customer of your brand.

How do you reach this step? Through personalized content about the interests they have shown throughout the funnel process.


Following the healthy food store that we have made up for the example, we give you some proposals that you can put in place for this last phase.

Free product trials, first-time offers like first shipping for free, or a sample of another product or a consultant within your scope. In this case, carry out a first diet and planning session with the user for free.

Boost your inbound marketing strategy now that you know what the acronym ToFu MoFu BoFu is. Put these contents into practice to reach your buyer persona.


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