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As a member of Metricool Affiliate Program we’ll give you a special link to that you can share through an ad, Facebook post, on your blog, a tweet – however you choose! You’ll earn income for every customer that signs up for Metricool Premium through your link.

Earn referral commissions as a Metricool Affiliate

How it works

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Join our affiliate program and start earning commission for any referrals that upgrade to a Metricool Premium.

  • 50% recurring commission for monthly plan referrals (up to $15 for each Metricool Premium user).
  • Get a referral link.
  • Special offers to your audience.

After getting affiliate of Metricool we will provide you with unique share link to send out to potential customers and Banners to place on your website or blog to advertise Metricool. You will then earn money for every user refered by you that upgrades to Premium account.

“Metricool Affiliates” will receive 50% of the premium user’s subscription until it reach the affiliates limit of $15. For example: the affilitate will get 50% of the premium user suscription while it is active and until it sum $15. If you use special promo codes you will last more months on reach the limit but you will provide your audience unique offers, in order to get a better premium conversion.

Our cookies never expires (if the user doesn’t cleans up his cache).

You will receive your earnings via PayPal and the payout will occur when you have earned a minimum of $50. 

Affiliates need to send an invoice to Metricool for email with the amount earned. Payments  are usually made within 14 working days upon receipt of invoice.

As an Affiliate you will have access to your own complete dashboard to control your activities by tracking the clicks your link has received and viewing stats about your progress. From here you can also track your earnings.

Any affiliates who make at least 20 new Free Metricool users or 1 Premium user per month will get a Metricool Premium upgrade for free to use in their own account. So active affiliates will get all Metricool features to try and enjoy.

Please note not all applications will be accepted for example if we do not feel that your website is an appropriate place to advertise Metricool.

Questions about the program? Please contact us at:

Who can be an affiliate?

Are you a blogger?

Monetize your blog by adding Metricool banners or affiliate links to your posts. Why not make the most of your audience by promoting Metricool?

Are you a publisher?

Use any online marketing medium you can to refer customers: email, media buys, PPC, contextual, Facebook or Twitter.

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Your dashboard lets you see exactly how much money you’re making and how are running your campaigns.

Special Offers

Get special offers for your audience and get the best rate conversion for your leads.

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