Metricool Affiliate program

If you love Metricool, shout it from the rooftops and make a profit in return

Because good things must be shared. Join our affiliate program and start making money with every user you refer that purchases Metricool Premium.

Designed for Metricool lovers

If you love Metricool as much as we love you, join our affiliate and ambassador program. Because you deserve a reward every time you recommend us to your customers, neighbors, friends or even acquaintances.

How does the affiliate program work?

It will take you less time than it would to prepare a cup of coffee. The first step is to create your Metricool account. You know it’s free.

  • Get your affiliate link.

    Once inside the Metricool panel, from the menu, click the affiliation option, where you can find a personalized link waiting for you to share with potential Metricool customers.

  • Consult offers for your audience

    Do you have some ideas to reach more people? Access special offers to get the best conversion rate from your contacts.

  • Earn commissions.

    Share your link. Your friend subscribes and signs up with Metricool. Cha-ching 💰.
    50% commission on your users’ spending each month (up to $50 per user).

And there are even more advantages to being a member of the program

  • Official graphic elements to enrich your content and recommendations.

    Access here

  • Metricool Tutorials. To understand and know what’s new before anyone else.

    See the tutorials

  • Tracking panel. To see your progress and income. Clicks, registrations, earnings, and payments.

  • Marketing resources. Banners adapted to your style and exclusive information about Metricool.

  • Cookies without expiration date. You heard it right. Unless the user clears the cache, cookies do not expire

The moment of truth,
How do I receive the commissions?

  • You will receive your earnings through PayPal, and payment will be made when you have accumulated a minimum of 100 $US in your account.

  • Send us an invoice by email or via Metricool chat. Payments are made immediately upon receipt of the invoice.

Join the Metricool Affiliate Program

Activate the affiliate option in your Metricool account or register and activate it if you have not yet already done so.

A few tips on how to take advantage of the program

Our affiliates tell us that what works best for them is consistency when it comes to communicating and, above all, being sincere with the recommendation as they would make it to a friend.

  • Monetize your blog by adding Metricool banners.

  • Add affiliate links to your content or your social media bio links.

  • Use email marketing to tell your community about the benefits of Metricool.

  • Create a social media strategy talking about the benefits or problems that Metricool solves.

If you need us to give you a hand,

Contact us, and we will help you with your affiliation strategy.