Top 10 Most Popular TikTok Songs This Week

15 July 2024

TikTok has not only revolutionized the world of digital marketing and social networks but has gone further with its famous challenges and the music of its videos.

Songs have a leading role as part of the content shared on this social platform, and many of these songs have gone viral. Others have risen from their ashes, and now we know songs we didn’t even know existed.

Have you also become addicted to the songs that go viral on TikTok? If you answer yes, here is a ranking of the most used and popular TikTok songs this week.

#1. Pop like this Pt. 2 (Slowed)” by prodbycpkshawn

In first place this week, we have a very catchy instrumental song. As you can see in the title this song is remixed or slowed. These types of songs tend to perform well on TikTok. This song is trending in first place this week due to it being used in content having to do with fun filters on the app. Check out an example below:

#2. Appleby Charli xcx

In second place is a song by the popular artist Charli xcx. Many users are using a lot of her songs from her new album recently. This song in particular is trending in second place due to a dance trend. Check out the dance below:


JUNDAY @Alix Earle @Ashtin Earle @john summit @kristin konefal @sallycarden

♬ Apple – Charli xcx

#3. “Alibiby Sevdaliza & Pabllo Vittar & Yseult

In third place, we have another catchy song that is trending due to another dance challenge going on right now. This song gets you moving those hips! Check it out:


Draaaaft ! I think we are almost done with this song 🥲 #alibi #neffahtwins

♬ Alibi – Sevdaliza & Pabllo Vittar & Yseult

#4. “Pink Lemonade (Str8 Reload)” LeoStayTrill & Mr Reload It

In fourth place, we have a catchy rap tune that everyone has been lip-syncing recently. Aside from lip-syncing, we are seeing content having to do with fails, scripted drama, and software and apps.

#5. Draco” by Kahleation

In 5th place, we have a song by the artist Kahleation. This song has been seen quite frequently in the top ten songs for the past couple of weeks. This song is being used most frequently by the Gen Z community in content having to do with selfies, hair, and other beauty content.

#6. “Harpy Hare” by Yaelokre

Coming in sixth place is a song by the artist Yaelokre. This sweet and softer tune is being used in a cute handshake trend on the app, check it out:

#7. “Yeah Glo! – Extended” by GloRilla

In seventh place, we have a catchy rap song that has been in the top ten frequently within the past few weeks. At first, this song was simply used in lip-syncing content has now made a shift to content using filters on the app. A filter in particular is when users are ranking items such as fast food restaurants, dips, and more.

#8. “LITSAR PEKLA” by STXSTN & Snxff

Next is a very catchy song that you will see alongside content having to do with science, cosplay, and tech products. Check out an example below:

#9. “Lil Bastard” by BossMan Dlow ft. Rob49

Another rap song takes 9th place this week. This song by the popular rapper BossMan Dlow ft. Rob49 is being used in a wide variety of content this week. Check out an example below:

#10. “Back To Realityby Gwapp 99

In 10th place, we have a unique tune where the chorus says “back to life, back to reality.” Where users are explaining how they are coming back from vacation, going back to work on Monday, etc.


Be having to much fun then gotta go back home to some bs 😂😂😂😂😩

♬ Back To Reality – Gwap 99

These songs have made it to the Top 10 on TikTok. Do you know any new songs that should appear on this list? If you want to know more about TikTok, check out this guide:

For our visual learners, check out our YouTube video on how to find trending audio on both TikTok and Instagram:

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Gretchen Oestreicher Gretchen Oestreicher , 15 July 2024

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