How to Verify TikTok Accounts

Carlos Bravo
12 October, 2021

Like any social media site, on TikTok, you can also get the blue tick to show your account is verified.

However, the process on TikTok is different from other sites like Instagram or Facebook.

How to get a verified TikTok account

The verified symbol on TikTok guarantees the identity of the content creator and that the account genuinely represents them.

The blue tick can only be granted by TikTok. This means that you cannot get one from external pages or mobile apps.

Can the TikTok account be hacked? It’s easy to recognize if a verification is fake, as the verified account will have the blue tick on the right of the username, both on their profile page and in the search results. If the blue tick is on the other side of the profile, like in the bio, then it is not a verified TikTok account.

The main aim of TikTok when issuing these blue ticks to content creators is to help every user on the platform know who they are actually following when they decide to follow an account.

✅ The content that they see on the creator’s profile is real.

✅ For celebrities, it helps them avoid identity theft.

Improves the trust between the users and content creators. 

This way, TikTok tries to avoid fake accounts or fan accounts being confused for the real profile of the creator.


Avoid buying from, or interacting with, pages on TikTok that claim that they can verify TikTok accounts. 

These blue ticks are not sold commercially, it is illegal. Apart from losing money, you can also lose your TikTok account and all its content.

How to Verify My TikTok account

The first thing you should know is that verifying an account on TikTok does not work the same as other social media sites, like Instagram: there is no simple process to follow such as putting in your information and making the application.

When it comes to this short video platform, there is a team lead in charge of managing verification. Their job is to issue blue ticks to any page which, in their opinion, needs a verified TikTok account.

What type of accounts can be verified on TikTok?

  • Content creators that are really popular on social media, that have more than a million followers, can have their accounts verified.

Example: Zatch King became popular on social media, and now has over 60 million followers.


Learning some #trickshots from @dudeperfect

♬ original sound – Zach King

  • Personalities and celebrities that are famous outside the platform: actors, singers, sports stars, among others.

Example: Actor Will Smith is a Hollywood celebrity and has a verified TikTok account.


Peep my bio for the pre order link 🙂 #WillTheBook #BookTok 📹: @shutterauthority

♬ The Magic Bomb (Questions I Get Asked) [Extended Mix] – Hoàng Read

  • Popular users, who are not quite celebrities, and haven’t got a big following on TikTok, can get the blue tick.

Example: The MLS is the Major League Soccer, the North American soccer league. Despite having “only” 278 thousand followers, they still have a verified TikTok account.


Gustavo Bou doesn’t skip leg day #mls #nerevs #soccer

♬ original sound – SulfateOctagon

  • Potentially popular users, if you have a popular TikTok account, which is growing and posting daily content. If the team that manages the application believes that someone could impersonate your identity, or plagiarize your content, they can verify your account.
  • What can I do to verify my TikTok account?

    Even though you can’t apply for it directly from TikTok, there is a series of steps you can follow that will help you achieve the priceless ‘blue tick’.

    These are not guarantees, but they can help you:

    ➡️ Have a large number of followers

    On TikTok, there is no exact number of followers you need to become verified, but it is certain that the more you have, the more likely you are to become verified. Moreover, you will attract attention if you generate new followers every day and maintain a constant growth.

    ➡️ Increase TikTok views

    The number of views is a key aspect and is a clear indication of the growth of your account.

    The greater number of views and a consistent increase makes achieving the blue tick more plausible. This can be achieved through a TikTok marketing strategy and hard work. 

    ➡️ Post videos that regularly go viral

    Viral videos guarantee you a huge chunk of views on TikTok. Creating regular, viral videos, two or three a month, will grab the attention of users and the platform’s team.

    ➡️ Appear on other digital platforms

    Have a presence on other digital platforms like blogs, online media… Increasing your popularity and your presence in the digital world will help bring attention to your TikTok profile.

    ➡️ Become verified on other social media sites 

    Social media sites all feedback to each other. So, being verified on other platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, will help increase your chances of becoming verified on TikTok.

    As you can see, verifying TikTok accounts is not something that can be done overnight. So to get the blue tick, step up, and start working hard!

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    Carlos Bravo


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