How to Create a TikTok Content Strategy

Carlos Bravo
14 December, 2021

Creating a content strategy on TikTok will save you time, headaches and help you reach the audience you want.

The question is: How do I develop a successful content strategy on TikTok?

Easy, follow the steps.

If you are planning to start with TikTok, this guide will help you to get started:

Focus on your ideal client

Focusing on your ideal client is essential and crucial for any strategy.  The first part of the plan is to identify who you are targeting with your TikTok content and what problems you may encounter. It ensures you generate the content for users interested in what you share: Your potential customers.

In short, the quality of users is more important than the number of users who receive your content.

One of the best ways to find this ideal customer is through hashtags. Think about what keywords your ideal client would use to define themselves or find the solution to a problem.

Use the TikTok hashtag search engine to see the most important related hashtags. By checking what type of videos users post, you can identify what they are looking for or need and what tags they are using.

Hit the spot with your TikTok content

The content ideas for your TikTok profile are directly linked to the ideal customer. Ideally, you should be ready to post educational, entertainment, and informative content.

Keep in mind the aim of attracting your customers when you create your content. If, for example, you have a fitness food brand, an example of content is:


Show your products with questions that your followers may ask, for example: “Do you gain weight when you eat carbs at night?”.

You can also use this question for evergreen content. That is, it never expires, and the video will last over time.

✅ Entertainment

Prepare recipes with the products you sell, adding fun elements or attractive titles: “Protein breakfast with five ingredients” or “Prepare “The Rock’s” breakfast in 5 minutes”.

✅ Informative

Create content that provides valuable information to the user who reaches your profile.

It can be about new products that you are releasing, offers, news from the sector, etc. In this case, this content has an expiration date, so we recommend that you don’t overuse this type of content. 

How to find user questions?

Answer The Public is a perfect tool to know what users are looking for.

You write a keyword related to your field, and the platform offers you questions that users usually search for.

Choose the Posting Frequency

One common question that arises on any social media platform is how often do I have to post? It is a question that always haunts your head because it is crucial to plan your content successfully.

On TikTok, a user must have seen at least 7 to 9 videos from your account before they tap on the ‘Follow’ button. Therefore, the stricter you are with the frequency of content, the more chances you will gain a new follower.

Also, being consistent with your post is vital. If you upload three videos in a day and then spend a week without sharing anything, your followers will lose interest, and therefore will stop following you and paying attention to your profile.

This translates into a loss of online presence and loss of followers.

One of the best ways to grow on TikTok is to use all the tools and possibilities that the platform offers you.

For example, the Link in TikTok’s bio. With this feature, you have the option of adding a clickable link in the bio of your profile to drive traffic to external sites: other social media platforms, an online store, blog, YouTube channel, etc. A great way to turn your followers into customers.

The downside is that TikTok only allows one link. However, with Metricool, you have SmartLinks: a feature to add more than one URL to your bio. Configure all the buttons you want, customize them to your liking and bring traffic to your website or online store. In addition, you can also add images or videos with a link.

The definitive step in driving TikTok traffic to your landing pages!

Edit your videos

TikTok is one of the social media platforms of the moment, so the competition, we can assure you, is fierce.

So, you cannot upload any content without reviewing it, editing the content, adding trendy music, etc.

This way, your feed and the videos you share will be attractive to your followers and other users.

Bonus track

▶️ Never delete your TikTok videos

Even if you think the content is not good or has little visibility. The TikTok algorithm has its own rules and displays your videos randomly, so content from the past can resurface at any time.

▶️ Forget about becoming viral

You are on TikTok to generate a content strategy that attracts potential customers who still don’t know you but need the product or service you offer. So put your efforts into reaching these people and not everyone.

▶️ Use Metricool to manage your TikTok account

Being successful on TikTok is difficult without monitoring the performance of your strategy. With Metricool, you can access your analytics to see how your TikTok videos are performing, download this data in personalized reports and schedule the content so that your profile is permanently active. 

Now you have the basic knowledge to carry out your TikTok strategy and develop a great content plan to succeed on this social media platform. 

Let’s get started!

Carlos Bravo


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