TikTok Announces New Programming for Fashion Month

07 September 2023

Fashion Month is here and TikTok has just announced new programming initiatives to celebrate the many events happening this month. There is no shortage of ‘fit check’ and fashion content on TikTok so they have rolled out a #TikTokFashion collective. 


Time to hit the runway! Join the Fashion Month Challenge and showcase your talent with #TikTokFashion effects. It’s all about beauty, outfits, and great ways to inspire the Fashion community. Submit your effect before September 10th to win up to $2,000 and the chance to attend the Paris Fashion Week!

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What is TikTok Fashion Collective

This new program is TikTok’s celebration of fashion month by urging creators to share their fashion insights on the app. 

TikTok is hosting something called “Fashion Month Hub” where they will highlight all the latest trends, and showcase all the content featuring fashion content from all kinds of creators. 

Fashion has been and will continue to be a trending topic of TikTok but especially during this month, so be sure to check out videos using the hashtag #TikTokFashion and #BeautyTok to stay up to date on all things fashion this month. The types of content you will see is outfit checks, trending ideas on how to create looks, and behind-the-scenes content of fashion events. 


Look 1 of the night .. stay tuned for my GRWM in car

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If it makes sense for your brand, it could be a good idea to implement some of these ideas into your TikTok strategy this month, for a full guide on TikTok strategy, click the button below:

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