Youtube Marketing: How to apply your Marketing Techniques on this channel

19 November, 2019
Take your first steps on YouTube without hesitation. Follow this guide to carry out your YouTube marketing strategy step by step.

YouTube was launched in 2005 and it is the most popular video-sharing platform.

Therefore, designing a marketing strategy for YouTube is essential for any type of business or brand.

What is Youtube exactly


How to start with your YouTube marketing strategy

To stand out on this social network you must go through several stages:



Set the objectives you want to achieve for your YouTube channel

Visibility is one of  these objectives, something inherent in YouTube. However, you should set the rest of your objectives based on your marketing goals in general. For example:

  • Drive traffic to your website or product listing. 
  • Grow your community.
  • Make a profit through ads that you include in your videos.
  • Branding, etc.


Planning a YouTube marketing strategy to give visibility to your brand, personal image or business and at the same time, creating content that both engages and entertains your viewers in order to build a community.

First steps to start on Youtube


YouTube marketing research

Recording and uploading videos is not a guarantee of success on YouTube. YouTube is not as competitive as Google. However, the number of video producers and YouTubers is growing. 

 Analyze your competition





Optimize your channel to achieve your marketing goals

To stand out from the rest, optimizing your YouTube channel is a must.



You should use one that is related to your name or easy to remember. Your followers won’t have any problem finding you.


You can always include a keyword in your name, you will increase the chances that people who don’t know about you can find you when they do a generic search on YouTube. 


Cooking recipes 🡪 Keywords

Name 🡪 HomeCooking (imagine that’s your brand name)

Channel Name- Cooking recipes HomeCooking 


When you look for a generic word, YouTube will recommend videos for you and also some channels. If your channel’s name includes that word, that will increase the likelihood of appearing in the search results.



Now that you are in stage 3 after the research and the selection of your name, it’s time to create your YouTube channel for your business.

In the following video you can find all the information you need to create one. This is an essential part for your YouTube marketing strategy.




🡪 Include an introduction video on your channel talking about:

  • Who you are
  • What you offer in your channel
  • How your channel will benefit your viewers
  • Which days you will publish or share information



🡪 Create a memorable description introducing keywords for what you want to be found.

Adding descriptions to all your videos is fundamental. Use the intro video to drive your followers where you want. Your website, other social networks, etc.

If you want to check an introduction video accompanied with an impeccable description…

Click here              





🡪 Optimize your videos and include a cover photo that represents you. This way your banner will be associated to your brand.


Discover the right sizes for your YouTube images


🡪 Capture attention through your images

Images will be the first point of contact when someone accesses your videos.

Use texts, frames or striking images.



Uploading videos is not the only objective. The ultimate goal is that your visitors watch the video until the end and click the links included in the video or text..

For SEO, the watching time is crucial, that is, if videos are watched until the end and also the number of subscribers.


🡪 Choose the title for your videos carefully

The title of your videos is a great ally for SEO and your YouTube marketing strategy. Decide the keywords that you want to be found by and include them in the title. This is the moment to do so.


🡪 Add descriptions with links to your videos

The same as you did with your intro video, add a description to each of your videos. Add links that you want to drive your viewers to and remind them to subscribe to your channel.  


🡪 Mobile phone first: 60% of videos are watched on the go

Most of your videos are watched on mobile devices. So, when you have to edit videos, first make sure they are adapted to these types of devices.


🡪 Use storytelling and keep the best for the end

Complete views will help your YouTube marketing strategy and the visibility. Spend time in creating a good script for your videos to encourage subscribers to watch until the last second.


🡪 Create playlists

The same way as the architecture of a website is important for SEO, creating playlists is crucial to categorize your videos properly.


🡪 Authenticity

The secret ingredient for SEO and your YouTube marketing strategy is always a good dose of authenticity.




Turn around your YouTube Marketing strategy: Become a professional

This is the last phase. A maturing stage to make your YouTube channel more professional.

To do so, some more marketing tips for your YouTube channel.



🡪 Use YouTube Studio

With YouTube Studio, you can control everything that happens regarding your channel. From the control dashboard, you can manage the content, create playlists or monetize your channel.

➡️ Everything you need to know about YouTube Studio


🡪 Use captions and subtitles

A great way to increase your visibility and reach a more diverse audience.

It’s very easy, you can add subtitles in your language or add transcriptions in a different one.

  1. Go to Creator Studio Classic.
  2. Click on adding new subtitles and choose the language.
  3. Underneath the video , click Transcribe and auto-sync.
  4. Type all the spoken audio in the text field and done.


More info about how to add subtitles on your YouTube videos



🡪 Invest in advertising

YouTube ads are not only for big brands. If you want to promote your YouTube videos, this platform will be a good ally.


There are different formats:


  • Skippable video ads
  • Non-skippable video ads
  • Overlay ads
  • Sponsored cards
  • Bumper ads
  • Display ads


Set a budget for your ads and the YouTube marketing goals you want to achieve.


Find more information about how to give your first steps with YouTube Ads



🡪 Use YouTube live to build audience loyalty

Advance on your channel when you are going to stream a live video on YouTube.  It’s a great way to drive audience from your website or social networks to YouTube.


🡪 Spend some time editing your videos

Last but not least, spend some time reviewing and editing your videos, the quality is crucial and subscribers will appreciate the difference.

Add your logo, effects, transitions, etc.

🡪 Add managers to your YouTube channel

If you add managers to your YouTube channel, it will help you to distribute tasks to be more productive in their daily work.

How to add managers to your YouTube Channel


Follow these tips to turn around your YouTube channel and apply Marketing techniques or to win money with Youtube.

How to manage more than one YouTube Channel at a time


Any YouTuber out there? We welcome new tips to include in the article, we will read your comments.

But beafore leaving…

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  1. Jeangam Kahmei

    Hey Isabel,

    Youtube is the most popular and largest social media platform for marketing as well as for many other activities nowadays.

    Most of people love watching than reading these days that’s why choosing video for marketing is great.

    Adding thumbnails and trending hashtags in your description section are also a great way to increase your search visibility.

    There are many things which we have to explore on every platform.

    Jeangam kahmei

  2. Aria Mathew

    Hey Isabel,

    Youtube is the people’s choice when it comes to learning or entertainment. Literally, Youtube works for all. Why because? We all prefer video over lengthy text right!

    Being a youtube creator for more than 4 years, I found thumbnail is the most important one to work on. Attractive thumbnail increases CTR by a greater extent.

    It triggers people to click the video. Choosing long-tail keywords improve ranking pretty well.

  3. Jones

    Hey Isabel,
    you have given great insights! its very easy to understand and well explained each points. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. keep posting deep insights article, looking forward to read more from you.

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