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29 January 2024

If you are a frequent “YouTuber” you may already know about this native feature, YouTube Studio. This platform is a dashboard that gives creators, brands, and businesses a variety of tools to analyze, customize, and manage their YouTube channels.

YouTube Studio can be a major asset for those looking to improve their growth on the platform, so in this article, we will dive into each section of YouTube Studio and how it works.

What is YouTube Studio?

Formerly known as YouTube Creator Studio, YouTube Studio launched back in 2005 as a tool for content creators to better manage their channels. This tool not only allows you to analyze your past videos, but also upload new and create new content.

Inside the channel dashboard, there are a few different sections which include: Content, Analytics, Comments, Subtitles, Copyright, Earn, Customization, Audio library, and Settings.

You can access this tool in a few different ways: by heading to the desktop site, or by downloading the mobile app on the App Store or Google Play.

How YouTube Studio Works

Once you click on YouTube Studio, you will be taken to the channel dashboard by default. You can analyze the channel analytics, upload videos or live broadcasts, and see what’s new in Studio.

As you can see, on the left-hand side there are a variety of categories that allow you to go beyond channel analytics. Add subtitles to your content, view your earnings, manage comments, and customize your channel:

So, shall we break down each section to see what YouTube Studio has to offer?

⭐️ Content

In this section, you will find a quick and brief summary of all the videos you have uploaded, including Shorts, Lives, Posts, Playlists, Podcasts, and Promotions.

You will have information about the visibility, monetization, restrictions, date posted, views, comments, and likes vs. dislikes. By clicking on a specific video, you can edit any of the details such as the title, description, visibility, and restrictions.

You can also use the Editor to trim and cut clips, blur content, add audio, change the end screen, and add info cards. Utilize the subtitles section if you want to add auto-generated subtitles to your videos.

⭐️ Analytics

The analytics section will provide you with all metrics about your content, channel, and audience. On the first page, you will see an overview of how your channel has performed in the given period, including your overall views, watch time, subscribers, estimated revenue, and top-performing content.

This section truly has just about every metric you can dream of. For example, see which videos are growing your audience, how much revenue you’re earning per month, and the key moments in your videos for audience retention.

Inside this section, you will also see a Research tab, where you can explore topics and see top searches related to your content. This can be super useful when planning content because you can see what your ideal audience wants to see from your channel next:

⭐️ Comments

Comments are essential as a way to interact with your viewers as they allow them to share their opinions on the videos you upload. From this section, you can manage, read, and reply to all the comments. You can also view which channels have mentioned you in their posts and videos.

Staying on top of your audience’s comments is essential to maintaining relationships, answering questions, and viewing viewer’s feedback.

⭐️ Subtitles

Subtitles will help you reach a larger audience with the content of your videos. You can add subtitles manually or modify them if needed. If you have any video drafts you can view the subtitles inside the Drafts tab.

You can also add multiple languages to your subtitles if your audience is multilingual.

You can claim the ownership of a video that belongs to you or your company from the platform. The Matches section shows videos that mention your brand. If you want to request a removal, in case there are copyright infringements, you can do so here.

If you have made any removal requests you can view them here and see any messages you’ve sent to other creators.

⭐️ Earn

Do you want to monetize your channel? Here you can manage your earnings on YouTube, whether that’s through ads, memberships, supers, shopping, or the BrandConnect program. In this section, you can see which monetization channels you have turned on, and learn about more ways to earn.

If you’re a content creator, take advantage of Memberships and Supers to incentivize your fans to subscribe for special perks and offers through exclusive content. Business owners can connect their online shops and sell directly through YouTube shopping. The BrandConnect program allows creators to earn revenue by collaborating with established brands.

Note that to access the YouTube Partners program and monetize your content, you must have 4,000 public viewing hours in the last 12 months and have at least 1,000 subscribers.

⭐️ Customization

Customize your channel to align with your brand image, voice, and current information. Share a trailer for people who haven’t subscribed yet, choose a featured video for returning subscribers, or add a new section.

You can also add your channel’s logo, banner, and video watermark, as well as basic information such as your channel description, handle, and links. Adding links to your YouTube channel is highly encouraged, as this can help boost traffic to your websites and other social channels.

⭐️ Creator Music

Inside this section, you can browse through YouTube’s extensive music library. View paid music, which you can buy for license rights, free music that is copyright-safe, and revenue-sharing music.

Simply heart tracks to add them to your library, or download a preview. You can also view featured collections, and view frequently asked questions about how creator music, license terms, and revenue-sharing tracks work.

YouTube Studio FAQ’s

Since this platform is extensive, there are some questions about this tool. Don’t find the answer to your question? Let us know in the comments below and we will be happy to answer.

Is YouTube Studio free?

This tool is completely free and available for any YouTube user. To access this, you first need to create a free YouTube account.

Can you upload videos on YouTube Studio?

Yes, you can upload videos, go live, and create a new post, new playlist, or new podcast directly from YouTube Studio, on both the desktop version and the mobile app. Find the “Create” button in the top-right corner to add your content and upload it to the platform.

Note that if your video is 60 seconds or less and has a square or vertical ratio, it will be posted as a Short.

Can you download videos from YouTube Studio?

You can download content that you’ve published to YouTube via the Content tab inside YouTube Studio. Simply find the piece of content you want to download, click on the “Options” button which you can find by clicking on the three-dot icon, and click “Download”.

Can you edit videos in YouTube Studio?

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