Which name should you choose for your YouTube channel?

Sara Martín
2 August, 2018

YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world behind Google. YouTube was acquired by Google in 2006.

YouTube in numbers

Over one billion users.

1/3 of Internet users visit YouTube channels like yours.

With these figures in mind, it’s easy to understand how important it is to choose the right name for your YouTube channel.

You are risking the fact that one third of Internet users can’t find you easily on YouTube.

A non-optimized name will make it more difficult to find you, so it will negatively affect your videos views.

The name of your channel is a very important factor so you should spend enough time to try to find the right one.

The selection of the right name for your YouTube channel can become a make or break factor for your YouTube channel.

Names to avoid for your YouTube channel

Let’s see the type of names that you shouldn’t ever use for your YouTube channel:


Using long names are detrimental to the visibility of your videos. Users won’t be able to remember your name and if they don’t subscribe to your channel that will have a negative effect on the number of video views.

▶️  Imagine a name like this: `idontknowwhatnametoputtomychannel´, you probably have already forgotten it. 


Symbols are even more difficult to remember. Many YouTubers tend to add strange symbols thinking that it will make their names stand out. Unless you are very famous, the effect will probably be the opposite and your name will be easily forgotten.

►►[email protected] You are creating a name for your YouTube channel not a password.


It will directly affect your video views. Your users will be confused.

“Care bears” for a channel about alopecia 😕


Avoid adding too many numbers to your username. Adding a few is not necessarily bad but too many shouldn’t be an option

▶️ Recipes3498127. You are trying to find a name for your YouTube channel, not a phone number.

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Tips to choose the right name for your YouTube channel

Now that you know the type of names that won’t work well for your channel, like too long or too strange, it’s time to decide the name that you will use.

There are three easy questions that will help you to select the right name:

  • What are your intentions with your channel?
  • Which topic will you use?
  • What do you want to highlight: your personal brand, company or branding?

Depending on the answer to these three questions, you will choose one name or another.

You can also combine them…


1️⃣ Intention. Training

2️⃣ Topic. Social Media

3️⃣ Personal brand eg Let’s Play Slots.

Name for your YouTube channel: Learn about social media with blue swimming pools


YouTube is a search engine that also considers the most popular keywords and search volume.

It’s crucial to decide the keyword that you will use to position your channel and learn if there are already searches with that term.

Keywordtool.io is a great tool to learn the volume of searches on YouTube. Use it to make sure that the keyword that you chose has some searches.

When you look for generic names like gaming or cooking you can check that YouTube will display channels with those keywords.

The same with many other generic searches.

Is it important that your topic appears in your channel’s name?

It depends. If you want to focus on your personal brand, you’d better use your brand’s name but if on the other hand, nobody knows you yet, the option keyword + your brand’s name could be the best option.


✅ Use an attractive name to capture users’ interests

✅ Invest in YouTube Ads, it will give you more visibility

✅ Reflect on the best names and topics before you choose one

How can you change your YouTube channel’s name?

You might be reconsidering the name that you chose for your YouTube channel.

Don’t panic! You can change the name of your Youtube Channel.

Follow these steps and see how easy it is. You can change your name by:

  1. Accessing your channel
  2. Clicking on settings on your account
  3. In the overview section, clicking > Edit on Google next to your channel name
  4. Updating the name and pressing 🆗

So easy!

Remember, whether you are editing or changing your current name or choosing a name for the first time. Stop, think about it and don’t rush.

Dedicate enough time to make the right choice.

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Sara Martín


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