How to Schedule a Premiere Video on YouTube

Carlos Bravo
12 April, 2022

Do you want to create expectations with your video as if it were a movie premiere? YouTube premieres are the answer you need.

In this post, we will tell you what they are and how they work so that your viewers have time to prepare some popcorn for the premiere and only have to sit down and enjoy your content.

What is a premiere on YouTube?

YouTube premiere functionality allows you to “schedule a video” on your channel to watch it at the time of the premiere. As if it were a movie that just came out. 

⚠️ Why in quotes? Because you are not scheduling the video per se. In this case, you upload the video to your channel, schedule the premiere on a specific day and time, and until that moment, the video will be visible but not available for watching. 

When you program a post on Instagram, the user does not know that it will have that content or when. With the premiere functionality, your viewers can see the video you will upload and the premiere time.

The premiere is the option you give viewers to watch a live video together.

The idea is that all the viewers can watch the live video and interact at the moment… like a movie premiere.

How to create a premiere on YouTube

Now that you know what a YouTube premiere is let’s go to the important part: how to create a premiere.

  • Open the browser where you have your YouTube channel
  • Go to YouTube Studio, where you have all the options to create your content
  • Click the Create button (at the top right) and then click Upload Videos.
  • From your computer, select the video you want to upload.
    Keep in mind that for premieres, you cannot use VR180 or 360º formats or videos that have a resolution higher than 1080p.
  • Now, it’s time  to upload the video as a premiere, and you have two options:

Schedule right now: click on Set as instant premiere, and it will show up as soon as YouTube finishes uploading  the video

Schedule on a later date: if, on the other hand, you want to schedule the premiere later, click on Schedule and choose a date and time, then click on Set as premiere.

  • To finish, tap on Schedule, and done!

Some things you should know about premieres:

▶️ When you set up a scheduled premiere, the video will appear on your channel as if it were published, but a ‘Coming soon’ message will appear at the bottom.

The user can even enter the video, activate a reminder to be notified at the time of the premiere, comment on the video, and even write something in the chat.

▶️ Before the premiere starts, YouTube will put a countdown that will start two minutes from the start.

During the premiere playback, users will not be able to move forward in the video, but they will be able to go back: to any point in the video.

▶️ When the premiere is over, your video will stay on your channel like any content you’ve uploaded before.

As you can see, it is a great feature to attract viewers to your content and create expectations: tell about a new product, a service, etc.

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Personalize your YouTube Premiere

When you go to premiere your video or, rather, set a video as a premiere, you can customize certain details to improve the experience, increase expectations, and monetize your content.

❇️ Customize a theme with the countdown

As mentioned before, YouTube premieres show a countdown two minutes before starting.

You can choose the countdown theme that will appear on the screen.

❇️ Add a trailer

Adding a trailer to your premiere creates buzz. Along with a juicy title can get more viewers for your video.

This option is only available for users with more than 1,000 subscribers and those who comply with community rules.

❇️ Monetize your content

If you plan to work on your premiere content, keep in mind that you can also make some money with it. 

Through pre-broadcast ads and when the premiere is over, YouTube will embed the ads during video playback.

Also, activating the super chat and channel memberships can provide additional benefits.

As you can see, YouTube continues adding features so that you can increase the variety of content and continue to grow on the platform.

Metricool’s YouTube Marketing Guide is the first step you need if you haven’t started yet.

Carlos Bravo


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