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Carlos Bravo
17 August, 2021

Would you like to save the best moments from a YouTube Live streaming without having to download the entire video? This is how YouTube Clips works.

What are YouTube Clips?

Clips are snippets of a YouTube video or stream broadcasted on the platform, that you choose to share directly: via social media, messaging apps or email.

How to clip a YouTube video

To create a clip you need to have an account on the platform and to log in. Only if you have provided ID for your account, you can access this option.

The clip feature is at a testing phase and is only available on certain YouTube channels.

You can create clips from the desktop version and from the smartphone app.

Now follow these steps to create a snippet from your favorite YouTube video.

1. Open the video

Play the video you want to make the clip from, using your preferred browser. 

2. Click on the icon  

The scissors icon represents the feature for creating clips. You will find it in the video’s features, just below the video player.

If you don’t see it, it means that the video is not suitable for creating YouTube clipping.

3. Choose the snippet from the video

When you click on the icon to cut, YouTube will show you a creation box: here you have to choose the part you want to create as a clip by dragging the controls to fit the clip.

When you have created it, you can give a title to the video, so you can identify it when you share it.

4. Share the clip

Finally, choose how you want to share the YouTube clip from the four options the platform offers: by social media, convert the video into a QR code, by email or by copying the link to send it directly.

youtube clip

Clips Features

Before getting to work on clips, you should know the following:

Disable the clips option: 

As a YouTube content creator, you have the option to disable clips so that users can’t create snippets from your videos or streams.

Include ads in your clips: 

The clips you have created can contain banner ads if they were included in the original video. 

Create third-party clips:  

If you have created a YouTube video clip and the owner deletes it, the clip is no longer available to share. In case the video is hidden; the clip will continue being available. 

If YouTube deletes a video for breaking the rules, the clips from this content will also be removed from the platform.

Choose the length of YouTube clips:

The duration of the clip you create on YouTube must be between 5 seconds minimum and 60 seconds maximum.

Watch out for banned videos!

The platform prohibits to clip a video that contains certain content: videos created for children, live streams that last longer than 8 hours, and premieres that are still live.

Use Youtube Clips video snippets to share them on social media and attract viewers to your YouTube channel. If users see interesting clips, they will go to your channel to enjoy your content.

Now you know how to highlight and share your video content or other’s from YouTube. Try it now! 

Start with YouTube in the best way with this Guide to YouTube Marketing.

Carlos Bravo


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