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08 August 2023

Want to share your favorite parts of a long videos and live streams? Then let me introduce you to YouTube Clips.

What are YouTube Clips?

Clips are 5-60 second snippets from a YouTube video or live stream on the platform, that you choose to share directly, via social media, messaging apps or email.

How to Clip a YouTube Video

To create a clip first, you need to have an account on the platform and to log in.

You can create clips from the desktop version and from the smartphone app.

Now follow these steps to create a snippet from your favorite YouTube video!

1. Open the video

Play the video you want to make the clip from, using your preferred browser. 

This can be a video of your own, or a video from another users.

2. Click on the icon  

Click on the scissors icon to open the window to create a clip. You can find this option by clicking on the three dot button, next to the “Download” option.

If you don’t see this option, it means that the video is not eligible for creating YouTube clips.

3. Choose a clip

When you click on the icon to cut, YouTube will show you a creation box. Here you have to choose the part you want to create as a clip by dragging the controls to fit the clip.

You can also add a name to the video, in case you want to label it. Once you have selected your clip, press on “Share clip.”

4. Share the clip

Finally, choose how you want to share the YouTube clip from the four options the platform offers: by social media, convert the video into a QR code, by email, or by copying the link to send directly.

youtube clip

How to Disable YouTube Clips

As a YouTube content creator, you have the option to disable clips on specific so that users can’t create snippets from your videos or streams.

To do this, first sign into YouTube Studio and from the left-hand menu, click on Settings.

Click on Channel and then on Advanced Settings. Under “Clips”, uncheck the Allow viewers to clip my content option.

Block users from clips on your channel

You can also limit specific users from creating clips of your videos and live streams.

By adding users to your “Hidden users” list this will disable them from creating clips on your YouTube content.

Block words from clip titles

If you want to prohibit certain words from potentially being included in the titles of clips of your videos and live streams, add a list of blocked words.

Head to YouTube Studio, and click on Settings, and then Community. Under the “Automated Filters” tab, select “Blocked words.”

Here you can add words and phrases, separated by comma.

YouTube Clip Features

Before getting to work on clips, you should know the following:

Include ads in your clips: 

The clips you have created can contain banner ads if they were included in the original video. 

Create third-party clips:  

If you have created a YouTube video clip and the owner deletes it, the clip is no longer available to share. In case the video is hidden, but the clip will continue to be available. 

If YouTube deletes a video for breaking the rules, the clips from this content will also be removed from the platform.

Choose the length of YouTube clips:

The duration of the clip you create on YouTube must be between 5 seconds minimum and 60 seconds maximum.

Watch out for banned videos!

The platform prohibits to clip a video that contains certain content: videos created for children, live streams that last longer than 8 hours, and premieres that are still live.

Use Youtube Clips video snippets to share them on social media and attract viewers to your YouTube channel. If users see interesting clips, they will go to your channel to enjoy your content.

Now you know how to highlight and share your video content or other’s from YouTube. Try it now! 

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Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 08 August 2023


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