YouTube videos and image sizes


What’s the size and resolution for YouTube videos?

As you know, every social network uses different dimensions for their publications. This is why, before you create a YouTube account, it’s very important that you know the correct sizes of videos and images to capture the attention and stimulate the interest of visitors. Encourage them to push play on your videos.


Resolutions and proportions for videos

YouTube uses a 16:9 aspect ratio player when videos are reproduced on desktops. If you upload a video that isn’t 16:9, it will end up having black bars on the sides so the video doesn’t display distorted or cropped.

This social platform allows the following resolutions to maximize the quality of videos:

This is the format with the max resolution and quality at present:

▶️ 2160p (4K) – 3840 x 2160 pixels


Another format with a lower resolution:

▶️ 1440p (2K) – 2560 x 1440 pixels


Max resolution used for High Definition:

▶️ 1080p (HD)1920 x 1080 pixels


Other dimensions:

▶️ 720p (HD) – 1280 x 720 pixels

▶️ 480p – 854 x 480 pixels


Traditional website resolution. It’s normally used to embed YouTube videos into a website:

▶️ 360p – 640 x 360 pixels


This are the resolutions to upload a video:

▶️ 240p – 426 x 240 pixels

▶️ 144p – 256 x 144 pixels


How to adjust the quality of YouTube videos manually 

When you access YouTube from your desktop or mobile devices, the quality of the video will adjust automatically to the screen resolution of the device used and the broadband internet speed. However, you can also do it manually clicking on settings.

If you are on a desktop, tap on the setting icon on the bottom-right corner of the video screen. Click on quality and choose the resolution.


What’s the optimal size for YouTube images? 

Videos are the most important content on YouTube. But, what happens with images?

Choosing the right image for your channel cover photo and the thumbnail will help you get more views. So, don’t forget to adjust and optimize your images on YouTube.


Sizes for Channel Cover Photo

The recommended size to upload your cover image on YouTube is 2560 x 1440 pixels.

You know that the design of your channel is displayed differently depending on the device (desktop, mobile, TV …). Therefore, it’s crucial that you use the right sizes so the image is always shown properly on all devices.

When you upload an image for your cover, you must know the safe area and how it is displayed on different devices.

  • TV display: When you access YouTube from a TV, the image uploaded will be displayed in full, that is, it will cover the background of your channel with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution.
  • Desktop display: The area of the image will be 2560 x 423 pixels. Although depending on the browser you use or desktop, it can vary slightly.
  • Tablet display: The visible area will be 1855 x 423 pixels.


Channel Icon 

Your YouTube profile photo or channel icon must be:

  • 800 x800 pixels



If it is a personal channel, it’s better to use a facial picture. If it’s a channel for a brand, use the logo instead.


Dimensions for thumbnail images

The ideal size for a thumbnail image should be:

  • 1280 x 720 pixels

Tip for thumbnails

Thumbnails are very important to attract attention. Look at how popular YouTubers use them. Large text and striking image.

What are the dimensions for a YouTube banner?

We need to know the necessary resolution to create a banner. YouTube recommends a 2120 x 1192 pixels banner.


Do you want to increase your youTube repercusion and push forward your digital strategy?


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And this is all! 

Now that you know all the dimensions for YouTube, you can free your creativity to get started on your new YouTube channel.


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