What is YouTube Premium?

13 November 2023

YouTube Premium, formerly known as YouTube Red, is the video platform’s paid subscription service.

This format offers several advantages compared to the Free YouTube option, which improves the YouTube experience. 

What advantages does the paid subscription bring? Is it worth activating this service? Is there YouTube Lite? If you consider paying for a YouTube subscription,  here you will learn everything you need to know.

YouTube Premium Benefits

If you are really thinking about acquiring the YouTube Premium paid service, you have to be clear about what it offers and what advantages it brings over the free version.

Here are some reasons to activate this premium membership:

No more ads

One of the primary monetization sources for YouTube is advertising. The truth is that they can be annoying and interrupt a key moment of the video you are watching.

This is over with YouTube Premium once you log in to the device to watch the video. You won’t see ads or overlays at the beginning or in the middle of the video. Neither third-party banners.


How many times have you wanted to enjoy a video on YouTube, but you had no data, or the Internet connection was not at its best?

One of the main advantages of YouTube Premium is that you can save videos to watch whenever you want, whether or not you have an Internet connection. This option is only available for the mobile application, not for the desktop.

You should know that not all videos are available for download due to location or partner restrictions. In addition, you must be logged in with your account to download the content.

Everything at once

You receive a WhatsApp or a notification that you must answer while watching a video or listening to a song… your moment is gone…

With YouTube Premium, you have a feature called ‘Play in the background’ that allows you to continue watching YouTube videos or listening to music while using other apps on your phone.

Long live the music

With the YouTube Premium subscription, you can enjoy Music Premium… also from the video platform YouTube.

In this case, it allows you to listen to songs without ads, download them to listen to them without having an internet connection, play it in the background or set up the audio mode, an option to only listen to music without playing the video, reducing the data consumption.

Always ‘original’

With the YouTube Premium subscription, you will access series and unreleased movies from several influential YouTubers.

Content that only users who purchase the premium version have access to.

For kids

YouTube Kids, the platform’s version aimed at children, includes selected content for kids, parental control, and a video filter. It also has a Premium option. 

If you acquire this membership, you will be able to watch these videos without connecting to the Internet and, in addition, without ads while the video is playing.

YouTube TV is not available among the services included in the YouTube Premium version.

How to Sign Up for YouTube Premium

If you have made up your mind and want to subscribe to YouTube Premium after discovering all its advantages, how can you do it?

  1. Enter the YouTube Premium page from your mobile device or PC.
  2. Log in with your credentials
  3. Click Try Free
  4. Start the free 1-month trial or use the family or student plans

YouTube will notify you 7 days before the end of your trial period to cancel or permanently purchase the subscription.

Done! You have registered as a Premium member.

How to Cancel YouTube Premium

After subscribing to YouTube Premium, you realize that the content is not what you were looking for or don’t use it as much as you thought, here we will tell you how to cancel it.

Enter the ‘Paid membership‘ page and cancel the subscription. You can recover this premium account whenever you want.  

Premium Plans

If you are still unsure whether to activate this subscription or not, or you have questions about the payment, the platform has several plans for you, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

YouTube Premium Individual

The cost is $11.99/month and includes all the advantages mentioned above: download content, ad-free and background play, YouTube music, and access to YouTube Originals.

YouTube Premium Family

The complete YouTube pack for the family for $17.99/month. It allows you to share your subscription with up to five members of your family who live in the same household.

Each account will have its preferences for content, viewing, etc.

YouTube Premium Student

The student version is the cheapest of the three, as it allows you to enjoy all the benefits of YouTube Premium at $6.99/month.

Of course, you need to meet certain conditions: it is only available to full-time students and enrolled at education institutions in specific countries.

This plan is valid for four years, and at the end of each course, you will have to verify with the platform that you still meet the requirements.

Premium for Content Creators

If most content creators monetize their channel through ads and with YouTube Premium, you watch ad-free videos, is your favorite creator losing money?

The answer is no. YouTube will share the subscription cost with the creators, and the more content you watch, the more money they will earn.

YouTube Premium Lite

While the platform keeps attracting paid subscriptions, it also tries other alternatives …

In this case, we are talking about the trial version of YouTube Premium, known as Lite, which would significantly reduce the subscription cost to $6.99 per month.

It is currently in the testing phase, although it can arrive at any time.

So far, everything you need to know about YouTube Premium and how it affects the user or the content creator if you have a YouTube channel.

YouTube Ad Blockers

When it comes to Ad Blockers, YouTube Premium does not mess around. YouTube has officially launched a “global effort” to crack down on those ad blockers. These efforts are to encourage people to become premium users.

If you are using an ad blocker, you will get this notification shown below:

Source: YouTube

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