8 YouTube Shorts Tips to Boost Your Videos

04 December 2023

Do you want to succeed with your short YouTube videos? Get ready, because we have prepared a list of game-changing tips to kill it with your YouTube shorts. 

8 YouTube Shorts Tips

As we like to say at Metricool, no social network has a secret formula to achieve success, because they dampened on an ever-changing algorithm. YouTube Shorts is no different, but there are some ways you can improve your chances and build your unique brand. 

If you have just started creating this type of content, or you’ve been thinking about Shorts for a few months but don’t know where to start, these YouTube Shorts tips can help you increase interactions and even subscribers! 

YouTube Marketing Guide

Post frequently

Our first YouTube Shorts tip is probably one you’ve seen in any guide for social networks. But, it is important because, leaving a profile or feed inactive, will most likely lead to losing reach and followers. 

Although the YouTube feed is divided into videos and shorts, it is advisable to maintain regularity in sharing short videos to your channel. 

This will increase the chances that YouTube will display your shorts in the feed and thus, receive more interactions with your content. 

Remember to add the #shorts tag at the end of the video title to increase the chances of appealing in the feed. 

Optimize your text for SEO

It is vital to think about the title, description, and tags you use for your Shorts because these can significantly affect your YouTube short’s visibility. To do this you must spend time searching keywords that have high search volumes. We recommend using KeywordTool.io.

You can then sprinkle in these trending keywords to your captions, in-text video, and hashtags so your content appears in users that are interacting with similar content. This can help increase your engagement, interactions, and overall following.

Use hashtags in your videos

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, just as you use the #shorts tag in the title of your video, the hashtags within the video are also important. 

Use the most popular hashtags related to your brand or business and add them to your short description. Remember this: 

  • If you upload the video from the application, you can see the most popular hashtags at the moment. 
  • If you want to see the hashtags of shorts, you have to do it from the YouTube app. Click on the three dots of the short > description. 

By choosing the right hashtags for your video, any user interested in your content can reach it through these tags. If you do not know exactly how many hashtags to use, click the button below:

Use content from other social networks 

We know that you can’t be 100% every day with creativity and endless ideas fluttering in your head for shorts videos… 

For this case, we recommend reusing content that you have uploaded on other social networks, such as TikTok or Instagram Reels. This is known as the art of repurposing content. As people in the social media field, learning this art is vital. By doing this you are not only saving yourself loads of time, but you are also posting one idea to many different audiences as well.

With Metricool, you can also copy captions so that you can also repurpose the captions you used for the other platforms as well. Check out our step-by-step guide below:

Analyze the metrics of your Shorts

How do you know if your shorts content strategy is working? It’s simple: by measuring and analyzing the metrics of your videos. 

To analyze the statistics of your shorts, you can do it in two ways:

  • YouTube Studio: inside your channel dashboard, you can see all your video statistics. 
  • Metricool: where you have your channel metrics, with also being able to analyze your competitors and manage your work across all social networks. 

Measure views, and interactions with your shorts and prepare your content strategy to succeed. 

Create diverse videos

If you take a look at Metricool’s YouTube Short’s Channel, you will see a variety of content from guides/tutorials, humorous trends, educational content, and more. It is important to diversify your content so you never bore your audience.

Plan your videos 

PSST… here is a secret that you’ll love: with Metricool, you can program your YouTube shorts and the tool will publish them automatically to your channel. What do you gain from this? Time. You can dedicate one day of the week to record several shorts and plan them on the date and time you want. Meanwhile, you can spend the rest of your time preparing the content strategy, analyzing metrics, or having client meetings.

Collaborate with creators in your field

Collaborating with other creators, especially influencers can help your YouTube shorts show up in front of a a larger audience. Be sure to choose creators that make sense for your brand. For example, if you are a skincare company, it would make sense to pair up with a beauty influencer!

Influencer marketing is a great marketing tactic on every platform so YouTube shorts are no different! If you are at a standstill with shorts, this is a great tactic to give a try. For a complete guide on Influencer Marketing, click the button below:

Bonus tip 

Our last YouTube Shorts tip is to show yourself naturally. Shorts have a fun tone, intending to show the team of people behind the screen, not just robots with no emotions. 

So, it’s time to show us your best dance, your take on a new trend, educate or inspire your audience, and succeed in your shorts. 

We hope these YouTube Shorts tips have been useful for your strategy. Keep working on the content that doesn’t stop growing! 

Do you have any other YouTube Shorts tips and tricks that you usually recommend? Let us know in the comments below! 👇🏻

For a full YouTube Shorts guide that dives into how to make a YouTube short, which trends to participate in, and the answers to several FAQS, click below!

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 04 December 2023

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