Top Beauty Influencers in 2024

26 January 2024

Beauty influencers have been and will continue to take over many of the social media platforms, especially on Instagram and Tiktok. A lot of us have heard the names of the beauty influencers such as Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, James Charles, and more. But, more recently, there is a new group of beauty influencers that have exploded such as Alix Earl, Meredith Duxbury, and Mikayla Lanogueira. 

What is a Beauty Influencer? 

A Beauty Influencer is a social media content creator that posts photos and videos on various platforms and is known for their expertise or knowledge about all kinds of beauty-related topics such as makeup, hair, nails, skincare, and more. 

These influencers quickly gained a huge following by participating in trends like “Day in My Life” and “Get Ready with Me” videos. These videos have been consumed by lots because of their relatable and real content. People have created a virtual connection with these people because of their honesty and willingness to talk about their own insecurities. Showing the real and honest sides of themselves has helped people feel confident within themselves which has always been an issue in connection to the beauty industry and their consumers. 

Makeup and skincare companies have dove into the influencer world to broaden their brand awareness and excitement around their products. Influencers have this name for a reason. They have a large fan base and have an effective way of influencing their followers to purchase and use products. In the recent beauty influencer world, brands have gone even further and have planned huge extravagant trips to tropical places and invited a certain number of influencers to come, use their products, and of course; post content! This is a newer strategy that has been taking over lots of FYPs and feeds. 

All in all, beauty influencers aren’t going anywhere, and here are some to be aware of!

Beauty or Makeup Influencers to Know

Selena Gomez

Most followed woman on social media – 424M Instagram, 56.8M TikTok

Source: Twitter

Selena Gomez has recently been deemed the most followed woman on Instagram! She is definitely a “Native Influencer” meaning she became famous through the social network they influence. She began acting at a very young age and started her singing career shortly after. She now has her own skincare and makeup line known as “Rare Beauty.” As mentioned earlier, she was a brand that hosted one of those extravagant trips where she invited other influencers to learn about her new products and get to know her. So not only is she an exceptional beauty influencer herself, but she uses influencer marketing to increase brand awareness for her company. 

Kylie Jenner

Second, most followed woman on social media – 395M Instagram, 52.9M TikTok

Source: Wikipedia

Kylie also is not only an influencer herself, she also has her own skincare and makeup line, where she utilizes the power of influencers. Her makeup line is known as Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie became the youngest self-made billionaire at the young age of 21. This is an obvious example of the influence she has on others, especially so when it comes to beauty.

James Charles 

Followers – 37.9M TikTok, 21.5M Instagram

Source: YouTube

James is an extremely well-known influencer in the beauty industry. He would be considered a “Native Influencer” as well. James began as a makeup artist in his hometown where he began a YouTube account, to post his work and quickly gained a large following. Today his channel has 23.8M subscribers. He then created his makeup palette alongside Morphe. Charles has maintained a large following posting all kinds of makeup creations. 

Nikita Dragun 

Followers – 15.5M TikTok, 8.9M Instagram

Source: Business Insider

Nikita has become a very popular beauty influencer. She launched her Youtube channel in 2013 and in 2014 she began posting makeup tutorials where she quickly gained a large following. She also launched her makeup line as well! As a Transgender woman, she also openly discusses her gender identity and journey on her channels as well. 

Alix Earle 

Followers – 5.4M TikTok, 2.8M Instagram

Source: Seventeen Magazine

Alix skyrocketed on TikTok and Instagram. At the young age of 22, She gained 1.7 million followers in just one month. She prides herself on her real and honest content. She begins most of her videos by saying “Get ready with me for…” and continues to talk to her followers as if they were on the other side of a Facetime call. 

Emilie Kiser  

Followers – 2.3M TikTok, 480k Instagram

Source: Amazon

Emilie also skyrocketed on TikTok quite quickly. Her content also consists heavily of the “Get ready with me trend” She is constantly trying out new makeup and skincare products and giving her reviews. She is also extremely personable in the content she produces. Her followers have said that they feel like they know her without actually ever meeting her. 

Mikayla Nogueira 

Followers – 14.6M TikTok, 499K Instagram

Source: Linktree

Mikayla is an American beauty influencer that posts intricate makeup looks. She also posts detailed tutorials with details on the products she uses and why. She also is known for her intense Boston-esque accent and exuberant personality. 

Meredith Duxbury

Followers – 18.2M TikTok, 1.5M Instagram

Source: YouTube

Meredith quickly blew up on TikTok because of her out-of-the-box makeup routine. She posts videos of her foundation technique where she uses 10 pumps of foundation and rubs it onto her skin. This shocked her audience and created a trend where many of her fans would try out this routine and post videos using the hashtag #meredithduxburychallenge

Mary Phillips 

Followers – 2.1M Instagram, 257.2K TikTok

Source: Fashion Island

Mary is a widely beloved makeup artist and has worked with several very well-known celebrities from Kendall Jenner to Jennifer Lopez. She also invented a trending makeup routine that became a trending challenge. She came up with the idea to paint the face with concealer and bronzer before the foundation to carve out the face. 

Aysha Harun

Followers – 392K Instagram, 389.2K TikTok 

Source: Sweety High

Aysha is a Los Angeles-based beauty influencer from Toronto, Canada. She works hard to be a voice for a largely underrepresented audience of women by not only being a hijabi but also a woman of color. Her content consists of makeup routines and day-in-the-life videos.

These are some of the top leading beauty influencers shaping the current beauty industry. To learn more about influencers, and influencer marketing, read this guide below. 

sophie sophie , 26 January 2024

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