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03 January 2023

Social media metrics are key to your strategy because they can tell you whether you need to change something if it isn’t working or stick to your current plan if it’s going well. What social media analytics tool do you use?

 â–¶ď¸Ź Social media sites themselves.

Almost every social network offers an analytics section to measure how well your content is performing.

Facebook has insights, Instagram has stats, Twitter has Twitter Analytics and YouTube collects all the information on your channel in YouTube Studio.

 â–¶ď¸Ź Metricool.

Metricool is like a Swiss army knife for social media managers. It gives you all the analytics for the social networks you have connected to the platform.

In addition to measuring everything to do with your social profiles, you can schedule your social media content, create performance reports, manage private messages… Basically, it has everything you need to manage all your social networks from the same platform.

If you’re curious about what Metricool has to offer as a social media analytics tool, you’re in luck, because we’re here to tell you all about it.

Social media analytics tool: Metricool

Before we get fully into Metricool’s metrics, you’ll need to create an account so that you can connect your social networks and then measure your performance.

We’ll give you 3 minutes to register — because that’s really all you need. Click on the link below:

Sign up to Metricool for FREE

All done? Great! The next step is to connect the social profiles you want to measure: Click on your brand name > Connections > Connect networks one by one.

đź’ˇ Metricool is authorized by the social media sites you can connect. We will never ask you for passwords or personal data.

Now let’s look at what you’ll find in Metricool’s Analytics section.

What’s great about it is that you can choose the time frame you want to analyze. This feature is handy for measuring your progress over different periods of time.

Brand Summary

This feature allows you to aggregate all the metrics of your social networks in a single block: that is, add up all the followers, interactions and ad performance to analyze your account.

In this section Metricool sorts social networks from most to least followers, impressions, interactions and ads.

It’s a great way to see overall metrics on all your work by aggregating all the social networks you work with.


The first social network you can measure with Metricool is Facebook, where you have all the information about your company site/fanpage or your Facebook group.

  • Growth: the number of likes, followers, impressions, page views, and the number of posts. Within Growth, you also have a balance section, where you can compare gained and lost followers.
  • You can also see your followers’ Demographics, including information about their gender and locations.
  • Clicks on page: the number of clicks on calls to action, links to the website, and page visits.
  • Posts: a summary of what you’ve achieved with your posts in terms of engagement, interactions, average reach/post, impressions, and previous posts. If you scroll down, you’ll also be able to see detailed information about your interactions: reactions, comments, shares, clicks and the number of posts.
  • Reels: information with all the analytics of the reels you have uploaded to Facebook; from impressions, interactions, and a list of reels.

The type of posts and a list with all your content, which you can order to your liking. Competitors: on top of all that, Metricool also offers a handy feature to analyze your competitors, with invaluable information about your competition and their metrics.


What Instagram metrics can you see with Metricool?

  • Growth: number of followers and users you follow. As with Facebook, you have the followers balance with the new followers you’ve gained.
  • Demographics: the gender and age of your followers, as well as what country and city they’re from.
  • Account: the number of impressions, average reach/day, profile visits, web clicks, and posts.
  • Posts: your content’s performance in terms of engagement, interactions, average reach/post, impressions, and posts. Within the posts section, you can also see your organic interactions with likes, comments, saves, shares, and the number of posts in that period.

Like on Facebook, there’s also a list of posts with the post type and a summary of the statistics you’ve achieved. 

Hashtags, stories, and competitor list: in these sections, with a social media analytics tool you can analyze the hashtags you’ve used, your stories’ performance, and how your competitors have been doing.  

Twitter (X)

Metricool can also handle your Twitter account’s analytics, letting you measure your Community with useful information about your followers, following, a follower balance and mentions.

As for your Tweets and other content you’ve posted, it analyzes engagement, impressions, interactions, and retweets. 

Metricool also gives you the option to view your interactions in detail: likes, retweets, replies, mentions, clicks on profile and clicks on links.

‎Remember to check out your Tweets List to see a complete summary of your activity on Twitter, and also the competitors’ section to see how your competition is doing.


With Metricool, you can measure a plethora of metrics for the world’s number one networking site, including your Community, follower growth, and a balance so that you can see it all at a glance.

You can also analyze posts with metrics for engagement, interactions, impressions, and posts, in addition to gaining detailed info on interactions, reactions, comments, and clicks.


On Pinterest, the most important statistic to understand how well your content is performing are Pins.

Metricool lets you extract all the info you need to know from your content: impressions, engagement, interactions, and organic data.


TikTok counts your videos based on the number of views you get, and that’s exactly what you can see in your Metricool dashboard.

Then, interactions, a crucial statistic to understand your audience and their engagement with your content, measures your likes, comments, shares, and number of videos. Don’t forget to check out the list of posts with all the details of your videos.

Google My Business

How is your Google My Business page doing? Have users been searching for you? 

Metricool lets you measure Searches: direct, indirect, chain, and total; Views: both on Google Maps and Google Search; and Clicks: on your website, telephone, and addresses.

Reviews, number of views for your photos and videos, and post statistics are some of the other metrics you can measure with Metricool.


The YouTube Community represents your subscribers. With Metricool, you can analyze this figure by comparing it with the videos you’ve uploaded and your Revenue. What’s more, you’ll also get interesting information about your subscribers’ demographics: gender, age, and traffic source.

If the Community is key to knowing how your channel is going, analyzing your videos is just as important: measure your Views, Likes, and Comments with Metricool.

With this social media analytics tool, you can even add competitors to your list to analyze their channels.


The world’s leading streaming platform is similar to YouTube in terms of the metrics you can analyze. For example, you can measure your Follower Community as well as the level of each of your Subscribers.

Like with streams or videos, you can measure the views, length of each, and the list of videos/streams you’ve uploaded and clips you’ve created.

Competitors are also an important part of any social strategy, and Metricool lets you add them to your list.

Now you know everything Metricool has to offer as a social media analytics tool. 

The upper hand compared to the individual networks? It lets you manage everything from the one platform — not just analytics and metrics, but also content planning and scheduling. 

🚀 We give you the tool and you provide the metrics. 

If you’d like to know all about Metricool and what it can do for you, this Mega Tutorial is just the thing you’ve been looking for.

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 03 January 2023


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